Relyon Plasma GmbH of Regensburg at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Relyon Plasma GmbH

Osterhofener Str. 6, 93055 Regensburg
Telephone +49 941 60098-0
Fax +49 941 60098-100

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand E18

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 11


Simona Lerach

Sales Management

+49 941 60098 190


Andrea Werkmann


+49 941 60098 270


Corinna Little


+49 941 60098 180


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Our products

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Piezobrush® PZ2 Plasma handheld device for manual use

The Piezobrush® has been conceived to be an efficient handheld unit. The plasma handheld device is also very suitable for being used in professional model making, in laboratories and the manual assembly of small lots. Glueing of synthetic materials becomes easier due to surface activation resulting from the impact of cold plasma. Surface activation with cold active plasma for example allows simultaneous activation of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and substrate surface.

Also the adhesion of coatings in the automotive field of application or on polypropylene is optimized. As a further advantage, prior treatment with the Piezobrush® handheld unit increases the bonding strength in the case of epoxy-based adhesives being used for glueing materials, such as glass, GRP, ABS and other synthetic materials. Due to the low thermal stress, treatment of materials conventionally used in model making – such as wood and various kinds of paper – using all-purpose power glue is excellent.

At a maximum power consumption of 30W, cold active plasma with a temperature of ~ 50°C is generated. The Piezobrush® stands out due to its low-maintenance construction principle. All individual components are characterized by their long-term durability and do not need to be replaced or maintained.

Field of application

Professional model making (automotive, medical technology and industry)
Assembly of small series
Research in the medical and food industries
Development and optimisation of production processes in the electrical engineering industry
Dental laboratories
For microbiological, medical, microfluidic or food processing processes

Possible applications

Activation of surfaces for bonding of various base materials
Surface treatment
Superfine cleaning
Germ reduction on carrier materials such as glass, plastic and metals
Reduction of oxide layers

Technology – Plasma handheld with Piezo Technology
In order to provide products having convincingly compact dimensions, we developed the PDD® Technology. PDD stands for Piezoelectric Direct Discharge. It is based on the direct, electric discharge at an openly operated piezoelectric transformer (PT).

By means of PDD® Technology, low input voltage is transformed. This results in high electric field strengths. The ambient process gas – typically air – is dissociated and ionized.

The advantages of the direct discharge control are obvious: The excitation of gas molecules is highly efficient and safe. Furthermore, the power density of the compact device is extremely high. In practice, a processing performance level is now achieved that had previously been possible only by means of considerably larger installations. This is the ideal device for manual applications in laboratories, medical technology, in commerce and in industry.

The Piezobrush® has been conceived for application by end-users. Here, Relyon Plasma has paid particular attention to usability and user-friendliness. The Piezobrush® requires no specialist, technical knowledge and no complex infrastructure.

The CeraPlas HF plasma generator, a direct high-voltage discharge component for plasma generation, forms the heart of the plasma handheld. The piezoelectric RF plasma generator offers a high ionization rate and an effective ozone generation rate as well as multigas ignition, low power consumption and no magnetic fields.

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Plumbing & Heating, Industrial, Medical

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Plasmabrush® PB3 – high performance plasma system

Perfectly coordinated components in robust industrial design: 19-inch high power voltage supply PS2000 and plasma generator PB3, connected through a flexible 10m cable for easy integration into every facility.

Thanks to many years of experience in arc load dynamics, fluid mechanics and power electronics, we have developed an atmospheric plasma system which is unique concerning its power density and function. Easy integration into industrial processes and ability to communicate were at the focus throughout the entire development of this universally applicable plasma unit.

Whether in precision cleaning or surface activation, whether in coating or sterilization processes: Our system fits every process environment – secure and reliable.

Compact Design
Easy Integration
Suitable for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases
Variable Power
High start-stop dynamics
Maximum operating reliability
ApplicationsUltrafine cleaning
Reduction of oxide layers
Surface functionalization
Pre-activation for bonding, sealing, casting or printing
Coating, laminating and sealing
Germ reduction and sterilization
PB3 und PS2000 system technology and integration variants

Our plasma system can be adapted to fit process requirements spot-on through a wide variety of accessories. Thus, the quality of your processes and products can be optimized at minimal cost. You only use the components you really need. All components are coordinated perfectly and have been through extensive stress tests. This simplifies maintenance and servicing, and availability is ensured on the shortest possible time scale.

We have consciously adapted our high voltage power supply PS2000 to the independent industrial standard of CanOpen, which makes exceedingly reliable communication possible even under the more severe circumstances an industrial environment can bring about.

