Frigosystem S.r.l. of Caronno Pertusella (VA) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Frigosystem S.r.l.

Via J. F. Kennedy, 240, 21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA)
Telephone +39 02 9658610
Fax +39 02 9650723

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand A78

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 10

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Water chillers

Our products

Product category: Water chillers

RACA-C Portable water chillers

The RACA-C series are compact and portable water chillers. They are equipped with scroll compressors and with a maintenance-free submerged evaporator. Suitable for the cooling of fluids such as water or mixtures of water / antifreeze fluids.
Thanks to the wide range of available versions and versatility of operation in hydraulic pressure or atmospheric pressure, the RACA-C is an interesting machine for diversified simple application; it is suitable for continuous operation.
The tank and the evaporator are adequately engineered and ensure stable and accurate water temperatures even with sudden load variations.

  • Removable side panels for ease of access  
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Process circuit with thermal insulation
  • Sight glass with low level switch
  • Threaded couplings for prompt connection to the user’s plant
  • Swivel wheels for easy positioning
  • Large surface air condenser
  • Patented evaporator immersed in the reservoir
  • Refrigerant circuit with top brand hermetic scroll compressor
  • Centrifugal pump complete with by-pass circuit and system pressure manometer
  • Control panel complete with associated control equipment with digital microprocessor
  • control for set and actual temperatures and safety alarms
  • User-friendly LCD display with graphic and textual symbols of all functions
  • Serial interface RS485

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Product category: Water chillers

Natu-RA small chillers, big efficiency

Natu-RA series offer reliability, precision and efficiency starting from the smallest cooling powers.

The new generation condenser, combined with the ecological gas R410-A and an evolved microprocessor, guarantee SEPR efficiency according to the latest European regulations.

Main characteristics:

  • Ecological refrigerant gas R-410A
  • Customisable hydronic group: standard version with integrated tank and process pump
  • Water circuit with thermal insulation
  • Automatic filling Large condenser with generous fin spacing for reduced soiling and ease of maintenance
  • Designed for installation indoors or outdoors
  • Maximum ambient temperature 45°C
  • Removable side panels for easy access and maintenance
  • Control panel complete with associated control equipment with digital microprocessor control forset and actual temperatures and safety alarms
  • User-friendly LCD display with graphic and textual symbols of all functions
  • Interface and supervision with the evolved FS i-Link system

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Product category: Water chillers

I-RES Turbocor

This range of advanced chillers I-RES operates with oil-free centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation. The Turbocor compressor with R134a gas is radically innovative: magnetic levitation and digital rotor speed controller allow partial load efficiency levels, never achieved until today.

Versions: air cooled (up to 1300 Kw, 370 TON) and water cooled (up to 1600 kW, 450 TON).

All units are very silent, suitable for outdoor installation and characterized by an extremely compact lay-out. I-RES units can grant incomparable efficiency and savings: ESEER is 60% higher than traditional chillers.

These flexible and reliable units easily and automatically adapt to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise thermoregulation together with the use of inverter technology.

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Product category: Water chillers

RPE High efficiency chillers

PLUS ENERGY units, with refrigerant gas R410A, are intended to fully satisfy any cooling application requirement.
Frigosystem has developed the RPE units with the aim of providing high efficiency at partial loads.
The result is an average ESEER showing a 35% seasonal energy reduction, compared to chillers using R407c refrigerant gas. 
RPE series has been designed to reduce installation work to a minimum, offering a range of plug & play units. This is also possible thanks to the availability of a complete selection of versions/configurations/accessories.

Basic version:
• air cooled condenser with scroll compressors, axial fans and micro-channel coils
• water cooled condenser with scroll compressors and plate heat exchanger

Other available versions:
• hot ambient tropical
• integrated free cooling
• ductable centrifugal fans
• heat pump

Available configurations:
• Hydronic groups are available in the following configurations, depending on the model:
FT = without tank and without pump
FT1P = 1 pump, without tank
FT2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), without tank
1P = 1 pump, with tank
2P = 2 pumps (1 in stand-by), with tank

• Noise reduction system (RN= silenced, EN= extra-silenced)
• Partial or total heat recovery system (D=partial / R=total)

Main accessories:
• unit remote control display
• RS485 serial port for the following protocols: MODBUS / ECHELON / BACNET / BACNET OVER-IP

…and with FREE COOLING additional energy saving!

The highest efficiency is obtained by equipping RPE units with INTEGRATED FREE COOLING. This feature utilizes the ambient air, when it is colder than the returning process fluid, to allow operation of the chiller without the compressors with energy savings up to 90%.

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About us

Company portrait

About Us

Founded in 1970, Frigosystem-Corema remains focused on the design, manufacture and sale of industrial chillers and temperature controllers, with a long experience in high accuracy systems.
The wide range of the products permits to satisfy all specific demands of both small and big industry: Frigosystem can structure their offer with tailor-made plants and proposals, always oriented to efficiency and energy saving.
The vocation to innovation, the constant research in technologies and marketing, the application of professional ethics support Frigosystem in its continued growth and in the consolidated cooperation with world renowned OEMs.
The company is today present in the world with a wide sales and service network.