Riverdale Global UK Limited of Warrington at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Riverdale Global UK Limited

Unit 5 Easter Court Europa Boulevard Westbrook, WA5 7ZB Warrington
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 7, level 1): stand B35

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 7, level 1


Paul Maguire

(+1) 610-358-2900


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.09  Paint resins
  • 01.09.015  Paint auxiliairies
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.019  Antistatic agents

Antistatic agents

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.025  Biodegradable additives

Our products

Product category: Antistatic agents

GlobalPlus™ Additives

Riverdale Global's +GlobalPlus™ sealed additives economically add performance, protection and sustainability to your product.

+Glide Slip Agents
Plastic processing often needs a slip agent to assist in polymer flow and provide internal and external slip characteristics. Friction characteristics, when processing polymers, requires slip/lubricants in order to improve cycle times, improve dispersion, assist mold release and improve assembly of molded parts. The amount of slip depends on the process and end use requirements. Consumer packaging requirements often need slip for the finished product, but the plastic processor may also need it to improve processing and plastic parts assembly.

+Shield Liquid Light Stabilizer Agents
Our liquid light stabilizers are effective in a broad range of plastics and can help achieve long-term sustainability goals as in the recycling of plastics. We have products formulated with hindered amines (HALS) and UV absorbers. For certain applications, we offer blends of these two products for improved performance. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun will need the combination of HALS and antioxidants for long-term stability. Polymer photo-oxidation is a combined action of light and oxygen. The visible result of this action is deterioration of the appearance of the polymer as well as mechanical and chemical concerns. Our products can protect against these conditions. We also offer UV absorbers that protect the contents of plastics packaging from ultraviolet rays up to 390 nm.

+Speed Nucleating Agents
Our liquid nucleating agents improve the physical properties of semi-crystalline polyolefins. This results in fast crystallization rates, which allows for improved cycle times and better production capacity along with quality. When our clarifying agent is added to polypropylene, the size of crystalline structures of the polymer reduces to improve the stiffness and clarity. Additionally, when added to the process, the rate of crystal initiation is increased dramatically so the crystals become smaller in size therefore clarifying the polypropylene. Our solutions will perform to meet the needs of a well-nucleated product by offering a combination of high crystalline temperature in the polymer with the most isotropic (uniform) shrinkage in your finished product.

+Zero Processing Aid Agents
Our processing aid agents prevent the buildup of static electric charges that occur on the surface of plastic parts while processing, and also functions as an excellent mold release agent so that cycle times can be shortened. Overall, with multi cavity molds, it provides good mold release of parts affected by mold design, polymer chemistry, PCR incorporation or other factors inhibiting faster cycles and prevents nesting of parts on conveyor belts for pack out. Additionally, reducing the static charge eliminates dust collecting on the surface of your parts.

+Guard Antioxidant Agents
Heat is a necessary function for molding plastics. However, under higher than normal processing temperatures, it may be necessary to add an additional stabilizer to maintain the integrity of the polymer. Degradation of polymers, due to excessive heat, can have an effect on the process, product stability and screw barrel contamination. Another factor of concern for the industry is the increased use of PCR. Antioxidant additions to the combinations of virgin and PCR resins can provide the heat stability needed to maintain a healthy polymer. Our solutions range from a single functional antioxidant, for processing with higher heat conditions, to multifunctional products that improve heat stability as well as long-term heat aging.

+Foam Liquid Blowing Agents
For many years, foaming agents have been used to reduce the densities of molded and extruded thermoplastics. Today, this need is receiving more attention because of the desire to make plastics more sustainable. This can be accomplished by reducing the amount of plastic needed to make a finished product. By reducing the density, you have reduced the amount of plastic used to make molded parts and extruded products, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Liquid foaming agents can be metered precisely into the melt flow to achieve the desired level of density reduction and are produced without a heat history eliminating pre-decomposition concerns. The selection of endothermic, exothermic, or a combination of both is available in our product line. Processing with liquid endothermic foaming agents will also reduce the energy required for your process.

+Clean Antimicrobial Agents
+Clean is an inorganic silver based antimicrobial, which inhibits the growth of gram-positive/gram-negative bacteria, mold and yeast. Untreated plastic products run the risk of microbial growth causing unsightly discoloration, staining, unpleasant odors as well as deterioration and corrosion of manufactured products. Our solutions have been optimized with respect to color retention in both indoor and outdoor environments.

