Sagitta S.p.a.

Corso Novara 163, 27029 Vigevano (PV)
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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.003  Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)

Our products

Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)


GERMAN STEEL for SAGITTA splitting band knives
Hardness: HR45N : 53/55
Knife checking: 100%
Test: 100%

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)


On the traditional machines the adjustments to perform skivings are every time carried out by the operator and require a considerable loss of time and mistakes can be made when adjustments have to be repeated. On the contrary SC VISION, controlled by a computerized system, can store the fundamental data or programs (width, angle and thickness; feeding speed of the piece that is performed etc.....) concerning 1000 different kinds of skivings. The different stored programs can be also grouped in sequences , it is therefore possible to perform up to 10 different kinds of skivings on the part that is processed. For example it is possible to group into one sequence all the kinds of skivings which have to be performed on the pieces which form a definite upper model. The stored programs can be recalled by simply fingering the distinctive symbol on the keyboard; moreover at any time it is possible to change the data of a program already on. The required kind of skiving within the sequence can be quickly selected by means of a special pedal. The sharpening of the knife and the dressing of the grinding wheels can be programmed according to the metres of the processed work. It is also possible to program and store the working procedure of the transport roll (it can work continuously with a prefixed speed, or variably by means of the pedal) for any kind of processing. If necessary, it is possible to release the upper by means of the “foot-lifter” which can be operated by the knee –switch.

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Product category: Size reduction equipment (crushers, shredders, grinders)


Machine for extracting the shape from any type of shoe. This model is equipped with a vertical riser pad and can be fitted with two types, one with four fingerprints and one with six fingers. Machine of considerable power and high productivity.

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About us

Company details

• 1947 – The courage to get started.
Alberto Bocca sets up a workshop to build shoemaking machinery for local shoe factories. Sagitta soon rises to a prominent position and makes a decisive contribution to the development of the Italian shoe industry. 
• 1960 - Growing success.
Italian-made shoes play an important part in Italys export boom of the early 60s. The first foreign orders come in and Sagitta soon proves itself on the foreign markets. The Sagitta brand becomes increasingly well known, in Italy and abroad, and the production department can hardly keep up with the inflow of orders. The old facilities are now too small. Sagitta moves to a new site and the factory is subsequently extended several times.
• 1970 - Up to now - Keeping up with the times. 
Europeans and Americans wear shoes and use leather goods that have been manufactured on Sagitta machines. Sagitta technology is a standard of reference for other manufacturers, and the name Sagitta becomes synonymous with technical excellence. Sagitta has a highly developed organisational system with many layers of technological know-how and skill. Process automation is gradually introduced, department by department, depending on the production system adopted, and taking care to preserve the companys traditions and time-honoured roles. Integrated factory methods co-exist with traditional manufacturing and this means that there is scope for a wide range of valuable skills. At Sagitta, quality is a tangible concept considered crucial to customer satisfaction. The entire production process, from manufacturing planning to finished product delivery, is subject to strict quality control procedures that directly involve both process managers and workers. Sophisticated, advanced dimensional testing equipment is used to check finished part size. 
• 2013 - The continuity and the constant renewal. 
The New Factory, New Technologies for Energy Saving, NewTechnologically Advanced Products, Cutting-edge Technologies and co-workers prepared to face the future with courage and ambition.

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