AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd. of Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Rubber & TPE

AGC Chemicals Europe, Ltd.

Hillhouse International Fleetwood Road North, FY5 4QD Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 7a): stand C12

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 7a

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.029  Ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymers (E/TFE)
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.097  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.127  Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkylvinylether copolymers (PFA)

Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkylvinylether copolymers (PFA)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.05  Rubbers
  • 01.05.015  Fluoro rubber (FPM) (CFM) (MFQ)

Fluoro rubber (FPM) (CFM) (MFQ)

Our products

Product category: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Fluon® Lubricant Powders

Fluon® lubricant powders are manufactured from virgin PTFE feedstock and are used either as dry lubricants or as additives in other materials such as plastic compounds, rubbers, fluoroelastomers, inks, paint, oils and greases. Some Fluon® micropowders are FDA 21CFR 177:1550 (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and EU food contact approved so are ideal for use as additives in coatings which are in contact with food and drink, such as food processing equipment and can coatings. They also give enhanced lubricity, non-stick properties and reduce friction.


  • Additive in gravure and flexographic printing inks
  • General purpose dry lubricant
  • Friction reducing additive in thermoplastics
  • Food contact coatings

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Product category: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Fluon® Aqueous Dispersions (ADs)

High performance Fluon® aqueous dispersions (ADs) have been developed which are milky white dispersions of PTFE particles in water, stabilised by wetting agents, for use as a base coat, binder and in anti-drip applications. They are also used to coat metal, impregnate glasscloth and fabric, as well as packings, and for coagulation with pigments or fillers for use in applications such as filled bearings. The dispersion product range is under continuous development.


  • Conveyor belts (both glass fibre & synthetic materials)
  • Non-stick coatings (e.g. kitchen cookware)
  • Electronics (circuit boards & insulation)
  • Textile architecture (glass fibre & other fabrics)
  • Industrial applications (e.g. hot melt adhesive for bonding moulded fluoropolymers)
  • Cast film

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Product category: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Fluon® Coagulated Dispersions (CDs)

Fluon® Coagulated Dispersions (CDs), also known as “fine powder”, have been developed for paste extrusion into pressure hoses (e.g. hydraulic systems), tubes, pipe liners, electrical wire insulation and tape. Fluon® CD grades are also used to make filtration membranes and technical fibres for textiles and industrial applications.


  • High performance hose
  • Wire coating
  • Small diameter transparent tubing
  • Electrical tape
  • Pipeliners

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Product category: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Fluon® Granular PTFE

Fluon® Granular PTFE is used in the form of pre-sintered powder for ram extrusion and in the form of non free flow powder for moulding various products and stock shapes, such as tubes, rod and sheet, and as a feedstock for filled compounds.


Base resin for compounding with fillers
  • General moulding of parts with high mechanical & electrical performance (e.g. expansion joints, bellows, diaphragms, piston rings, seals, linings, electronic parts & fluid handling systems)
  • Billets for skived tape, film & sheet
  • Ram extrusion
  • Additive for coating systems

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Product category: Ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymers (E/TFE)

Fluon® ETFE Pellets (Natural)

Fluon® ETFE pellets can be processed by extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding. In addition to the standard grades, lower melting point and adhesive versions are also available. A high service temperature grade (Fluon® ETFE HT) was specifically developed to meet new automotive standards.


  • Wire and cable coating (incl. automotive applications, robotics & electronic equipment)
  • Tubes
  • Technical and architectural films
  • Precision moulded parts
  • Sheets
  • Tape
  • Semi-conductor industry parts

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Product category: Ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymers (E/TFE)

Fluon® ETFE Powders

Fluon® ETFE is also available in powder form for electrostatic coating, fluid bed dip coating and rotolining where non-stick and corrosion-resistance are required. The Fluon+ product can also used as an additive to give bonding and hotmelt properties.


  • Ducting (incl. Factory Mutual approved)
  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Pipes
  • Additives in composite systems

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Building, Construction Equipment, Semiconductor

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Hollow Articles, Complex Geometry

Product category: Ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymers (E/TFE)

Fluon® ETFE Compounds

Fluon® ETFE compounds are custom-made with a range of reinforcements and conductivity levels. Customers can select the filler of choice to provide enhanced properties, such as reduced mould shrinkage, improved wear resistance and increased flexural strength.

ETFE colour masterbatches are also available for pigmenting Fluon® ETFE natural resin .  

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Product category: Tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkylvinylether copolymers (PFA)

Fluon® PFA

Fluon® PFA is similar in composition to the fluoropolymers PTFE and FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene), sharing low coefficient of friction, non-stick properties, chemical resistance and non-reactivity characteristics. Fluon® PFA resists UV light and has better heat resistance, higher melt strength and can be used within a temperature range of -200ºC to 260ºC.

It also offers stability at high processing temperatures, excellent crack and stress resistance whilst maintaining more than ten times the flex life of FEP. A low dielectric constant allows Fluon® PFA to be used in semiconductor manufacturing and many electrical applications. Fluon® PFA is available in both pellet and powder format.  

As with other thermoplastic resins Fluon® PFA can be extruded, injection moulded, blow moulded and transfer moulded for applications such as tubing, receptacles, lining and wire coating.

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E & E, Functional Parts, Casings

Target Products
Tube/Hose, Hollow Articles, Complex Geometry

Product category: Fluoro rubber (FPM) (CFM) (MFQ)

AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers

AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers are formulated from alternating monomers of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene to achieve unique properties over conventional FKM-type fluoroelastomers. These properties include outstanding resistance to heat, chemicals, fuels, acids, bases, solvents, ozone and steam.

More recently, AGC has developed AFLAS® FEPM grades designed for a new lamination technology for multi-layer hose constructions. These new grades, 400E and 600X, are ideal for use in high-pressure, high-temperature areas around the engine where hoses are exposed to NOx, SOx, engine oils or other aggressive automotive fluids.

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Target Products
Tube/Hose, Semisolid, Flexible/Elastic, Acid resistant, Alkali resistant, Corrosion resistant

About us

Company portrait

AGC Chemicals is a leading fluoropolymer manufacturer and the world’s no. 1 in ETFE production.  The European subsidiary, AGC Chemicals Europe, produces Fluon® PTFE and ETFE and markets other fluorinated products, including Fluon® PFA and AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers. The product range offers excellent protection against heat, chemicals and corrosion, and has a broad base of applications in industrial, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and other markets where long-lasting high performance is necessary.

Fluon+ is a new range of functional fluoropolymers based on unique technology developed by AGC Chemicals.  Fluon+ grades are modified reactive materials, ideal for composite constructions, polymer blends, high-performance 5G coatings, multi-layer tubes, and other applications where adhesion or blending of fluoropolymers can improve chemical, physical, thermal and electrical performance.

AGC Chemicals also offers the FORBLUE™ product range, which focuses on ion exchange membranes for separating chemicals in an environmentally sensible way. They are durable and flexible and guarantee the user energy savings, due to their low electrical resistance.

AGC Chemicals continuously develops materials for evolving applications, maintaining a commitment to sustainability.