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Company news



12 Oct 2022

Benvic’s new Dot range

Benvic Xtended – the Dot range

Benvic’s new Dot range – part of the company’s Xtended materials portfolio – will be launched at the K exhibition in Düsseldorf this month.

Xtended, as the name suggests, will open up new opportunities and horizons for Benvic and will cover all plastics processing technology, especially injection moulding.

The Dot range will initially be targeted on new markets such as white goods and high street consumer products. It consists of four major material centres.

The DotCore business will cover polyolefins, mainly polypropylene, and this product portfolio will largely consist of engineered and bespoke compound grades. Eric Grange Benvic Marketing Manager says that ‘our focus here is to bring the unique Benvic DNA to bear – in other words, to use our experience in adjacent polymer technology (such as vinyl) to design and supply very specific compounds that mainstream producers typically cannot offer. 

Benvic’s DotFlex business will be based on thermoplastic elastomer technology: Benvic’s TPE materials will add an additional and significant alternative to Benvic’s existing range of soft vinyl materials – amplifying customer options and choices in this area.

Today’s footwear markets, for example, supply a microcosm for Benvic in terms of the wide range of TPE and ProVinyl materials it can now supply to processors and OEMs. Benvic is using the experience gained in footwear to extend and to ‘mix and match’ its TPE/ProVinyl capabilities for the benefit of other sectors. At the moment Benvic’s TPE range mainly comprises SBS and SEBS materials. The range will also be extended to other types of TPE’s.

Dotech compounds represent Benvic’s engineering solutions for thermoplastics compounds that require highly demanding (niche) applications. Benvic will brings these innovations to the market during 2023. Early applications are expected to be found in the construction sector.  

Benvic’s Dot-R range of compounds covers the circular economy – particularly where Benvic’s materials technology succeeds in upcycling first use polymers (non-PVC) into new products that meet the new global environmental agenda. Dot-R technology combines both environmental and technical performance releasing new possibilities for technical parts that are based on optimizing recyclate feedstock.

Dot-R will perfectly complement Benvic’s capabilities in biobased polymer solutions, such as the company’s Plantura compounds. This will widen customer choice, improving the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of finished products - based on the customer’s own criteria

Dot-R, for example, will allow Benvic customers to design and specify recycled based materials for engineered parts in the electrical, consumer and automotive sectors. This option is in line with the overall Benvic strategy to develop and curate all of its materials and compounds so that the customer may benefit from enhanced environmental performance with provenance and documentation and to match.

New Dot-R products will be ready for launch by Benvic in 2023.

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10 Oct 2022

Linkflex HF – Benvic serves the connected world

Linkflex HF – Benvic serves the connected world

A connected world means that a growing need for internet-based industries and services is now unstoppable.

Today’s headlines are mostly about software, apps and the user experience. However, this quantum expansion has need of greatly increased amounts of hardware and energy.

And new materials. These new polymer compounds will have to safely contain electrical activity, heat and other operational factors like never before.  

Enter Benvic – with its Halogen Free (HF) polyolefin-based technology for the cabling industry. The product group is titled Linkflex HF and Benvic’s successful first-time exhibition at Düsseldorf’s Wire 2022 June showed proof that the global market wants as much Linkflex HF as the company can manufacture.

These recent moves are testimony to the targeted product marketing that Benvic is now deploying in a number of high value polymer processing markets

According to Benvic Product Marketing Manager, Eric Grange, all of these changes have been driven by a need to anticipate customer needs and to find and provide new polymer compounds of value in an emerging and circular global economy.

Linkflex HF cabling compounds have partly been created to complement Benvic’s existing and extensive PVC strengths in the building and construction markets,

Benvic set about serving the cabling market in a very pragmatic way. First and foremost, Benvic created a dedicated cable product development team. This unit – based in Spain - is primarily staffed with engineers from the cable manufacturing sector.

Based on decades of cable manufacturing experience, the Benvic cable team was therefore able to imagine and develop new product solutions for the market, directly address problematic legacy issues, and also optimize the material content for existing applications and make it bespoke for new and custom applications.

‘From the beginning,’ says Eric, ‘our Linkflex team saw that we could make and supply a compound that made for a superior cable product – and also could be processed under easier and less costly conditions.’

