Tecnomagnete S.p.A. of Lainate (MI) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Tecnomagnete S.p.A.

Via Nerviano 31, 20020 Lainate (MI)
Telephone +39 02 937591
Fax +39 02 937215

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand D12

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 10

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.008  Handling technology
  •  Handling devices

Handling devices

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.009  Mould changing
  •  Mould changing systems

Mould changing systems

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.009  Mould changing
  •  Mould fixing devices (power operated)
  •  Magnetic mould fixing devices

Our products

Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


New generation magnetic chuck for milling

With MillTec, you have maximum flexibility and productivity
The innovative MillTec magnetic systems for milling are the optimal solution for clamping pieces on milling machines with a vertical or horizontal axis, a gantry, for machining centers, for pallets, squares and cubes of FMS systems.

MillTec offers great operational advantages for a dramatic increase in productivity and quality.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


The latest generation of circular magnetic chucks

The groundbreaking clamping system for 5-axis machines
The MillTec Round circular magnetic chucks represent an innovative solution for clamping pieces of 5-axis machines.

Working on 5 axes allows the use of shorter tools to increase the feeds and the cutting speed. With a machine equipped with this technology, it is easier to carry out complex operations such as the complete profiling, the undercut working, the through holes and the creation of pockets.

Best machine performance is achieved when all five faces of the workpiece are accessible; unfortunately, with traditional locking systems, the processing area is limited by the presence of the brackets, which often require multiple setups. With MillTec the workpiece is clamped from the base, without any obstacle to the tool, with multiple benefits:

  • Increased productivity
    Complete machining on 5 sides in one setup without the limitations of the brackets.
  • Reduction of time and costs
    No waste of money; screws, brackets, consumables are no longer needed. No wasting time for the preparation of the fixing tools; the workpiece is clamped in a few seconds.
  • High accuracy
    The clamping is uniform on the entire contact surface; this results in the absence of distortions and deformations.
  • Flexibility
    It is not necessary to pre-machine the workpiece.
The reduced thickness (MTG: 42mm – MTB: 51mm) and light weight facilitate the machine’s performance, improving the useful range. MillTec presents a steel frame which can be machined to create references, holes or alignment keys.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


Permanent-electro magnetic systems for milling

An exclusive system thanks to the latest evolution of the square pole: Quad Extra
The permanent-electro magnetic chucks Quad Extra series provide quick and flexible clamping of a large variety of ferrous parts on milling machines, machining centers and pallets FMS systems. They are powerful, lightweight, compact, easy to install and operate, and give significant immediate advantages.

By operating with vices and clamps the workpiece is never completely free; multiple setups are required to complete the processing cycle.

With Quad Extra the piece is free on 5 sides for machining; the clamping force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface without any compression and deformation. This results in lower machining vibrations, better finishes and reduced machine stress.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


Modular magnetic system for rapid locking to light turning and grinding

FlexoMag revolutionizes the world of machining annular pieces
Traditionally, the workpiece is fixed with clamps or other locking systems that prevent full access to the tool; it therefore becomes necessary to provide 2 or more placements to complete the processing.

Machining the component on both diameters
A magnetic system allows the ring processing in a single positioning, without the use of brackets. You can then work simultaneously on the outside diameter, inside and upper face without obstruction.

Convenient and modular
Conventional magnetic solutions provide a magnet covering the whole table, with quite high economic investment. FlexoMag revolutionizes the concept of magnetic chuck; now you can set the magnetic area actually corresponding to the piece; just what you need.

FlexoMag is modular: the combination of several modules allows the clamping of pieces in any diameter starting from 700mm.

Uniform and no-vibration clamping
The magnetism allows a uniform clamping of all the surface of the workpiece, rather than for individual points. This prevents the workpiece deforming, especially in the presence of rings with thin thicknesses.
The Nuflux system removes at the end of processing any possible magnetic residue from the workpiece.

