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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets

Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets

Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets

Foil and Sheet mono & multi-layer

Excellent transparency for packaging applications and processability for building and furniture applications
Our PLASTICSHEET extrusion lines are designed to process foil & sheet of PP, EPP (Expanded PP), HDPE, PET, CPET, PETG, PC, PA, EVOH, SURLYN, PS, EPS (Expanded PS), ABS, K.RESYN, STYRLUX, PMMA, PVC and PLA mono & multi-layer, via T-dies & co-extrusion feedblock, with manual or automatic adjustment.

The combination of Cast and Roll-stack technologies allows us to cover Foil production thicknesses ranging from 80 to 2000 micron, using the same extrusion plant. While our Sheet extrusion plants instead can reach up to 30mm thickness, mono & multi-layer.

Furthermore our COMPACT series is a specially designed family of extrusion lines for the production of Sheet for Thermoforming.
It is expressly conceived to achieve fully satisfactory performances both “in-line” (Extrusion line + Thermoforming machine) or “off-line” (self-standing Extrusion line), so to meet the most various exigences of our today customers’ modern factories thermoforming-oriented.

Our COMPACT exp series developed in cooperation with Reedy Chemical Foam is another specially designed extrusion lines family for the production of EPP/EPS Sheets, by a successful mixing-recipe of standard PP/PS with Chemical Blowing Agents (CBA).
This family of extrusion lines is expressly studied to grant a perfect and homogeneous foaming of the PP/PS along the complete width of the sheet.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets


Excellent resistance to folding, tearing, traction, impact.
Not affected by chemical agents and mineral oils, water resistant, UV resistant, high/low T° resistant, light, compact, durable.
We are known among the first to have introduced into the world plastics-market the extrusion lines for the production of plastic hollow profile sheets (also called twinwall sheets or corefluted sheets).

Since so long proudly worldwide known under our trade mark: CARTONPLAST.

Our CARTONPLAST extrusion lines produce 1st quality corefluted sheets starting from PP, EPP (Expanded PP), HDPE and PET raw materials, in different thicknesses, weights, widths, ribs shapes & colours, as follows:

  • thicknesses (from 2 to 25 mm)
  • weights (from 250 to 4800 gsm)
  • widths (from 1200 to 4000 mm)
  • rib shapes (straight, sinusoidal, triangular, etc.)
  • colours (any).
Our 1st quality hollow-profile sheet is obtained by extrusion via a T-die-head equipped with an inter-changeable spinneret/die, which offers the advantage of a quick die-change. Having a consequent considerable saving in terms of initial investment and of time necessary for the die-change during the production process.

At the end of the 90s, in cooperation with Reedy Chemical Foam, AGRIPAK proudly developed the CARTONPLAST exp series: an innovative-dedicated extrusion line family for the Expanded PP (EPP) hollow-profile sheets production by a successful mixing-recipe of standard PP with Chemical Blowing Agents (CBA).

This pioneer family of AGRIPAK extrusion lines is expressly conceived  to grant a perfect and homogeneous foaming of the PP along the complete hollow-profile sheet width.

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About us

Company details

AGRIPAK roots boast more than 60 years experience in the plastics.

At its center Mr Marco Terragni, a man of big faith who propagated many important plastics extrusion & thermoforming technologies worldwide. In the 50s Marco together with his brother Dino founded "Covema", an engineering & machinery construction Enterprise that soon became one of the first biggest Company leading the plastics world-scenario until the beginning of the 80s. In those years Marco Terragni left Covema and in 1982 founded "Italproducts", a worldwide well-known Co. mainly dedicated to the plastics extrusion & thermoforming machinery manufacturing. Due to the job increasing complexity and expansion in 1996 Terragni wanted to found also AGRIPAK, having as main focus to create a separate and very skilled plastics engineering Co. disposing of the most qualified & experienced technicians on the plastics market.

Born as an engineering, AGRIPAK is today a worldwide-known Engineering & Manufacturing Company selling its own machineries, downstream plants, plastics processing auxiliaries & end-products solutions all over the world; expressly tailoring its high-tech solutions to any customer’s request and/or production need.

Since so long our AGRIPAK motto is : "keep the faith". A simple but potent formula of success in the "art-of-plastics converting", that Mr Marco Terragni proudly got the chance to wisely pass onto his three sons Fabio, Massimo and Patrizia, as well as onto his Companies’s teams since the 50’s : the same ability and attitude required to realize any untried technology.

Today AGRIPAK is one of the major world-wide leaders in the Design, Engineering & Manufacturing of many different high-tech full-automated lines/machineries for the plastics Extrusion & Thermoforming process.

Following the natural attitude and the teachings of its founder, AGRIPAK has always been strongly characterized by an uncommon ability to create long-term human-relationships, by always acting with honesty, by friendliness & cheerful informality towards its employees, suppliers and customers. Customization, high-standard quality, innovation, productivity, turnkey service and fast-return on investment have always been considered among our business-priorities to transmit to our customers.


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