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Qingdao Xindacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion lines for tapes

Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

PET strapping production line (Heavy model)

PET packing strap, also known as PET plastic belt, is a world widely used new type package material substitute for steel belt. With years development on it and decrease on cost, it is now widely used in steel industry, chemical fiber industry, Aluminum industry, paper industry, Brick ceramics, Screw industry, tobacco industry, electric industry, textile industry and wood industry. It is most widely used steel belt substitute with high strength.

Equipment characteristics
PET or PP straps can be produced with the same technology. It takes a few minutes to change line set-up from one to the other. Heavy duty equipment can be used for four, six and eight straps production.

Feature 1:
  • Raw material process and extrusion system.
  • High performance crystallizing and drying system.
  • Production can use 100% recycled material to obtain a high add value strapping band.
  • Special designed PET screw, select of single or twin screw extruder.
Feature 2: 
  • Continuous back-flush screen changer operating technology (Europe technology).
  • 100% full automatic self-cleaning screen changer.
  • Double column 4 screen cavities.
  • PLC control, change screen without production interrupted, not influence the production quality.
Feature 3:
  • Special designed hot air stretching oven.
  • Configured with heating unit and automatic temperature control system.
  • High performance heat insulating layer.
  • Better on strip stretching and heating, rapid heating, complete strip orientation stretching.
Feature 4: 
  • Embossing machine, Hydraulic control.
  • Customization designed embossing roll patter available.
  • Configured with synchronous control system, adjust embossing roll vertical position and embossing strength accurately.
Feature 5: 
  • Heating oven for sizing
  • Special designed technology, make sure the strip forming rapidly
  • Prevent the strip from un-orientation after orientation, eliminate internal stress,make sure the quality of strip accuracy and quality.
Feature 6:
  • Strapping accumulator unit.
  • Strap length and the winding tension can be controlled according to strap wind speed.
  • Two times completely cooling strapping.
  • Reduce strapping winding camber.

Feature 7:
  • Servo control winder (Single position and double position optional).
  • PLC control system, automatically adjust winding tension. 
  • Winding range from 5mm to 32mm.
  • Servo motor controls winder displacement width and distance. 
  • Reduce the strap bending, make sure the strap is fit for automatic packaging equipment.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

PET strapping extrusion line (Eco-model)

PET strapping extrusion line : PET strap, also known as plastic steel band, which is used in place of steel on the world of a new environmentally friendly packaging materials, the development of new materials in recent years the cost of success and a substantial decline, have been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingots, paper, brick kiln industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, electronics, textiles and wood, etc.; is replaced by a new high-strength steel strapping, is the world’s most widely used for steel products.

For users to save the cost of equipment purchases, especially on the initial investment of users, a large new R & D design light (economic type) PET packing belt production equipment, can achieve single one, a two belt production, production of up to 150kg/h.

Feature 1: 
  • The raw material processing and extrusion system
  • High efficiency pre crystallization and drying system, the equipment can be used 100% bottles of recycled materials, the production of high value-added packaging belt. 
  • Special design of PET special screw, single and double screw extruder can be used to choose.
Feature 2: 
  • Double column exhaust type net changing device.
Feature 3: 
  • Embossing machine
  • The hydraulic control can be set according to user requirements, embossing design, embossed with the synchronization control system, precise adjustment on the position of embossing roll and embossing strength.
Feature 4:
  • Heat setting
  • Special setting technology, to ensure that the rapid setting of belt products, to eliminate the back of the PET belt to remove the internal stress, to ensure that the belt size accuracy and quality.
Feature 5:
  • Servo winding machine and torque motor winding machine can choose.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

PP strapping production line

PP strapping Production line: PP strap with the main material is polypropylene resin, drawing class, because of its plasticity, fracture tensile strength, bending resistance, light weight, easy to use, etc., are processed into the banding has been widely role in various fields.

  • Comply with strict safety standards, production lines have longer life. 
  • From raw material processing, extrusion, drawing, embossing, cooling and winding; every step to improve and ensure the quality of packing tape. 
  • The entire line can be controlled via a touch screen. 
  • Production speeds can be up to 120m/min, low waste. 
  • Choice of one ,two,four and six straps production line. 

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Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

PP Fiber (Geo) strapping extrusion machine

PP Fiber (Geo) strapping extrusion machine: PP fiber packing belt (polyester fiber flexible packing belt) is made up of many strands of polyester fiber. Is a safe, fast and economic package with. Has the characteristics of high strength, good weather resistance, safe use, high efficiency and environmental protection, etc.. Widely used in packing, goods transport goods bundled, delicate surface coating on the surface of goods packing, goods transport supplies fastening and binding, the oil and gas pipeline reinforcement, composite reinforcement, pressure vessel construction, civil engineering reinforcement etc.. In particular, it is simple and easy to use, the use of a relatively simple belt buckle, without any energy (such as: power, compressed air) without any auxiliary tools can be tied, the applicable environment is very broad.

Characteristics of production equipment:
  • Strict compliance with safety standards.
  • Humanized design, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient.
  • Precision manufacturing, reasonable configuration, lower noise, higher yield, longer service life.
  • High speed and stable production, line speed up to 120m/min.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

Strapping Winder - Single Station

  • Servo motor controls winder displacement width and distance,winder displacement can be on the computer according to strap's specification. 
  • Inverter closed loop controls winding speed. 
  • Winding width can be set per specific requirement. 
  • Automatically adjust winding tension. 
  • Tape reel offers perfect winding curve. 
  • Winding range from 5mm up to 32mm straps. 
  • It is suitable for roll core diameter of 200mm and 405mm,other roll core size can be customized per requirement.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for tapes

Strapping Winder - Double Station

  • Servo motor controls winder displacement width  and distance,winder displacement can be on the computer according to strap specification.
  • Inverter closed loop controls winding speed.
  • Winding width can be set per specific  requirement.
  • Automatically adjust winding tension.
  • Tape reel offers perfect winding curve.
  • Winding range from 5mm up to 32mm straps.
  • It is suitable for roll core diameter of 200mm and 405mm,other roll core size can be customized per requirement.

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About us

Company details

Qingdao Xindacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., a high-tech join-stock enterprise, integrates scientific research development, technology transfer, production and sale. In addition, it is the unit for accomplishing key promotion projects of science and technology result in construction department. 

The company mainly engages in research, development, design, manufacture and sales service of new type plastic machinery, is able to provide "Turn-key project" of complete set of production line for many plastic product. It owns powerful technology strength, gathers professional scientific and research talents in top grade macromolecule material national wide, polymer processing, industrial automatization and marketing. Besides, it keeps closely contact with chemical design research institute and universities, so it is familiar with market trend and is able to transfer the latest science and technology achievements in the fastest speed so that to provide whole set of technology such as the most competitive equipment, technology and relevant technology consultation service.

Oriented by human, Xindacheng considers that the innovation and credit is the most important. It will offer first-class product and considerate service to help you in accomplishing great business and cooperate with together to create new era in plastic machinery industry.

Xindacheng always considers that customers' interest is the first important. Over decades, Xindacheng's product spreads all over the country and exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as, U.S. Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Turkey, Mexico, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, HK, Malaysia, and wins customers' reputations.

Company board chairman and staff warmly welcome friends from all circles to visit us.

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