Easy and practical
The double anchoring surface configuration allows FX to clamp itself on the machine table in a quick and convenient way.
FX fits into all machines; in case of tables with irregular surfaces it is sufficient to provide a support plate on which to position the modules.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


Permanent-electro magnetic systems for rail machining

The new magnetic clamping system Quad Rail represents the most revolutionary solution for rail machining
Why use a permanent-electro magnetic system for holding the rail during processing? Not limited by the presence of the brackets, the tool has full access to the rail. With just 2 placements you can work completely on foot, mushroom or soul of the rail, make through holes and also mill undercuts.

The high magnetic clamping force allows you to increase the depth of cut, reducing the processing time. The magnetism guarantees a uniform clamping of the rail, with a consequent reduction of vibration and consumption of the tools, achieving higher quality. The alignment between the piece and the machine is always perfect.

The advantages of Quad Rail
  • Rail accessible to foot and mushroom with a single setup
  • Absence of machining vibrations
  • Uniform clamping (best finishes and tolerances)
  • Strong and accurate holding force
  • Perfect alignment of the rail
  • Easy and fast positioning
  • Easy chip removal.
A Quad Rail system consists of a set of modular elements for composing magnetic variable-length tables, to suit different types of rails. Each module presents 2 separate magnetic clamping areas for the foot and the rail head, developing a total clamping force of 14 tons / m.

Quad Rail modules are universal, equipped with one or more sets of pole extensions, designed to adapt perfectly to different rail profiles. Different configurations are available, according to the machine and to the machining procedure.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


Permanent electro magnetic systems for vertical turning and grinding

Constant quality of the workpiece
In all manufacturing processes involving wheel turning, bearings, rings and flanges, a common problem is how to clamp the workpiece without deforming it. The traditional mechanical clamping tools can cause ‘ovalization’ and the deformation of the piece.

Radial Pole clamps the piece from its base surface. There are no obstacles to the tool path; the complete machining operation can be made in a single setup.

Using the pole extensions allows you to raise the piece from the magnet surface, making both inner and outer diameters fully machinable.

The uniformity of clamping, a typical characteristic of the magnetic system, removes vibrations with consequently enormous advantages in terms of machining tolerances, tool life, chip removal and machine productivity.

The new PRF series in monolithic technology is equipped with a totally metallic surface; this guarantees a great robustness and a perfect isolation of the components located within the system.

The rectangular pole offers, compared to alternative trapezoidal-pole solutions, consistent performance along the radius (then on pieces independently from the diameter) and constant depth of the magnetic flux.

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Product category: Magnetic mould fixing devices


Permanent-electro magnetic chucks for precision grinding

The guarantee of a uniform magnetic clamping on the whole surface
Spanning thirty years of cooperation with many leading manufacturers of grinding machines, we offer a range of models suitable for all production requirements.

Clamping with a permanent-electro chuck allows the blocking of the workpiece in a uniform manner over the entire surface, reducing vibration during machining. The permanent-electro does not generate heat, so it does not heat up or deform the workpiece.

The permanent-electro magnetic chucks TFP are available in different versions:
  • TFP0
    Version with steel + resin surface, suitable for universal use.
  • TFP1
    Variant with steel and brass surface, more wear-resistant and not subject to thermal expansions. Suitable for workpieces with minimum thickness 5mm.
  • TPF
    With a dense magnetic texture, it is designed for clamping small pieces with minimum thickness 2mm.
All TFP modules are available in circular configuration / C, with standard diameters starting from 300mm.

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About us

Company details

Tecnomagnete is synonymous with magnetism in the industrial field

Our business is the design, production and sales of permanent electro-magnetic systems for industry. We are 250 in number, all united, ready to share our enthusiasm, our expertise, our experience in magnetism. The headquarters are in Italy, close to Milan. Covering an area of 16,000 m² and with 6 buildings, there are 200 of us, including 40 designers and technicians, 2 laboratories of R & D, 20 milling machines and machining centers.

We have branches in USA, Germany, France and China, active commercially and with post-sales support. A network of importers and service centers in all industrialized countries spreads the name of Tecnomagnete worldwide. Our mission is to introduce magnetism wherever there is steel, bringing added value to the customer.

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