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Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale, NP23 5SD Blaenau Gwent
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Additives, other

Antimicrobial and detectable solutions for plastics

SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatches and compounds are available for most polymers, silicone and rubber. 
When incorporated at the point of manufacture, SteriTouch offers lifelong protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould and has no adverse effect on physical properties.
Our powder additives are specifically designed for rotational moulding and can be blended with standard polymer powders at very low dosing rates. The additive is designed to preferentially migrate, during the moulding process, towards the inner and outer surfaces of the moulding. This ensures that when the moulding cools the additive is fixed in place where it is needed most: on or near the surface.

SCOPIC is a range of detectable masterbatches and compounds designed to service the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Products can be any combination of X-Ray opaque, metal detectable and antimicrobial.

In-house production facilities include extruders and injection moulding machines, along with an extensive technical testing laboratory with tensile and impact testing, a Netzsch laser flash analyser and a metal detector. 

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Product category: Additives, other


Our additives have been specifically developed to suit injection and compression moulded silicone, without affecting the physical properties.

Whether you are using a liquid silicone or a dough, we have a solution for you.

Natural and synthetic rubber
While rubber exhibits inherent short-term antibacterial properties, SteriTouch additives will create permanently effective natural, synthetic and latex rubber products.

Antimicrobial performance remains unaffected by curing processes, and will prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and biofilm on difficult to clean items such as seals and gaskets, of benefit in sectors such as food processing, dairy farming and the pharmaceutical industry.

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About us

Company details

Why choose SteriTouch?

 Technical Expertise
From impact, tensile and environmental testing, to extrusion runs and sample mouldings, we can do it all. Our knowledge and experience of material engineering and performance additives is simply unrivalled.

Regulatory Compliance
All of the active components we use are approved by the FDA and EPA. We do not use additives with potential health or environmental concerns such as Triclosan or nano-scale particles, and all of our active components have been notified for inclusion on the Biocidal Products Regulation.

 A Meaningful Brand
The SteriTouch co-brand is freely available for our customers to use without associated licensing fees, so give your products an immediate marketing advantage by adopting the SteriTouch co-brand today.

 Custom Solutions
If we haven’t got a stock solution for you, we’ll make one. With our technical experience and in-house R&D facilities, we’re the go-to people when you want to make the impossible possible. We can offer all kinds of solutions, from anti-static, to detectable, antimicrobial and every combination in between.

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