A great number of sensors or mass flow controllers operate using the same standard. Every prevalent industrial control worldwide provides a suitable interface. Up to 127 devices can be addressed via CAN node. Every PS2000 high power source can be controlled with a simple DIP switch in the address space of 0 to 99.

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Plumbing & Heating, Industrial, Medical

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Plasmacell P300 – Plasma all-in-one system for small to medium-sized components

The Plasmacell is a compact stand-alone plasma system that provides a perfect working environment for simple and efficient plasma treatment of your workpiece. By combining and enclosing a high performance plasma device, a high voltage source and a XYZ robot, you get a semi-automated system that meets all safety guidelines.

The Plasmacell is mainly used in research and industrial development, since the treatment process can be reproduced exactly at any time by robot automation. Thus Plasmacell guarantees a constant quality at all times. In addition, a comprehensive software system is pre-installed, which enables the entire process monitoring.

The versatility of the robust cartesian axis system and the reliability of the plasma generator leave nothing to be desired. The coordinated system sets new standards in economy and quality.

Field of applications

Small series and prototype construction
Pre-development and development
Universities, laboratories and research institutes
In-house sampling
Automotive sector
Industrial, reproducible processes

Possible applications

Cleaning of metal, glass and plastics
Surface activation and functionalization for optimized wettability
Plasma-assisted adhesive bonding
Plasma-induced reduction of metal surfaces
For small to medium-sized components and batches


Can be used immediately without installation effort
Partial automation, only sample mounting is done manually
Very high work safety
Operation with or without external gas connection possible

Thanks to its modularity, the basic system can be flexibly expanded and is consistently optimised for ergonomics and occupational safety. The well proven plasma system Plasmabrush PB3 is characterized by low weight and compact design of the plasma head. This allows the full dynamic range of motion to be exploited. The efficient high voltage source PS2000 provides the power for all practical requirements. The system is tested and delivered fully installed: Simply plug and play. All options can be easily upgraded.

The closed cell ensures a clean environment. The exhaust air can be cleaned with an optional filter which makes an external suction device obsolete. Also, you can choose an optional completely autonomous compressed air supply as compact and quiet 19 inch rack. This option makes you independent from a compressed air supply.

Operation of the Plasmacell is simple and intuitive. The included Teachbox allows you to program treatment sequences quickly and easily, so that you can save and reaccess them. In addition, the standard version of the Plasmacell is equipped with a touchscreen. Not only can you start and stop the traversing unit, but you can also set, monitor and control your entire process.

By setting the speed and the distance taken by the traversing unit, it is possible to define exactly how long and where the workpiece has to be treated. Additionally, the entire process can be monitored regarding for frequency, power, performance and voltage via the control panel in the software. These two functionalities make it possible to quickly and easily determine the best treatment process for each material and workpiece.

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Plumbing & Heating, Industrial, Medical

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Plasmatool – The perfect tool for flexible and easy surface treatment in industrial environments.

High-efficient plasma handheld device for surface treatment. Ergonomically optimized for safe operation.

Surface optimizing prior to gluing or printing is important. The Plasmatool makes chemical primers or mechanical treatments unnecessary. Improved wettability and adhesive force can be achieved at components, which cannot be handled automatically due to size or mobility. The Plasmatool is supplied by a single 230 V power source. An integrated air compressor supplies the plasma generator.

The Plasmatool can be used everywhere thanks to the trolley design. Two-handed operation and a signal lamp protect and warn the operators and third parties. The handling of the Plasmatool is optimized for easy usage and maximum operator´s safety.

Gas supply
No external gas supply has to be present. Completely autonomous air supply is integrated inside the device. The operator is independent of any compressed air supply.


  • Different processes / substrates / geometries
  • No PLC necessary
  • Stand-Alone unit, no compressed air or mass flow control required
  • Single person handling thanks to trolley design
  • Two-handed operation and signal lamp for advanced safety
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Only power outlet needed

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Plumbing & Heating, Industrial, Medical

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Ionization module

Through the integration of plasma technology in form of an ionization module, odour elimination and germ reduction is quite simply possible! You can completely dispense with additional chemicals, as the PDD Technology® is based on a physical process. The ionization module uses the principle of electrical discharge, whereby odours etc. are neutralized by active oxygen.

The special feature of PDD Technology® is that it offers a very compact form of plasma generation for non-thermal plasma, also known as “cold plasma”. This technology, in the form of the Ceraplas HF-Type, the smallest piezoelectric transformer in the range, can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications in a very space-saving manner.

Field of application
The field of application is broad. Industry, medical technology, water and air quality are just a few examples. The space-saving units are particularly suitable for integration into everyday objects such as cupboards, vacuum cleaners, ventilation systems or waste bins and offer maximum convenience for the end user.

