Aquatech s.r.l. of S. Maria di Sala (VE) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Aquatech s.r.l.

Via delle Industrie, 16, 30036 S. Maria di Sala (VE)
Telephone +39 041 5799111
Fax +39 041 487436
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Piovan Group

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand B60

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 9

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Heating and cooling units
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Water chillers

Water chillers

Our products

Product category: Heating and cooling units

Flexcool - The next level of energy efficiency and flexibility

Industrial cooling technologies evolve at a high pace, so to keep up with the demand of being more and more process centred and adaptive to increasingly variable production conditions. Flexcool was developed to cope with those stringent conditions of operation and to deliver the highest accuracy of control, flexibility of duty and efficiency of energy utilization. Aquatech’s newly introduced range of thermochiller of the DigitempEvo series, along with the new line of Aryacool dry cooler units, are the main elements of the Flexcool solution and represent the state of the art in the design of modern cooling equipment and controls.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Water-cooled thermochillers

DigitempEvo is the new flexible solution developed for industrial processes of heating and/or cooling.
It integrates both temperature control and free-cooling functions, providing accurate water temperature, pressure, and flow rate to every single circuit. The traditional centralized cooling system concept (chiller + TCU) is replaced by the newly introduced Flexcool solution, with one DigitempEvo dedicated to each user coupled with outdoors free cooling capabilities.
State of the art design and technical characteristics make DigitempEvo highly performing and flexible to each situation.

Technical Features:
• Integral free-cooling
• Digital scroll compressor
• Braised plate evaporator and condenser
• Medium and high-pressure pumps
• Dual circuit with independent temperature control

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Sustainable cooling solution

The Aquatech dry cooler offers many advantages for process water cooling in industrial plants. By the use of a pressurized circuit, it is possible to keep the process water clean, thereby avoiding the risk of the growth and spread of legionella. In the adiabatic version, Aryacool uses only the quantity of water that is strictly needed, reducing waste and operating costs.

Aryacool is available in two versions:
● Dry system: used when the process water temperature is 5°C above the ambient air temperature.
● Adiabatic system: used in periods of high ambient temperature; sprayers nebulize water directly on the heat exchanger, promoting the cooling of both incoming air and the battery in contact with the water.

In both configurations, finned batteries can be specially treated to withstand highly corrosive environments, such as those in chemical industries or plants located near marine areas.

On request, a self-draining version or a version with PADS is available.

Main features:
● Application flexibility: various sizes and thermal capacities, suitable for free-cooling or for condensation (water cooled chillers)
● Increased energy savings, thanks to EC fans
● Water consumption reduced to a minimum, thanks to a system that uses water evaporation only during periods of high outdoor air temperature.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Air-cooled compact chiller

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the process, in most cases traditional industrial chillers consume a great deal of energy with consequential increases in production costs. Easycool+ by Aquatech overcomes this problem, because it is a chiller conceived, designed and built for cooling in specific industrial processes for plastics.

Flexibility, energy efficiency, reduced footprint and low environmental impact: Easycool+ adds value and reduces the costs associated with the investment.

The optimum temperature ensures the best product quality.
When processing plastics, the temperature ranges to be maintained for different processes can vary significantly, requiring that the chiller provides different conditions of pressure and flow rate: the flexibility of Easycool+ ensures the best operating conditions are maintained at all times.

Developed specifically for industrial plastic production processes, Easycool+ by Aquatech offers a number of benefits in a wide range of areas.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Mould temperature control unit

Easytherm is the new mould temperature control unit characterised by easy-to-use models, suitable for any weather conditions, both in injection and blow moulding and extrusion processes.

A new interior and exterior layout, redesigned ergonomic control, coupled with high-end components, characterise a versatile machine that guarantees reliability, accuracy and intelligent management of consumption.

Easytherm operates at temperatures of up to 90°C. 

Ergonomic control, ready for Industry 4.0

Easytherm features a total redesign of the control that allows perfect visibility of the operating parameters. The new large 4.3” TFT display has high brightness, with strong chromatic contrast and is tilted to ensure quick readings can be taken even in low light environments.

Navigation in the submenus is managed via a convenient infinite turn knob.

Easytherm is already set up for use in Industry 4.0 environments with open standards, incorporating the OPC-UA platform (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture). It can also be used with Winfactory 4.0, the Piovan supervision software that allows communication between different machines within a single production installation. 

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Temperature control units with thermal energy balancing technology

Nextherm is a revolutionary design for a mold temperature control unit. It addresses the true issue with most injection molding process controls: Flow rather than Temperature. Thermal Energy Balancing Technology is used to maximize the unit’s effectiveness. Using a high energy efficient positive-displacement gear pump with a VFD, the Nextherm can match the performance of traditional temperature control units’ flow rates from 0.5 hp up to 10 hp pumps.

Coupling the variable flow rate with the Thermal Energy Balancing Technology, the Nextherm adjusts the coolant flow to maintain a uniform heat-transfer balance throughout the processing cycle. This heat-transfer balance facilitates a near-uniform temperature throughout the entire mold.

Using proprietary control paradigms (LearnMold, SmartMold, BoostMold), the Nextherm has demonstrated up to 50% cycle time reduction.

Product is available only to the US market.

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Product category: Heating and cooling units


Self adjustable and auto-adaptive to cut energy utilization to half in PET production

This range of chillers adopts state-of-the-art cooling devices to reach the highest performance in terms of efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

The PETChiller works on the principle of variable compressor motor speed; an electrical signal is given to the compressor motor to adjust the screw speed according to the thermal load.
If the thermal load is high the compressor runs faster developing a higher refrigerant flow rate and accordingly increasing the cooling power; on the contrary, the inverter reduces the refrigerant flow rate reducing the cooling power supplied consequently.

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Target Products
Hollow Articles, Complex Geometry, Transparent, Solid, Semisolid

About us

Company portrait

High efficiency, dependability, reliability, ultimate design and advanced technologies for your cooling systems, are the elements driving any development at Aquatech. Today, all over the world Aquatech signifies performance and quality in the industrial processing sector. In forty years of business the Piovan Group has become an international organization, allowing Aquatech to gain presence in every continent.

With a great capacity for design and production, Aquatech has completed a range of water chillers to respond to any requirement in the specific areas of Plastics, Food & Beverage, Industrial. A history written with a true passion for product and innovation, with the capacity of growing technologically and the objective of continuing to be in constant harmony with markets and customers.