Resource Engimech (India) Pvt. Ltd. of Baroda at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Resource Engimech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

20, Makarpura Industrial Estate, 390 010 Baroda
Telephone +91 265 3001900
Fax +91 265 3001911

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand G85

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 3


Viral Shah



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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Slitter rewinders, Winding equipment

MULTI BLADDER SHAFT (Series 201) for Rotogravure Printing & Lamination - Coating - ALBERI ESPANSIBILI - SPANNWELLEN UND WICKELWELLEN

The Multi Bladder Shaft is made of Aluminum Extrusion with steel journals Tight -fitted for High Torque capability. It is assembled with a PU tube for longevity.

→ These shafts are strong & rigid
→ Standardized design allow us to manufacture the shaft in any size
→ The same design can be offered for heavy duty to light capability shaft
→ Simple design ensuring a long service

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

SAFETY CHUCK - SLIDING (Series 321) - Klapplager - Supporti

A variant of classic Safety Chuck. The sliding flange allows the shaft to be locked in position while transferring torque at High RPM.

→ With Dual holding mechanism - Square for Torque transferring & Round for load Handling
→ Designed for higher speed applications
→ Automatic locking upon Rotation
→ Offers precise concentricity than the standard square type safety chuck
→ Better concentricity means less noise & vibration during the run, and greater life
→ Very little damage to shaft journals 
→ Replaceable Insert feature the customer cost saving and flexibility of servicing
→ Extra Locking Pin with Finger Guard

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

Friction Rings for Slitter Rewind

BALL LOCK (Series 401)
Most widely used friction elements for Differential winding. Steel, Aluminum or Engineering Plastic body specially manufacture to act as gripper with Ball.

→ Usable for various differential shaft as replacement
→ Designed for high speed and Concentric holding
→ Fully covered ball makes the dust problem almost nil

Base : Alloy steel & bronze &
Engineering Plastic
Ball : Stainless steel

Available Size
Core : 25mm, 50mm, 70mm
3' , 4", 5", 6', & 8"
Width: 24mm onwards

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Product category: Slitter rewinders


Mainly used on Primary slitter – Rewinder. It has a basic Cam design with very narrow gripping width.

→ Concentric Expansion with separate gripper
→ Gripper with and without Rubber Cover
→ Customize as per Machine Requirements

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Product category: Rolls

Poly Expander Roller for Wrinkle Removing - Lamination

POLY EXPANDER (Series 601)
Poly Expander is a roller with PU Cord mounted in the grooved roller. The cord starches in & out as the roller rotates.

→ The amount of spreading is adjusted on each side with separate
→ cam to avoid stretching in the center
→ Designed to remove wrinkles without angular stretching
→ Solution for Thin film where low friction is coefficient cord type
→ design achieves ideal expansion for relatively wide variety of material

Roller : Aluminum,
Cord : Poly Urethane
Journals : Steel

Available Size
Diameter : 140mm
Length : Up to 3000mm

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Product category: Winding equipment

Lug Shaft for Blown Film & Extruder - Expanding Shaft

LUG SHAFT (Series 101)
Grippers are slit through the metal pipe and pneumatic bladder is used for inflating.
The grippers give positive holding of the core.

→ These shafts are strong & rigid
→ Standardized design allow us to manufacture the shaft in any size
→ The same design can be offered for heavy duty to light capability shaft
→ Simple design ensuring long service
→ Staggered lug design makes it best in winding application
→ Each gripper offers a designed chamfer for easy core insertion
→ Dimensional tolerance of journal is very tight for better fitting & rigidity during operation

Pipe : Steel or Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Lugs : Steel, Rubber or Plastic

Available Size
Core ID from 3" to 8”
Length up to 6000 mm(240")

Cantilever shaft
Various size of lug (Gripper) available
Rotary Union air supply possible

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Product category: Winding equipment

Self Centering Expanding Shaft for Metalizing & Extrusion Coating

Basic Structure of Multi Bladder Shaft with special internal valves design to handle Reels much higher Linear Speeds. The shaft is assembled with PU Tube and Hard Rubber Ledges for long life and operation.

→ Internal Separate Valves for Each Tube
→ Shaft can be supplied in Aluminum & Steel as per Requirement
→ Easy Maintenance, if needed.

Pipe : Normally Aluminum extrusion.
We use steel pipes in case of heavy duty at
Lugs : Rubber, plastic and Aluminum

Available Size
Core ID : 6” to 12”
Length up to 3,000 mm (120”)

Grippers can be offered as per holding requirements
i.e. rubbers, Engineering Plastic and aluminum.
We offer one piece steel Body for heavy torque.

