Velomat S.r.l. of Spoltore (PE) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Velomat S.r.l.

Via Maiella, 53 - Località Santa Teresa, 65010 Spoltore (PE)
Telephone +39 085 444731
Fax +39 085 44473214
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K 2019 hall map (Hall 12): stand B40

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.008  Handling technology
  •  Assembly systems

Our products

Product category: Assembly systems


Velomat has a long and consolidated experience in the production of machines and complex lines for the assembly of safety closures for liquids.

The assembly lines assemble from 2 to 12 components also combining operations of cutting and aluminium deformation.

The assembly speed is variable, whatever the type of closure and whatever the customer’s needs, from 60 to 1200 parts per minute. The technology used depends on the kind of application: We produce fast index modules with rapid tooling for the assembly of products composed of different families of closures and in continuous motion continuous lines where the speed of assembly is the key element.

The assembly lines are often equipped with vision systems for quality control of the individual components or the finished product.

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Beverages, Non-food

Target Products
Hollow Articles

Product category: Assembly systems


Velomat designs and manufactures machines for the assembly of caps and seals. Usually this is done in continuous kinematic, which is able to produce up to 1500 pieces per minute.

Commonly two or three components are assembled on a single head which is equipped with vision systems for quality control.

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Beverages, Non-food

Target Products
Hollow Articles

Product category: Assembly systems


We have been producing machines and lines in the micro-pump sprayers field for over 30 years.

The range of machines include:
  • Module assembly machines
  • Finishing Machines
  • Sealing control machines
The module assembly machines are typically continuous kinematic which can assemble up to 800 pieces per minute and also assemble 8 small or very small components. Often there are springs to be supplied and assembled, all can be achieved with Velomat patented systems.

Finishing machines are made with index technology producing up to 150 pieces per minute or continuous technology producing up to 500 pieces per minute.

The index technology is used when on a single machine various product families are assembled.

In this case Velomat equips its machines with sophisticated rapid changeover systems.

In continuous kinematic machines for Leakage Tests, up to 1000 pieces per minute are controlled with advanced pneumatic techniques and in some cases also the pumping functionality is tested.

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Cosmetics/Personal Care

Product category: Assembly systems


Velomat has been building dispenser machines for over thirty years and it provides the full range of modules for the assembly of semi-finished or finished product.

The cartridges are usually assembled with continuous kinematic units. The speed can arrive up to 700 pieces per minute.

The finished dispensers, complete with dip-tube and safety clips are assembled on Velomat rotary index modules with assembly speeds up to 150 pieces per minute.

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Pharmaceutical/Medical, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Houseware, Detergents

Product category: Assembly systems


Velomat produces a complete range of machines for trigger assembly: pump assembly machines and finishing machines with dip tube insertion.

The assembly speed ranges from 50 to 120 pieces per minute.

The technology usually used is the linear index module but depending on the type of trigger a lay-out with several rotary index modules can also be developed.

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Pharmaceutical/Medical, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Houseware

About us

Company portrait

The company was originally founded in 1986 as Europe Packaging, which became TES in 1989 and VELOMAT in 2012.

VELOMAT is an innovative company in designing and manufacturing turnkey automatic systems for high-speed and high-volume assembly; these are specific machines used to fast assembly micro, small and medium size objects which can be used in different types of goods.
Both our designs and our production are the result of constant innovations which meet and exceed our Customers’ specifications and expectations.
The whole production process is Customer based and Customer oriented, every project is made to fulfill each request and features both standard and custom components to create the result which best matches the Customer’s needs.

Our company is an acknowledged leader in the business of industrial automation and continuously improves its market position.
We have installed systems in Italy, Germany, France, U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, U.S.A., Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey, India and we have finished and successfully installed more than 600 in our 30 years’ experience. Our first continuous motion machine is still operating in Argentina.

Our standard modules are strong and highly customizable as a result of more than 20 years of research and refinement operated by our R&D department; we continuously invest on research for new technologies.
This guarantees our Customers a better, highly resistant, innovative solution and also a durable competitive advantage. Our machines generate payback after an average of 18 months, but our continuous machines generate payback after an average of 12 months.

The four key phases of our assembly machines development are:
  • design,
  • parts construction,
  • machine building,
  • testing.
The design of the finished product provided by the Costumer can be discussed together with the engineers to optimize the performance of the machine.
Every component is verified and tested before building the machine.
After the machine has been built, the whole system is carefully tested to check its efficiency and reliability.

The result is a high quality, functional, highly competitive assembly machine that features high speed and long term reliability at the best possible price.

Contact us for a feasibility study and a financial quote.