+Gains Flow Modifiers
There are many situations in plastics processing where a slight change in resin dispersion and flow characteristics would benefit the process as well as the product. We offer additives that, when metered at low letdowns, will solve processing problems such as poor dispersion, black specks, easier flow properties, better mold release, improved surface characteristics, reduction in sheer stress along with heating, and an overall reduction in energy consumption. The raw materials used in our solutions have a history of performing well in plastics. We have taken the next step in formulating these materials in combination to provide added benefits to the end user. It is important that we understand your need in order to select the correct solution for your application.

+Restore Strengthening Agent
Currently, there is an increased demand for post consumer regrind in the plastics industry and we have developed a product that improves the quality of regrind (PCR). The change in the physicals can be altered by adding our additive during the plastic processing step. We have experienced improvements to the physicals in P/P, Homo, PP copolymer, HOPE.

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Product category: Biodegradable additives

Sustainable Liquid Color

Liquid Color Sustainability
Riverdale Global’s goal is to use the least amount of color possible while achieving customer's desired effect for greater product sustainability.

Liquid color produces fully developed color with less pigment than concentrate. Final dispersion is more complete, achieving full color strength with less pigment (often 30% less than concentrate).

The better dispersion of liquid color requires less color in a plastic part giving recyclers an easier time to provide the industry with more post consumer material to replace virgin.

The key benefits are:

·       Liquid weighs less, which reduces transportation costs

·       Overall energy savings as high as 16% have been documented

·       A proprietary blend of natural carrier systems is offered

·       Color is made in customer containers to minimize waste every step of the way.

Gravimetric Control

Gravimetric control is the only proven way to assure metering accuracy, reduce color usage, and lower your cost of coloring.

Volumetric metering systems often over-dispense expensive color. Losses can be substantial. To ensure the accuracy required, Riverdale Global provides, as standard, its proprietary gravimetric metering system, manufactured exclusively for Riverdale by Maguire Products.

Pump In A Drum®

Pump In A Drum® technology limits air pressure so the tube will not blow off as it would with a peristaltic pump.

All components remain sealed and clean. Customers and environmental debris never touch the color. There is no need to own or maintain pumps, which saves capital equipment and maintenance costs.

Global Tracker™

GlobalTracker™ provides real-time data to track color matches, orders, and material usage with full accountability and traceability of every component. Our system eliminates waste with precise inventory tracking.

Local satellites provide support for color matching, emergencies, and frequent deliveries to keep proper inventory levels.

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Product category: Biodegradable additives

Global Local™

Global Local™
Riverdale Global's revolutionary business model has global reach with local satellite supply and service.

Cost Effective

·       Lower Cost – Milled liquid dispersion allow full color development with less pigment

·       Shorter purge time – Less scrap, more production time

·       Faster Cycle Time – Easier flow, lower temperatures, shorter cooling time, improved production rates

·       Energy Savings – Reduced screw torque, lower process temperatures, less demand on chillers. All provide energy savings.

·       Reduced Warehouse Space – Liquid color uses 20% of the floor space of pelletized color

·       Gravimetric – No calibration. No mistakes. Precision delivery of color.

·       100% Usage – Color left in the drum is not lost. It is returned to you when then drum is refilled. Riverdale Global supplies, services and supports all of the required liquid delivery equipment.

 Environmental Consideration:

·       Sealed Color System – Sealed drums and sealed connections assure a clean, trouble-free process.

·       PAID – Pump in a Drum (PAID). Every container holds its own pump, and is sealed at the factory. You never open it.

·       Zero Landfill / Zero Waste – Drums are returned to Riverdale Global’s satellite for refill. Nothing is left for landfill.

 Ensuring Quality

·       Uniformity – International customers appreciate Single Source Pigments, assuring worldwide uniformity of color blends.

·       Dispersion Quality – Pigments pre-dispersed in liquid provide better dispersion and brighter colors.

Delivery Confidence

·       Sealed Additives – Pre-blended with color assures they are metered into the process at the correct rates.

·       Local Supply  / Local Services – Quick delivery. Emergency supply is nearby. Emergency service is on call.

·       Documentation – Materials are tracked and documented to complete accountability.

