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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Heating and cooling units

Heating and cooling units

Our products

Product category: Heating and cooling units


Intelligent type
Matsui's " iplas " function for the next generation
First appearance in the industry! It is equipped with an inverter and has realized energy-savings.

" iplas " is the name for group of intelligent products with Self-Decision Making capability which Matsui developed.Our merchandise with " iplas " makes self-assessment based on the usage of customer and applies most energy efficient mode to it.As this product controls itself by circumstances i.e. Full capacity production, Minimum mode production or temporarily holding of production, customer could save a huge amount of energy and resources comparing to the current products. (Maximum energy saving comparing to the current product could be up to 70 %.)

  • Energy Saving 57% energy-savings (Varies according to model.)
The employment of compressor inverter control has realized energy-savings in low loading. In addition,the adoption of an electronic expansion valve has made it possible to exert the maximum cooling capacity in every operating condition, and realized energy-savings even in 100% loading.

  •  “Visual image of energy-savings”
Operation, Enagy saveing Indicator

  • The medium working temperature range has been expanded.
Expanded applicable temperature range to 5℃~35℃

  • MATSUI’s unique hot-gas bypass control
The machine is controlled by an inverter at and above 30Hz and, when the machine is used with a frequency lower than that, either energy-saving operation or high-accuracy operation can be selected.

  • Stable performance
Condenser is a double tube type.
For this reason, durability is improving to the foul cooling water.

  • Multi-functions
External communication function, external starting, the alarm output, and the warning buzzer were also made standard equipment.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Molding system called Rapid Heat Cycle Molding(RHCM) or Heat & Cool molding have been attracting attention from many industries as an epoch-making enviromentaly friendly technology that enable us to solve various problems around injection molding and to improve productivity.for RHCM Controller

Unify maniforld with control valve
  • Adopt new model 3 directions control valve
  • From the possibility of divided set up maniforld unit(open), even divided set up after variance of layout rise , it will have no effect on heating cycle.
  • Mold will be heated by high efficiency because ateam will be supplied to manifold directly

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Water (medium) can support high temperature of 160°C
Eliminates smell, dirtiness, medium disposal as do not using oil as medium.Environment friendly mold temperature controller

  • Built-in booster pump
In order for the mold temperature controller to secure a stable inner pressure, MCHH is provided with an electric booster pump as standard equipment. It exerts stable cooling capacity when cooling down from high temperature.

  • Energy saving design
It is designed for saving energy by starting the booster pump only when the medium is controlled at a temperature higher than 85

  • Prevents scaling
Using indirect cooling method, pumps will not be damaged.

  • Enviroment friendry
Since no oil is used, this is an environment-friendly mold temperature controller that dispenses with oil draining and eliminates oil evaporation during operation

  • Painting is redundant with the improvement of surface gloss
It responds also to molding by heating and cooling. Moreover, it is best suited for molding engineering plastics that require a high molding temperature.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Air-cooled Closed Circuit Water Cooling System Ecobrid supplied by Matsui is an Air cooled Closed type Water Cooling System that has high functionality, cost efficient and environmental friendly. 5000 sets are already in operation with satisfactory results.

  • Energy saving
Saves energy by optimizing the operation of the system. The DC Brushless Motor drives the die-cast aluminium axial fans. This saves mores than 30% of energy consumed as compared to the regular system. The aluminium made fans are more durable and does not require maintenance. In addition, noise level during operation is being controlled under 57db.

  • Easy maintenance
An air-cooling system that uses the cooling fan to cool the air. When external temperature exceeds 30C, the cooling fan will operate at full speed to atomize the external water into the adiabatic chamber. Hence, water will not be in direct contact with the heat exchanger. Water in the system is being drained out automatically without using valves. This prevents freezing and cracking of pipes during resting periods of the factory when external temperature falls below 0C. This system can be used even in lines that propylene glycol cannot be used.

  • Safety
Uses the latest Micro Processor. Constant supervision of the operating condition is made possible with the backlight function. Upon occurrence of error, the cause and solution will be displayed as the warning signal. This allows a smooth resolution of problem. Sensors have been set to monitor the temperature and pressure, which are necessary for data collection. Thus, the management of the production line is also made possible.

  • Uuifying of units
Control panel, tank, valve and other units are being unified into this single unit. This saves space and allows speedy operation. High level of durability of the pump unit and cooling tank is made possible with stainless steel.

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About us

Company details

Nothing is permanent and everything is interdependent.
I believe this is an expression which describes best how the world goes around.

Especially during the process of the new globalization in the 21st century, everything seems to be changing more and
more rapidly. At the same time we are becoming more and more dependent on each other globally.

We believe that one who can build rapport with others will be able to adapt to the rapidly changing world, and hence,
share happiness and grow as a member of society for a better future.

Based on this belief, MATSUI's motto stands as ''MATSUI in search of rapport.''

Our goal is not just to sell products and make a profit, but also to establish good rapport, via our products and
services, with the people and the society that surrounds us. We seek to contribute to the growth and happiness of
people throughout the world with rapport.

"Without good rapport, little is possible. With good rapport, anything is possible."

Hironobu Matsui, president and CEO

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