SER REZISTANS A.S. of Istanbul at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Merkezikitelli OSB Ipkas Sanayi Sitesi 9b Blok No:60 Basaksehir-, 34480 Istanbul
Telephone +90 530 8718456
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K 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand D25-11

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 11

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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.11  Parts and components
  • 03.11.005  Heating elements

Our products

Product category: Heating elements

Ser Industrial Heaters

With our long years experience in sector, we try to give best service concerning industrial heaters and always with customer satisfaction is our pricipal.

We always offer the best quality by most reasonable price in industrial heaters too.

You can contact right now for your industrial heater needs. 

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Product category: Heating elements

Cutable Cable Heaters

Concerning cable heater, as Ser Rezistans, we are proud of giving best services and most developed products since our foundation. We keep to serve you high technology in cable heaters field. We always prioritise customer satisfaction in cable heater and in all other fields as well.

Our most important criteria is quality level in all our products and services. we consider that in cable heaters as well.  We compete for giving to our customers always best product and service, by offering the best quality by reasonable price.

Please contact us whenever you need any further info concerning especially cable heaters and also concerning all our products and services, we offer. 

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Product category: Heating elements

Infrared Heating Solutions

Nowadays, the most cost of the industrial manufacturing is energy cost and this situation leads all industries to work on to reduce energy cost, either industrial or domestic. Long cut-in and cut-out times, low sensitive heat control of conventional heating systems and high energy costs which was caused by these problems, leads the people to find a suitable solution and these studies were resulted as build up of infrared heating systems. Industrial electrical infrared systems were used firstly in 1930 by Ford Motor Company to cure dyestuff on car bodies. Developing of new infrared sensitive coating and dyeing materials conduce towards developing of new infrared reflectors (lamps) and control systems. Today infrared heating sytems are used very succesfully and effectively in manufacturing sector, in heating, drying, curing, sintering, sterilisation and many more similar processes.

Infrared is electromagnetic spectrum which is between radio waves and visible light waves. Infrared waves start from 0,76 micron and reach up to 10 micron wave length. Infrared energy can be absorbed by material, reflected or conducted, depending wave length and material structure. That’s why it’s very important to supply right lamp in applications, according wave length need of material which will be heated.

Infrared heating systems are composed of reflecting lamp, reflector and control systems. Additionally fans are added to infrared heating modules and components which are exposed to high temperature, are cooled.

Infrared heat producer reflecting lamps can be separated into 3 groups according to wave lengths; short wave, medium wave and long wave. Chosing right reflecting lamp and projecting is very important. By specialised engineers team, Ser Rezistans offers you best fit infrared heating projects, which will be integrated to your already existing systems. Ser infrared heating modules render your process more economical, quicker, with higher quality.

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Product category: Heating elements


Resistances, which are used in obtaining electrical current by heating contact surfaces of 2 different metals (like iron and constantan etc.) are called as thermocouple.

Electrical current, which occur on thercouple, depends on temeperature of contact point and caused by different thermal and electrical features of metals. In other words, electrons, in high temperatured fields, have high thermic energy and these electrons move towards cold field. In consequence of this process, a voltage in microvolt or milivolt range occur in discharge ends.

They are elements, which are used for measuring of temeperature of hot environments (like, oven, cooker, boiler etc). In measuring of temperature of these kinds of environments, thermocouple based measuring circuit or resistance based (thermosresistance) measuring circuits are used. In termocouple based measuring system, there is a design which convert the heat to voltage. But in resistance based measuring systems, there are elements which resistance changes according to temperature. Resistance based measuring system is used mainly in measuring of lower temperatures (like -200 ile +850 °C).

Thermocouple element types and measuring ranges;

Cu-Const.......T   type...-200..300'C Fe-Const.......J    type...-200..800'C Cr-Al.............K    type..-200..1200'C NiCr-Ni..........K   type..-200..1200'C Cr-Const.......E    type..-200..1200'C Nikrosil-Nisil.N   type......0..1200'C Pt%10Rh-Pt..S    type......0..1500'C Pt%13Rh-Pt..R    type......0..1600'C Pt%18Rh-Pt..B    type......0..1800'C Tn-Tn%26Re.W  type......0..2000'C

Thermocouple types according to their shapes;

L - Type Thermocouples

Thermocouples with insert Portable type Thermocouples Mineral insulated Thermocouples Bayonet type Thermocouples

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Product category: Heating elements

Heating Hoses

Flexible heating systems, which are produced by high temterature and pressure resistant T3 PTFE hose, make easier the mould changes, by providing an excellent flexible connection between co-extrusion and mould. It balances vibrations and expansions which occur as result of heating.

operation temperature 250 C
Voltage 230 V AC/DC
Pressure hose type T3 PTFE
Connection sleeves; satinless steel
Thermal insulation 250 C silicon sponge
End of hose; PA rigid cap
Out coat of hose; braided polyamide
Connection cable standart 1,5 m
Base sensor Fe-CuNi (J Type) , PT100 , NiCr-Ni (K type)

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Product category: Heating elements

Fast Medium Wave Infrared

Due to tungsten flaments and quartz glass performance, tube Fast-Medium wave Emitters are very powerful heat sources.Their working temperature is 900 °C and produced by Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-Al elements, their reaction time is very quick, wave length is 2-2.9 µm. Average working life of fast-medium wave emitters is 30.000 hours and they are coated by ceramic or golden reflectors.

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Since the establishment of Ser Resistance company, we continue to offer the latest technology. Customer satisfaction is always our priority.

We respond to your wishes and needs with one-on-one solutions and applications and projects ...

Our Business Approach

Our product portfolio, which is structured in such a way that you can find all the solutions you need in the field of industrial heating, is constantly expanding with the demands coming from you and becomes the only address for the solution.

The products we have seen in this site are designed according to the special needs of our customers and designed by our engineers and delivered to a reliable solution. Our primary goal in customer relations is to provide our customers with the advantages of working with Ser Resistance.