·       Confidence – Riverdale, in business for over 100 years, supplying liquid color for more than 50 years. Equipment designed and manufactured by Maguire Products Inc.

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Product category: Paint auxiliairies

How Computerized Color Saves You Money on Your Process

Excellent Dispersion
We mill each color separately for full color development before blending. This provides brighter colors, and allows for lower let
down ratios, while providing greater color strength in the final product.

Shorter Cycle Time
Easier flow allows lower process temperatures, therefore shorter cooling times. Production rates are improved.

Zero Waste
Use 100% of your color. Our Return for Refill program allows you to return your empty containers for reuse, when you
reorder the same color. Color left in the drum is not a loss. No more disposal of empty containers.

Energy Savings
Liquid color provides reduced screw torque, lower process temperatures, and less demand on chillers. All of these attributes of
liquid color provide energy savings.

Faster Color Change, More Production
Shorter purge time equals less scrap and more production. Customers have reported decreasing their color change-over time from 24 hours down to 1 or 2 hours. Save time, material, and energy! Shorter times & reduced waste = money.

Reduced Warehouse Space
Liquid color uses 1/5 the floor space of pelletized color. Local supply and scheduled deliveries allow you to keep less inventory
in stock.

Control Color Usage
Real-time data to track color matches, orders, and material usage with full accountability and traceability of every component.
Eliminates waste with precise inventory tracking.

Sealed drums and sealed connections assure a clean, trouble-free process.

Local Supply, Local Service
Quick delivery. Continual service and support. Emergency supply is nearby. Emergency service is on call.

Green Less waste. Reduced energy use. Reusable containers.
Riverdale is using liquid color to promote innovative green business practices. Increase your sustainability and save money. 

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Company news




Oct 13, 2019

New dosing technology for injection molding ensures uniform color without pre-mixing and ends over-coloring

100% Injection Coloring™ Technology from Riverdale Global Meters Liquid or Pelletized
Colorant during Both Injection and Recovery Phases

A patent-pending color metering control system for injection molding ensures color uniformity and saves costs by dosing colorant during the injection phase, when conventional color and additive metering systems are inactive. The technology is being introduced to the European liquid color market at K 2019 by Riverdale Global (Hall 7, Level 1, Stand B35).

During the injection molding cycle, about 75% of virgin resin enters the screw during the screw recovery phase and 25% during injection. Because conventional metering systems add color only during recovery, insufficient mixing can occur, which is particularly problematic when shot size approaches screw capacity or when the end product is translucent. In the new
100% Injection Coloring™ system, a special controller receives signals from the processing machine for both phases, ensuring that color is added throughout the cycle. Metering takes place at a faster rate during injection because of the rapid screw movement during that phase.

100% Injection Coloring technology renders unnecessary two conventional solutions to inadequate mixing that pose added cost or complications: the use of an upstream pre-mixer, or overcoloring to compensate for insufficient mixing. Over-coloring adds raw material cost for opaque parts and is generally not possible with translucent parts.

A controller outfitted with 100% Injection Coloring technology is available to liquid color users at no cost from Riverdale Global, which supplies color metering equipment as part of its service to customers.

“100% Injection Coloring technology saves color costs and ensures product uniformity in many molding applications and is particularly valuable when shot size is close to barrel Metering Liquid Color into Molding Machine capacity,” said Paul Maguire, president of Riverdale Global. “With conventional color metering systems, there simply is not enough mixing time in the barrel to color the 25% of barrel content to which colorant has not been added. Over-coloring can usually fix the problem, but not always, and especially not with translucent parts. For these you need to use either a larger machine or an upstream pre-mixer.”

Also exhibiting at K 2019 is Riverdale Global’s affiliate Maguire Products, Inc., which is introducing 100% Injection Coloring technology for use with the company’s MGF™ gravimetric feeders for dosing pellet masterbatch (Hall 10, Stand A26).

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About us

Company details

Riverdale Global specializes in liquid color management for the plastics industry, focused on sustainability and local service.

Our computerized color solutions make, meter and maintain color through process automation, delivering economical solutions. Founded in 1966, we work closely with our sister companies, Maguire Products and Novatec, producing extremely accurate proprietary equipment, delivering a group annual turnover of $100m+.

The company's world headquarters is in Aston, Pennslyvania, USA, with international offices in the UK, Dubai, Singapore and China.

Email contactus@riverdalglobal.com

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