After a extensive programme of development and trials Benvic launched its Linkflex Low-Smoke Zero Halogen polymer compounds in 2020. The success with the first customers has meant that Linkflex HF production volumes will be increased in the coming months.

The Linkflex HF product family is designed to comply with new European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirements. Initial applications mainly targeted low voltage requirements in the building market.

In May of this year – ahead of Wire 2022 - Benvic also launched two new Halogen Free Linkflex HF grades. These compounds provide superior performance for data cable communication uses - mainly in the fiber optic field.

Benvic’s expansion into these grades - Linkflex HFS606 and HFS607 – is proof of the original concept; the market need for the basic range has quickly been established and further niches and customised grades are already being produced. In this case, excellent sheathing and fire-resistant properties of compounds are being supplied to the fiber optic and data comms markets.

At this moment Benvic anticipates further materials development in line with the building of the world’s new energy resources. Alternative power systems such as solar and wind mean the creation of diverse forms of electrical infrastructure and new Linkflex HF grades are now expected in 2023 for medium and high voltage applications.

The main body of Linkflex HF compounds has been developed and produced at Benvic’s Spanish factory and the contribution of Benvic’s Spanish team has been key to the success of these materials through Europe. Benvic’s recent US compounder acquisitions are also expected to make significant contributions to the range with Trinity Specialty Compounds in particular capable of designing on-demand compound formulations for the cable industry.

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07 Oct 2022

Benvic’s Plantura – helping drive a new environmental highway

Benvic’s Plantura – helping drive a new environmental highway

It is no accident that Benvic’s K 2022 showcase for its Plantura biopolymer application will be in the area of technical parts.

A large part of Plantura’s future will be founded on the gradual replacement of certain technopolymers with leading eco-technopolymers. High-value sectors such as electrical, medical and automotive are expected to be early adopters and large life cycle analysis (LCA) benefits are expected from these materials.

A new project from Roechling, for example, together with chemicals giant BASF, is now addressing some of these concerns for the automotive market in a way that will deliver environmental benefits through these polymers. Europe’s leading compounder, Benvic, is a partner in Roechling’s BioBoom program and the first fruits of the tripartite collaboration will be presented at 1pm, Friday Octobr 21, on the BASF booth at the K 2022 show, Düsseldorf.

For some time now, Benvic’s Plantura PLA biobased polymer compounds have been challenging materials such as PA ABS/PC or PP formulations for the automotive industry.

In the past, bio-sourced polymers provided ready environmental improvements in terms of carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. However, such polymers have typically been poor in providing thermomechanical performance and also climatic resistance properties.

Enter Benvic with its Plantura formulation technology that has taken these compounds to the next level - higher structural performance: increased thermal resistance, hydrolysis, fatigue resistance, and resistance at impact.

UV resistance – and thus improved weathering and reduced colour fade - is another key parameter for which Benvic has found improvements, thanks to the company’s customised materials work that has succeeded in improving bio parts continuously exposed to sunshine.

Despite its upcoming shift to biomaterials the automotive industry has not relaxed its need for efficiency or for component performance and cost.

Here again, Benvic’s work with Plantura has meant that parts such as grill shutters, for example, can now rely on a very good materials rheology that will fill out mold cavities quickly and will also optimise the moulding cycle time. This represent a great advantage to optimize part sections to balance higher PLA density.

In summary - thanks to Benvic’s research into processability and applications - Plantura compounds now provide a materials platform where environmental aspirations and ambitions can become a cost-effective reality for customers in automotive, electrical and other demanding markets for engineered parts.

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06 Oct 2022

Benvic’s ProVinyl set for success at K 2022

Benvic’s ProVinyl set for success at K 2022
Benvic’s premier PVC material compounds – recently launched as ProVinyl – will make their long-awaited K 2022 debut this year:

Benvic’s ProVinyl is designed to rival the price/performance of engineering plastics and to also provide technical superiority in the key construction and building markets - particularly for applications such as windows, doors, seals, frames, profiles and plumbing infrastructure.