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Product category: Winding equipment

Safety Chuck - Axial Adjustment for Turret Rewinding - Unwinding - Wickeltechnik

Certain material needs alignment adjustments, while shaft is rotating on the machine. The safety chuck is designed to handle the reel shifting in either direction upto 25mm. The sliding flange design is based on standard safety chuck with locking mechanism.

The thrust is applied by lead screw and sliding drive is taken care of by Spline and cam for smooth adjustment at high speed

→ Automatic locking upon Rotation
→ Safety Chuck offers precise concentricity and less noise.
→ Replaceable Insert feature the customer cost saving and flexibility of Servicing
→ Extra Locking Pin with Finger Guard

Body: Graded Casting, Forged Steel,
Harden Alloy Steel, Rubber Finger Guard

Available Size
Square-Round(35-50, 40-55mm)

Pneumatic Locking Flange, Safety Sensors,
Non-standard Mounting

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

Friction Shaft - FRIKTIONSWELLEN - Alberi Differenziali

A Shaft specially designed for slitters to handle constant tension on multiple slit. The base steel shaft has multiple bladders, mounted with Ball Locks for reel holding.

→ Small width winding possible at very low web tension -
→ A solution for Sensitive Material.
→ Each slit material can slip at different speed and same tension.
→ Ball lock with spring design minimizing side movement while setting and running.
→ Automatic tension controlling through rotary union in dynamic condition by signals from machine drive.

Available Size
50mm, 70mm, 3", 4", 5", 6" -
any size possible
Minimum ball lock width
24 mm onwards

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Product category: Winding equipment, Rolls

Shaft Extractor for Metalizer

An innovative tool for Handling Longer and Heavier shaft.
The mechanism is designed with flexibility to hold various designs of shafts in a single stand.
The mechanism is purely mechanical and could be automated upon request.

→ Any type of shaft could be held with minor adjustments
→ Manpower usage could be reduced by almost 50%
→ No heavy handling by operators

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Product category: Slitter rewinders

Air Power Chuck - Testate Pneumeccaniche autoespandenti con maggiorazione - PNEUMATISCHER SPANNKOPF

AIR POWER CHUCK (Series 531)
One of the most heavy and durable core holding option where mechanical advantage of tapper wedge is used through high pressure pneumatic cylinder.

→ Best option for avoiding core damage in shaft less machines
→ Rotation of the chuck in either direction is possible
→ No axial force is applied: hence better life of winding and unwinding station.
→ Concentric expansion and gripping force
→ Quick-Change between core sizes with slide-on core chuck adapters.
→ Unmatched torque capacity at higher speed & jam free operation
→ Can be used for any core material without alteration

Body : Steel
Lugs : Alloy Steel
Springs : Spring Steel

Available Size
3”, 6” up to 12”

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Product category: Winding equipment

Thrust Chuck for Shaftless Winders/Unwinder - MECHANISCHER SPANNKOPF - Testate meccaniche

THRUST CHUCK (Series 551)
Thrust chuck is a tapper wedge design used for core holding where the force is applied through the arms. It is truly mechanical and fool proof.

→ Best suited for rolls using fiber and metal cores
→ Based on machanical load provided axially, So fail proof and reliable
→ This chuck provides absolute holding of the core

Base and Flange : Alloy steel
Grippers : Hardened steel

Available Size
Core : 3" to 12”

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About us

Company portrait

RESOURCE is a one of the market leaders for Expanding Shafts and Reel Holders. Quality, Simplicity, Reliability and Innovation are the cornerstones of RESOURCE. Ever since its inception in 1973, RESOURCE has been vigorously pushed forward by a technocrat educated and trained in the United States. We have achieved exponential growth by using state-of-the-art technology and latest methodologies. To add to this, we have our own machine shop with latest CNC turning centers and high end VMCs. To cater to the evolving needs of the industry, we have an in-house rubber plant as well as an Induction Hardening facility.

Our only passion is to dedicate our resources and intelligence for working with our clients. We strive to improve winding making the reel stronger and robust. RESOURCE delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective products to customers globally. Our objective is to utilize our expertise to deliver technology-driven products that meet the strategic objectives of our valuable clients. We would like RESOURCE to be the only Expanding Shafts & Chuck Producer imaginable in our customer's world.

Presently, we are supplying all types of specialized web holders to Packaging, Converting, Paper Mills and many other industries related to Paper, Film & Foil. Majority of our clients come from the Indian subcontinent and around 30% come from Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Africa.

Company data

Sales volume 5 - 20 Mill. US $
Export content max. 50%
Number of employees 31 - 100
Foundation 1973
Area of business Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

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