For an optimal result, we develop your individual ionization module together with you, which is designed according to your specific requirements. The Ceraplas HF type forms the basis of each ionization module. The corresponding driver is individually adapted to your needs so that you achieve the optimum effect for your application. The plasma module can be optimally integrated into the respective application by means of a holder individualized for your application.

Relyon Plasma has developed the PDD technology® (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) for particularly compact plasma generation. The PDD Technology® is based on the direct electrical discharge at an open piezoelectric transformer (PT). The PDD® technology transforms a low input voltage. This results in a high electric field strength. This dissociates and ionizes the surrounding process gas – typically air. Disinfection is mainly carried out by oxidizing odour-producing molecules and microorganisms with ozone.


  • Small, compact and easy to integrate
  • Proven and safe application (CE and EMC testing)
  • Wide range of applications (cabinets, waste systems, lockers, etc.)
  • Simple possibility to reduce odours, germs, viruses, moulds, pesticides and fungicides.
  • Extremely easy handling for the end user
  • Very energy-efficient due to low heat losses
  • Very environmentally friendly – no auxiliary materials such as chemicals or additives necessary
  • Easy to use
  • Only 24 V required for operation (power supply for standard socket), no high-voltage supply line required
  • Highly efficient and safe excitation of gas molecules
  • Extremely high power density of the compact device

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Plumbing & Heating, Industrial, Medical

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry

Company news



31 Jul 2019

Plasma technology, surface treatment and mechanical engineering - all from a single source

Relyon plasma GmbH from Regensburg presents the interplay of plasma technology, surface treatment and robotics at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf together with the two partners STTS - Systèmes et Technologies de Traitement de Surface and ULBRICH - Maschinenbau- und Export-Import Betriebs GmbH. The aim of the partnership is to be a solution-oriented partner with holistic process know-how, offering a one-stop service.

Regensburg/Düsseldorf. From the 16th to 23rd of October 2019, the K trade fair, the world's leading trade fair for plastics and rubber, will open its doors to the professional audience in Düsseldorf. In Hall 11, booth E18, relyon plasma from Regensburg will be demonstrating how cold atmospheric pressure plasma can be used for a wide variety of applications in the processing of plastics. In addition, the French sales partner STTS - Systèmes et Technologies de Traitement de Surface will provide insights into Corona technology and the Austrian sales partner ULBRICH - Maschinenbau- und Export-Import Betriebs GmbH will demonstrate automation based on robotics.

The partnership of the three companies goes back a long way and is characterized by the common goal of offering the customer the best possible solution. Thus, the three companies combine the different core competencies in order to generate a holistic solution approach for the customer: Process consulting, surface treatment and automation - all from a single source.

Cold atmospheric pressure plasma in handheld device
At the joint booth, relyon plasma will focus on the Piezoelectric Direct Discharge technology, PDD technology for short. This is a particularly compact technology for plasma generation based on direct electrical discharge at an open piezoelectric transformer (PT). This allows plasma to be integrated into the piezobrush® PZ2 hand-held device. The plastics and rubber industry uses the piezobrush® mainly for surface activation, i.e. to increase the surface energy on various materials. This facilitates the bonding of plastics, but also when bonding materials such as glass, GRP, ABS and other plastics with epoxy resin adhesive, the bonding force is significantly increased by pretreatment with the piezobrush®. Another field of application is 3D printing, in which the plasma hand-held device is used for bonding 3D-printed individual parts, to name only one.

Why can Corona surface treatment not only be used for flat, thin parts?
How can we help to improve adhesion on a robust and regular base? STTS, only French Corona manufacturer, has developed a specific way to treat not only "classical" films and plates but also 3 dimensional parts. How? With a very specific technology and a very particular way to analyse and approach the customers’ products adhesion concerns. In addition of 30 years extensive experience in surface treatment, STTS has now a little less than a decade of deep partnership with a very high qualified plasma equipment manufacturer, relyon plasma, which allows to present, during the K 2019 show, the capacity to cover almost all the range of adhesions problems the customers are facing, including analysis and comprehension of the phenomenons. The major key being the understanding and therefore the adaptation to the material, shape and characteristics of your production line.

Automation through robotics
ULBRICH Automation is an expert in the combination of technical knowledge as well as automation technology and has extensive experience in the chemical industry. At the center of the booth, ULBRICH will present a mobile 6-axis collaborative robot system for dosing and surface treatment with plasma. The flexible robotic system can be connected directly to a 230V domestic installation and thus delivers a complete system the size of a shopping cart. In addition, Ulbrich presents a Smart Application System - refill gun, which provides more flexibility for manual 2K dosing applications. This system, for which only one compressed air supply is required, is designed for the filling of 20-200l hobbocks.