Since its launch, ProVinyl compounds have immediately been winning orders and RAL QA certifications, for example, in the valued German building markets. ProVinyl is also being specified for major local certifications in the building industry.

Benvic’s ProVinyl compounds have also been developed for toughness and longevity in public infrastructure; for subsoil pressure fittings, pipes and other critical applications needing MRS 25 certification.

Meantime ProVinyl KCC speciality compounds are being supplied to buyers who need to protect against the risk of electrical electrostatic discharge and operational over-heating of products. Early market successes here include cabling, medical equipment and flooring.

Aside from these leading applications, Benvic is also covering niche markets for which specific material features are required. This meets the Benvic strategy to support all of its customers who are designing and develop ProVinyl into valuable products.

Eric Grange, Benvic Marketing Manager says that ‘we are delighted to be introducing our ProVinyl compounds into such an important arena as the K 2022 exhibition.

It is well known that PVC materials are the most environmental of all polymers in terms of their volume recovery, recycling and re-use. This is partly why Benvic has created ProVinyl:  to improve the material’s eco-performance through recycling and also in conjunction with biobased solutions. Benvic’s recycled based compounds are being developed via customer partnerships in order

Grange says that ‘ProVinyl - its eco-balance and LCA make-up – is also here in anticipation of a further tightening of the regulatory framework around PVC materials. Those PVC compounders who have not invested in this way may be legislated out of business.

As part of Benvic’s core range, ProVinyl is a valuable reference product –both to demonstrate our materials know-how and also to ‘show case’ our contributions to customer performance.’

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30 Sep 2022

New look Benvic set to make an impact at K 2022

New look Benvic set to make an impact at K 2022

Benvic - Europe’s leader in PVC compounds, technical compounds and ecological biopolymers – goes to its third K exhibition as a fully-fledged multi material solutions provider; incorporating all manner of polyolefins and new polymers in its portfolio for environmentally conscious buyers and specifiers.  

Following a period of expansion and acquisition over the past four years, the Benvic business has regrouped its 2,500 + polymer compounds into four main material streams for the 21st Century.

PVC compounds remain the historical basis of the company and the recently reborn ProVinyl range of PVC compounds is finding new uses in sectors as diverse as packaging, building, electrical and medical. ProVinyl occupies a similar space to engineering polymers in terms of the material’s performance, structure and specification. ProVinyl includes rigid, plasticized and recycled grades and there is a strong commitment to custom-made ProVinyl formulations for sustainable use.

K 2022 show visitors will also see on Benvic’s stand a reworked and rebranded second strand of materials – largely polyolefin-based polymer technology for the challenges of complex, mission-critical applications. These are largely supplied from Benvic’s recent purchase of parts of the Celanese site in Ferrara Italy. This range is currently named Xtended. These polymers provide polyolefin-based polymer technology for the challenges of complex, mission-critical or heavy-duty applications in industrial sectors such as food packaging or electrical cables. Benvic’s product lines here are primarily grouped around polypropylene (PP) compounds that contain various specialty additives and fillers. The Ferrara site is also home to Benvic’s portfolio of Thermoplastics Elastomers. (TPEs).

The third leg of the Benvic portfolio at K 2022 involves both polymer recyclates and biopolymeric materials in order to service the growing eco-conscious and circular economy. Benvic’s French subsidiary Ereplast is helping drive a growing number of solutions in recycled PVC grades. Meanwhile, Benvic’s Plantura product lines will show K visitors a range of bio-based and/or compostable polymers for the development of successful eco-designed products and solutions.

These four new groupings reflect the fact that Benvic is no longer simply a supplier of polymer compounds but is a solutions business; offering forward integration through its plastics processing companies or providing environmental ‘cradle to cradle’ service with respect to materials.

Benvic is also a supplier of niche materials for specialist product sectors, including medical, bio-polymers, conductive and self-sanitizing polymers, as well creating materials for stringent uses in the construction and electrical industries.

Benvic Marketing Manager Eric Grange says that ‘Benvic has had a quantum shift in its DNA in the past few years – especially since our K 2019 presence.

We are therefore looking forward immensely to sharing all our new materials and brands with our customers and friends old and new. We expect a good show this Autumn – both for ourselves and for the industry as a whole.’

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