Pall Corporation GmbH of Dreieich at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Pall Corporation GmbH

Philipp-Reis-Str. 6, 63303 Dreieich
Telephone +49 6103 307209
Fax +49 6103 307215

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.008  Melt filters

Our products

Product category: Melt filters

Ultipleat® Plus Fiber Metal Filter

Reduce costs and increase filter on-stream life while maintaining the high quality of your polymer melt.

Pall’s new Ultipleat® Plus metal fiber polymer filter candles employ a unique “laid-over-pleat” design to offer extended service life for your process applications.  This upgraded version of the Ultipleat candle element increases surface area while keeping differential pressure to that of a traditional fan pleat element.  These filters are especially useful where high-dirt holding capacity is needed or with those that have frequent filter changeovers due to reaching a terminal system pressure.

Available in a range of media grades and materials to best suit the needs of your specific application
Greater surface area with Pall’s proprietary laid-over pleat geometry allowing for even flow distribution and more dirt-holding capacity
25-50% longer on-stream life than traditional fan pleat candles
Shorter residence times and narrower residence time distribution
Retention ratings from 7 micron and up
Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality system
Ideal for pre-polymer and polymer melt applications, Ultipleat® Plus is designed for use in a wide range of polymers including, but not limited to:

Polyester (PET)
Nylon (PA6, PA66)
Carbon Fiber Precursor (PAN)
Recycled Polymers (rPET)
And many more!

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Product category: Melt filters

Marksman Vector Cartridge Filters

The Vector bag filter upgrade filter cartridge employs Pall’s unique “Laid Over Pleat” technology to offer extended service life to your process applications. Directly retrofittable into bag housings, the Vector filter is available in traditional Size 1, Size 2 and 40 inch options. Available with both polypropylene and polyester filter media, the Vector filter offers a versatile option for coarse applications that require greater dirt-holding capacity and chemical compatibility versus that typically seen with bag filters or bag filter upgrade cartridge options.

Ideal for continuous flow applications where nominally-rated, coarse filtration is needed
Greater chemical compatibility vs. conventional bag filters (polyester media option)
Greater surface area with Pall’s proprietary laid-over pleat geometry allows for more dirt-holding capacity
Longer on stream life vs. competitive bag filter upgrades
Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality system

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Product category: Melt filters

AquaSep® EL Coalescers

The AquaSep EL system is a multiple-stage system starting with filtration to remove particulate matter, followed by either a one-stage horizontal coalescer or a two-stage integrated vertical coalescer/separator stack to separate the two liquid phases. AquaSep EL coalescers will remove free water to a level as low as 15 ppmv1 and be effective over a wide range of conditions such as inlet liquid contaminant concentration as high as 10% and interfacial tension less than 20 dynes/cm.

Typical Applications

Not all coalescers provide a high quantitative removal of dispersed liquid contaminants and can handle emulsions with low interfacial tensions (IFTs). For example, conventional cartridge and mesh pack coalescers made of glass fiber media begin to lose efficiency when the IFT of the emulsion gets below 20 dynes/cm. In contrast, the new AquaSep EL coalescer from Pall is constructed of a high-efficiency, polymeric medium, making it well suited for numerous liquid/liquid separation applications with very low IFTs including:Water removal from hydrocarbon condensates before stabilization, fractionation or pipeline transport
Removal of oil from sour water to protect sour water stripping (SWS) as well as downstream sulfur plant and water treatment operations
Water removal from high solids coker fractionates
Performance upgrades to existing cartridge or mesh pack coalescers, sand beds and ESPs
General oil/water separation needs across upstream, midstream and downstream processes

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About us

Company details

Pall Corporation is a global leader in filtration, separation and purification. Pall’s innovative solutions are widely used across a broad spectrum of industries including, oil and gas, chemicals, power, automotive, and general industrial, to help customers make their end products purer, processes more efficient and safer, while protecting critical assets that maximise production output.

Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, Pall has offices and plants throughout the world. To learn more about Pall, please visit us at

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