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19 Oct 2022

Meet us LIVE or VIRTUALLY at K Fair 2022

Let’s craft connections together! Our Talks Arena is the perfect place to meet and get inspired. We invite you to attend deep dive talks from experts and panel discussions on the most pressing matters of our time. Or, how about a one-on-one appointment? We are excited to meet you and your business.

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18 Oct 2022

Press Kit for K 2022: “Crafting Connections With You”

At K 2022, the world's largest plastics trade show, Covestro will present innovative products and solutions that support the circular economy and climate neutrality. Developments from the areas of alternative raw materials, innovative recycling technologies and renewable energy will be presented. Under the motto "Crafting Connections With You," the company invites customers, partners and multipliers to jointly develop concepts to overcome global challenges. Here you can find the related press releases, presentations and videos for download, as well as further information.

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18 Oct 2022

Trend-setting trade show appearance at the K 2022 in Düsseldorf: Together against climate change – with circular plastics

  • Focus on circular economy and resource conservation
  • Covestro helps customers achieve their sustainability goals
  • "Crafting Connections With You"
The world's leading plastics trade show K 2022 is all about using plastics to protect the climate, nature and resources. Covestro will present new products and materials there for many key areas that support the circular economy and climate neutrality. Under the motto "Crafting Connections With You", the booth will become a workshop where the company invites customers, partners and other stakeholders to work together on concepts to overcome major long-term challenges.

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17 Oct 2022

Chemical industry as a key factor against climate change – with strong partners

  • Covestro uses the world’s leading trade fair K 2022 for dialogue with business and society
  • Focus on core areas of circular economy and resource conservation
  • Panel discussion on October 19th with new perspectives from industry and research

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14 Oct 2022

Premiere for polycarbonate from mass-balanced biowaste and residues: The world's first wallbox with Makrolon® RE

The new, more sustainable Makrolon® RE polycarbonates from Covestro are celebrating their premiere in an electromobility application, which the company will present at the K 2022 plastics trade fair. EVBox, a global player headquartered in the Netherlands, is manufacturing the entire housing of its new EVBox Livo wallbox from a compound of the new product series. Makrolon® RE is produced proportionately from biowaste and residual materials, partly using renewable electricity, and therefore has a very low carbon footprint. As thermoplastics, the more sustainable polycarbonates are also easy to recycle and therefore well suited to building up material cycles.

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14 Oct 2022

Ultrathin and highly durable: PC film for use as a membrane in filtration, acoustics or electronics

The new type of polycarbonate (PC) film, which Covestro will present to the industry at the K 2022 Plastics Trade Fair from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, is just 15 micrometers thin. The previous lowest value for non-structured films from the established Makrofol® brand was 125 micrometers. Thanks to a new extrusion process, the company can now significantly reduce this value. It offers the new film under the name Makrofol® TF.

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13 Oct 2022

New concept for circular solutions with alternative raw materials

  • Introduction of CQ label for products with alternative raw materials
  • CQ stands for "Circular Intelligence", a smarter approach to more sustainable materials and solutions
  • Extension: Evocycle® CQ for innovative recycling technologies and cycle designs

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12 Oct 2022

Covestro and Arcesso Dynamics launch breakthrough in solid-surface manufacturing

  • New manufacturing technology is first-ever use of reaction injection molding (RIM) on aliphatic polyurethanes – previously considered impossible
  • It quickly produces seamless, lightweight, durable and repairable materials
  • It enables new combinations of performance and design freedom in applications including furniture, bathrooms, electronics, and casing
  • Launched at K 2022 in Düsseldorf

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11 Oct 2022

All-around view of 3D image objects that appear to float in space: Photopolymer film for next-generation AR displays

The Bayfol® HX photopolymer film of Covestro helps the R&D of Sony Group Corporation to realize the prototype of a transparent display. This display delivers novel and fascinating visual experiences, as the images holographically generated within it appear to float freely in a transparent cylindrical column. Viewers can walk around the 360-degree display and look at the displayed image from all angles. Since the holographically evoked image is very bright – but the display is transparent at the same time – the image and background merge almost seamlessly. In the spirit of an augmented reality (AR) system, this transparent 360° holographic display expands reality. Because whatever is displayed in it seems to actually be there for the observer. Covestro is presenting this application of Bayfol® HX at the K 2022 plastics trade fair, which will be held in Düsseldorf from October 19 to 26.

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06 Oct 2022

Digital design development of interior car parts: Covestro simulations help optimize polyurethane foaming processes

The heart of automotive development – the design phase – is becoming increasingly digital. Automotive manufacturers and direct suppliers in particular often ask for digital verification for specific components, from instrument panels to interior trim. The focus is on simulation calculations that shorten development cycles, reduce complexity and costs, and mitigate risks. Covestro has worked intensively on the simulation of the polyurethane (PU) foaming process and has developed material models and state-of-the-art calculation methods for this purpose, as well as building up powerful computing capacities. To this end, the company will present its current developments at the world’s largest plastics trade show, K 2022 in Düsseldorf.

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05 Oct 2022

Cooperations for creative and sustainable solutions

Circularity requires special partnerships: How Covestro opens up its "ecosystem" for partnerships. Knowledge grows faster than companies. And it is through the exchange of knowledge and the contribution of different perspectives that the best ideas are born. When you think about this, it becomes clear that companies need to cooperate to develop solutions to the challenges of our time faster and more effectively. Covestro offers its own "ecosystem" for collaborations and thus a wide range of connecting points for working with partners.

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08 Sep 2022

Improved sustainability in combination with freedom of design and functionality: Demonstrator for highly integrated wallbox

  • CO2 savings even during the production of the charging station
  • Polycarbonate from mass-balanced biowaste and residues meets all technical requirements
  • More sustainable and economical manufacturing

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01 Sep 2022

Meet the Innovators - A Covestro series around Circular Economy

The shift to a circular economy brings with it many challenges and changes – for people around the world. Innovations are needed everywhere so that a more sustainable society and economy can succeed. Behind innovations, in turn, are people who are researchers, inventors or developers in search of solutions for the future. K 2022, the world's leading trade fair for the plastics industry, is an El Dorado for innovators who care about a more sustainable future. Many of them are Covestro partners, and some will also be featured as part of the stage program at its booth

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21 Jun 2022

Covestro Preview Press Conference for K 2022

With the circular economy as a global guiding principle, humankind can protect the climate, nature and resources while achieving sustainable growth. Covestro has already achieved important milestones along the way. At the Preview Press Conference for the world's largest plastics trade fair K 2022, Covestro presented highlights from the areas of alternative raw materials, innovative recycling technologies and renewable energy. Here you can find the related press releases, the presentation, infographics and videos for download, as well as further information.

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