M.C. Plast di Melchiori Luciano & C. s.a.s. of Fagnano Olona (VA) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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M.C. Plast di Melchiori Luciano & C. s.a.s.

Via Isonzo 46/48, 21054 Fagnano Olona (VA)
Telephone +39 0331 611036
Fax +39 0331 617021

Hall map

K 2019 hall map (Hall 16): stand B79

Fairground map

K 2019 fairground map: Hall 16

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.003  Extrusion dies

Our products

Product category: Extrusion dies

Smart Tooling

Our SMART TOOLING system was created to meet companies’ ever growing need for flexibility.

This equipment comprises standard elements, such as the fixed head and the cooling tanks which can be left on the extrusion line, as well as tailor-made elements, such as the medal die or the dry calibrator, customised for each client, but which are perfectly interchangeable due to standard external measures.

The characteristics of this line of equipment favour:
– Producing small profile batches, minimising waste.
– Ease of use thanks to the standardisation of the cooling and extraction systems.
– A stable process and excellent results in terms of both the size and aesthetics of the extruded profiles.
– High speed and simplicity when changing the production line.
– Very competitive prices due to the number of standard parts used.

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Target Products
Profile, Colored, Solid

Product category: Extrusion dies

Wide profiles tooling

The WIDE PROFILES system is the result of experience and research in the field of extrusion for profiles with sections wider than 350mm.

Our company has an extrusion line with a production capacity of up to 300 kg/h for rigid PVC and a load and cutting system adapted to extruding profiles with widths up to 400mm, giving us extensive experience in producing equipment for large-size profiles.

Our experience and constant research into developing this type of equipment enable us to control large flows of materials, directing them to the most external areas of the die and therefore guaranteeing a perfectly balanced extrusion.

Moreover, being aware of the problems that can arise while calibrating and cooling wide and voluminous profiles, we have researched calibration systems which identify the critical points of the profile and create, near to these, high performing cooling and extracting zones which calibrate the profile using standard calibration benches.

Naturally, the final part of the equipment, when required by the profile and material, is composed of calibration tanks, developing using the fast tooling principle, particularly with regards to the circulation reinforced by the flow of cold water such as to cool the profile quickly and consistently.

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Target Products
Profile, Solid

Product category: Extrusion dies

Fast tooling

Our FAST TOOLING system uses technology to extrude window profiles at high speed.

Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and producing profiles for PVC windows and doors, MC Plast has excellent knowledge about calibrating water profiles using vacuum calibration tanks and calibration plates.

The ingenious idea of adapting the principle of water calibration to the creation of equipment for technical profile extrusion resulted in the FAST TOOLING series.

The system uses tanks as calibrators, inserting calibration walls to maintain the profile’s shape during cooling.

Moreover, the inside of the tank is built such as to obtain a circulation system that is reinforced by the flow of water inside the tank itself; this circuit prohibits a backwash of hot water being formed and ensures the extruded profile is cooled correctly and consistently.

Using equipment based on this principle, which calibrates profiles faster than traditional systems, guaranteesexcellent results in terms of size and aesthetics as well as high production capabilities.

And all this at a low price, thanks to the low number of dry calibrators used.

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Target Products
Profile, Colored, Solid

About us

Company details

M.C. PLAST was born over 30 years ago, in 1981, from an entrepreneurial idea by General Manager, Luciano Melchiori.

Since its inception, the company has specialised in the production of equipment for plastic and thermoplastic material extrusion.

Over the course of its history the company has moved to three different headquarters, the last of which, bought from Fagnano Olona in 2004, has an indoor surface area of over 1,500m2 and a total surface area of almost 3,000m2.

In 2000 MC Plast was one of the first companies operating in the sector in Europe to obtain quality certificationISO 9001:2000, and then ISO 9001:2008, in view of the fact that all its business processes, from design to post-sales services, are constantly monitored to ensure the best quality in the sector.

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