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Company news



18 Oct 2022

Evonik to introduce Next Generation Plastic Solutions at K-Fair 2022

  • Sustainable high-performance polymers based on renewable raw materials 
  • Performance additives that save resources, improve production efficiency, and protect applications 
  • Novel business models to grow the circular plastics market and ensure a better world for future generations 
Evonik will present its latest sustainable solutions for the plastics and rubber industry during K 2022 . Using examples from its team’s children under its novel, ‘Next Generation Plastic Solutions’ concept, the specialty chemicals company’s experts will highlight how they are taking responsibility to ensure a better world for tomorrow’s generations by improving the performance, sustainability, and recyclability of Evonik’s products and enabling circular solutions for plastics.

“We sit at the center of so many different industry value chains, so our goal is to help transform these into smooth running circular economies to leave a sustainable world for future generations,” said Lauren Kjeldsen, Head of the Smart Materials Division, Evonik who will be a keynote speaker at a kunststoffland NRW event being held as a prelude to K 2022. Evonik’s investment commitment of €3 billion by 2030 for the transformation of its portfolio to Next Generation solutions will enable, among other initiatives, more sustainable processes and new business models that pave the way to a fully circular plastics economy.

The world’s leading event for the plastics and rubber industry provides the perfect platform to launch several of Evonik’s Next Generation Solutions and its “Global Circular Plastics Program”. In addition to showcasing its new sustainable high-performance polymers, specialty flame retardant additives, resource saving and eco-friendly silicas and silane solutions. Evonik will also present its advanced solutions for several plastics recycling technologies and the company’s development work into new sustainable business models. 

“Demand for circular plastics is now growing faster than the market for virgin plastics, so it was vital for us to leverage our expertise to develop new solutions like our eCO grade products based on circular feedstocks,” said Ralf Düssel, Head of the High Performance Polymers business line. “With our Next Generation Solutions, we want to accelerate this growth even further by supporting the development of new business models with our ultimate goal to deliver solutions that increase the circularity of our own products such as for Polyamide 12."

Evonik established its group wide “Global Circular Plastics Program” to provide a framework to help transform the traditional linear plastics economy, into a fully sustainable circular economy. “The new Center for Circular Plastic Solutions utilizes Evonik’s unique position at the center of different value chains to bring together the key stakeholders from governments, universities, industry, consumers and environmental groups to find end-to-end solutions for new sustainable business models”, said Patrick Glöckner, Head of “Global Circular Plastics Program”.

Another key part of Evonik’s toolbox to grow the circular plastics economy is its broad range of solutions for enhancing the recycling of plastics, these include processing additives for defoaming, wetting, de-inking, de-labeling as well as odor control. Evonik’s additives and processing aids significantly enhance the cost-effectiveness of mechanical recycling and the quality of recyclates - enabling high-quality applications to be produced, supporting Evonik’s ambition to improve the quality of more than 400,000 metric tons of recyclable plastics by 2025.

Evonik will also showcase several other key product solutions from its booth, #B28 in Hall 6 during K 2022, including:

Dynasylan® SILFIN 301 offers a less energy intensive manufacturing process for halogen free, flame retardant HFFR cable sheathing and water pipes.

INFINAM® PA, a new sustainable grade of PA-12 powders with significantly reduced CO2 emissions for Powder Bed Fusion 3D printing technologies. TÜV Rheinland has certified the associated life cycle assessments, attesting to an improvement in the company's own carbon footprint of almost 50 percent.

SIPERNAT® D 17, a high-performance anti-caking and free flow additive that reduces waste and production downtime by coating the individual particles of the polymer powders, granules and plastic additive raw materials to allow free flow, accurate dosing and easy handling.

SPHERILEX® 30 AB and SPHERILEX® 60 AB antiblocking agents that facilitate film unwinding operations and can significantly improve the handling properties on films during processing and storage.

TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P Provide flame protection to high-performance plastics applications such as PA, PBT or TPE, and TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 H improves the flowability of the highly filled plastic compounds used in e-mobility applications.

TEGO Sorb® additives remove the malodors that are often left in post-consumer recycled materials. With TEGO Sorb® PY 50 PE and TEGO Sorb® PY 50 PP, the odor absorber is pre-dispersed in a polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) carrier making the products suitable for converters without the need for compounding elements.

VESTAMID® eCO E40, a new sustainable high-performance plastic that is produced using only renewable energy and is 50 percent based on materials obtained from recycled end-of-life tires saving virgin raw materials and reducing carbon footprint compared to traditional VESTAMID® product by 42 percent.

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27 Sep 2022

New Circular Plastics website

Bundling all activities relating to circular plastics into its Global Circular Plastics Program, Evonik has launched its new Circular Plastics website as part of its K-Fair 2022 preparations. Set up to enhance the performance of plastics recycling, as well as develop new processes that pave the way towards a fully circular plastics economy, Evonik wants to work with stakeholders along the entire plastics value chain to find common solutions for circular plastics.

The new website offers customers and other interested parties from politics and the public a brief overview of Evonik's solutions for plastic recycling. By clicking "Circularity Expertise", visitors can learn more about specific projects and solutions for the mechanical recycling of plastics such as the chemical recycling of polyurethane mattresses, or the recycling of used tires. Additional case studies show how Evonik is already supporting its customers with solutions today – for example, how new waste bags are made from collected plastic waste with the help of our additives.

The new website also gives visitors the opportunity to get to know the experts behind the program and their individual projects and, of course, to contact them directly to start the conversation about creating a better world for the future generations. You can find out more about the program, and meet the team behind it and our "Next generation plastic solutions" at this year's K trade show at booth B28 in hall 6. 

About Specialty Additives
The Specialty Additives division combines the businesses of versatile additives and high-performance crosslinkers. They make end products more valuable, more durable, save more energy and simply better. As formulation experts in fast growing markets such as coatings, mobility, infrastructure and consumer goods, Specialty Additives combines a small amount with a big effect.

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27 Sep 2022

Giving scrap tires a new life in sports shoes

Evonik has added the new sustainable high-performance plastic, VESTAMID® eCO E40 to its VESTAMID® eCO portfolio and will present it alongside its other sustainable plastic materials under the motto "Next generation plastic solutions" at this year's K trade show at booth B28 in hall 6. Like its classically produced counterpart VESTAMID® E40, the new eCO version is a thermoplastic polyamide 12 elastomer (PEBA) that offers the same high performance, but 50 percent of the fossil raw materials have been replaced using materials obtained from chemically recycling used tires. In addition, only renewable energy is used in production, reducing the carbon footprint by 42 percent.

PEBA molding compounds have been valued by sporting goods manufacturers for more than 40 years and are used, for example, in sports shoe soles. VESTAMID® eCO E40, offers an immediate alternative with improved eco-balance for the long-established conventional molding compound for sports shoe soles with high resilience. Additionally, the soles exhibit excellent low-temperature impact strength, chemical resistance and high elasticity, and are easy to color, process and overmold. Like the molding compounds of the VESTAMID® PEBA range, which have proven themselves for more than four decades, they can also be used in other demanding applications, such as in the automotive and medical technology industries.

The new eCO product name reinforces Evonik's goal of reducing greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in its production by using renewable or circular raw materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerated. This is achieved through the mass balance approach which mathematically determines the mixture of fossil and renewable or circular raw materials over the entire value chain during production , enabling the immediate reduction of CO2 in existing plants without changing the quality of the products in any way.

About Evonik Smart Materials

Evonik’s Smart Materials division includes businesses with innovative materials that enable resource-saving solutions and replace conventional materials. They are the smart answer to the major challenges of our time: environment, energy efficiency, urbanization, mobility and health going beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable and sustainable solutions for customers under one common purpose: We want to improve life today and tomorrow.

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