ProByLas AG of Root D4 at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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ProByLas AG

Technopark Luzern Platz 4, 6039 Root D4

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand B14

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 11

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.008  Laser beam welding machines

Our products

Product category: Laser beam welding machines

Turnkey S - compact modular machine for laser plastic welding

The "Turnkey S" is the smallest of the ready-for-use machines for laser welding of plastics. With its flexibility by modularity and its compact size it is unique on the market.

The compact table machine is based on the "Modula" components and can weld components up to 100x150 mm. To follow the welding contour, the different optics are attached to xyz motion axes or the beam is deflected with a galvo scanner.

Depending on the part to be welded, the clamping unit can be designed at different heights and equipped with additional sensors for setting path or clamping force measurement.
The components can be fed in and out of the Turnkey S via a drawer or a rotary indexing table. Only a small lifting door is opened between the welds to fed the parts. To set up the machine, the front machine cover can be raised so that the welding area is easily accessible.

The welding process is set in an easy to understand user interface on a touch screen. An additional keyboard or mouse can optionally be connected via the USB ports, or data carriers can be used to exchange welding programs or welding data.
An additional larger screen can also be connected to the turnkey system via an HDMI plug.

The Turnkey S can also be connected to an Ethernet network for data exchange or remote maintenance via the internet.

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Target Products
Complex Geometry

Product category: Laser beam welding machines

Turnkey M - modular machine for laser plastic welding

The ready-to-use Turnkey M complements the compact Turnkey S for larger parts.
Thanks to the modular machine framework the Turnkey M can be setup in various configurtions fitting optimally the work-pieces to weld, the desired process type, and other customer requirements.

The large workstation is also based on the Modula components and offers the same functionalities like the Turnkey S (see above). The Turnkey M can cover up to 500x400 mm with axes systems and with a scanner head up to 350x350 mm.
Laser and controls unit are located in the lower part of the workstation. In the welding space in the upper part the access to the clamping unit, motion system, and optics is therefore optimally kept free and enabled.
The large 22-inch touch-screen monitor allows an ergonomic operation of the graphical user interface.

For the handling of the work-pieces the Turnkey M can be equipped with a drawer or a rotary indexing table. With customer-specific adaptations also a conveyer system can be integrated through the machine.

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Product category: Laser beam welding machines

Modula - machine components for special machine building

The "Modula" machine components provide all necessary modules for a welding process.
They can be integrated into a specific special machine for plastic welding with laser by the internal machine building group or an external machine manufacturer. The modules are optimally matched to each other and the parts to be welded, so that only the part feed and the machine safety have to be ensured.

The possible Modula components for an integration are

  • Laser unit with different powers
    The laser unit also includes the control unit and a touch screen with user interface to set up the process. Connections for customer interface, safety interlock, and emergency stop allow easy integration into a complete system. In addition, as with the Turnkey S, additional keyboard, mouse and monitor can be connected via USB and HDMI. A network connection can be established via an Ethernet connector, for example for data exchange or remote maintenance via the internet.

  • Optics with different beam shapes
    The optics are also modular, so that different process types are possible. From a simple spot optic for contour process to scanner for quasi-simultaneous welding and special optics such as ring optics for simultaneous welding, radial optics for circumferential welding, ball optics for contour process without clamping unit, or line optics for mask welding are possible.

  • Clamping unit
    The clamping unit presses the plastic components to be welded together during the welding process. This clamping can be performed pneumatically or electrically and monitored by additional sensors.

  • Motion system
    Linear axes in x-, y- or z-direction can be used as motion system or a scanner, which moves the laser beam at very high speed in a welding plane for quasi-simultaneous welding process. The contour is controlled directly in the laser unit and requires no additional control unit.


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Target Products
Complex Geometry

About us

Company details

ProByLas AG offers machines and machines components for high-quality industrial plastic welding by laser.

Ready-for-use "Turnkey" machines are offered on the one hand and "Modula" machine components on the other, which can be integrated into a special machine by a machine builder.

Thanks to the modular design, the machines can be configured to suit the parts to be welded and the customer's requirements. Different lasers, optics for beam shaping, motion systems and clamping units are available and are configured by us for your welding task.

The optics for beam shaping are also modular again, so that different process types are possible:

  • contour process with a spot optic, which can optionally be equipped with a pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement,
  • quasi-simultaneous process with galvo scanner and sensors on clamping unit to detect the setting path during welding,
  • simultaneous process by special optics converting the laser beam into the geometry of the weld seam as e.g. ring optics, line optics, areal optics or diffractive optics (DOE),
  • circumferential welding with radial optics or by rotating the parts under spot optics,
  • welding by ball optics of foils, technical textiles or thin plates without clamping unit,
  • mask welding with line optics, which is passed over a shadow mask above the parts.
To test and evaluate the best welding process and machine for specific customer parts, tests with customer materials and parts are offered in the application laboratory. Welding trials with prototypes up to small series production before machine delivery are possible.

The company was founded in 2017 as a start-up with a long-time experience in plastic welding. The first machine types were presented in 2018 and introduced into the market.

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