This will enable live demonstrations to be given on site of how the three companies' areas of competence overlap and interact with one another. A visit to booth 11 E 18 will give you a direct insight into the various technologies and allow you to experience and evaluate them on site.

About relyon plasma GmbH
Relyon plasma GmbH, a subsidiary of TDK Electronics, based in Regensburg, Germany, develops innovative plasma systems. True to the motto "rely on plasma", relyon plasma GmbH is a professional supplier of plasma systems as well as a service provider for individual customer requirements. Parallel to its own products for plasma treatment for industrial and medical applications, it develops customer-specific, highly efficient process solutions for surface cleaning, surface activation and germ reduction.

About STTS – Systèmes et Technologies de Traitement de Surface
Considered as an industrial start-up specialised in surface treatment, STTS is designer, manufacturer and integrator of innovative Corona and Plasma solutions. Our differentiation? An agile approach in the analysis of adhesion concerns and a very important flexibility in order to conceive completely customs made installations. A very unique position, completely new in this domain, which guarantees to our customers the ad hoc equipment integration, perfectly fitted to robust processes.

About ULBRICH – Maschinenbau- und Export-Import Betriebs GmbH
Ulbrich Maschinenbau was founded in 1949 by Johann and Roswitha Ulbrich. At first steam turbines were repaired, finally the production of machines was started. After the takeover of the company by Johannes Ulbrich in 1974, the product range was expanded and the design of the machines was enlarged, such as the development, design and construction of testing machines according to customer-specific requirements.

relyon plasma GmbH
Osterhofener Str. 6
93055 Regensburg
Andrea Werkmann
+49 941 60098270

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30 Jul 2019

Plasma technology in 3D printing – Bonding individual parts with significantly improved adhesion

In recent years, 3D printing has become increasingly important and is now established as a manufacturing technology in both industry and the private sector. Due to its increased im-portance, the demands on quality, material variety and robustness are now growing accord-ingly. For years, the Regensburg-based company relyon plasma GmbH, a subsidiary of TDK Electronics, has been researching plasma activation in 3D printing. Creabis GmbH from Kirch-heim, Germany, is a highly professional 3D printing service provider that uses plasma technol-ogy and is convinced.

Regensburg / Kirchheim. A great challenge for Creabis GmbH is the 3D printing of large and complex components, since conventional 3D printers have maximum component dimensions of 600 mm. To make use of the advantages of 3D printing for larger components, they are printed as individual parts and then bonded together. In practice, predefining joint geometries with maximum bonding area and the gluing itself pose challenges that should not be underestimated. In particular, the strength of the bond is especially critical for long narrow joints where the available bonding surface is minimal.

This weakness of 3D printing is in turn the strength of the plasma technology of relyon plasma GmbH. If a surface is functionalized with plasma before bonding, the resulting bondings show a significant improvement in adhesion. This surface functionalization through plasma treat-ment is essentially based on two effects: Fine cleaning of the surface from organic contami-nants and increasing surface energy for an improved wettability by adhesives. The piezobrush® PZ2 – an efficient and compact handheld plasma device from relyon plasma that requires no special technical knowledge or complex infrastructures – is excellently suited for preparing 3D printing parts for bonding. The core of this handheld plasma device is the CeraPlas™ piezo plasma generator – a high-voltage discharge device for generating cold at-mospheric pressure plasma.

Improved bonding through plasma activation of individual parts
Two applications of the Creabis GmbH highlight the potential of the piezobrush® PZ2 in the processing of 3D printed parts. The interior door trim of an innovative small series electric vehicle of a German start-up is printed by Creabis from unfilled PA12 by selective laser sinter-ing (SLS) in four individual parts. These are then activated with cold plasma and spotted with cyanoacrylate (superglue). About an hour later while the parts are still activated, they are structurally bonded with two-component adhesive. Ralf Deuke, owner of Creabis GmbH, sees the use of plasma technology as extremely advantageous: "The use of the piezobrush® PZ2 now opens up possibilities for bonding individual parts that were previously unthinkable".

This is particularly the case with the second application example, in which a motorbike fairing for racing is made from 12 individual parts using 3D printing and then glued after pre-treat-ment with the piezobrush® PZ2. Due to the adhesive strength achieved, the fairing installed on the motorcycle can even withstand speeds of over 200 km/h. Internal tests reveal that the components treated with plasma technology have an adhesive bond that is three times stronger than that of untreated parts.

Both relyon plasma GmbH and Creabis GmbH are con-vinced that there are many more applications of plasma technology in 3D printing and will continue to intensify their cooperation in the future.

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11 Feb 2019

Plasmatool at Roding Automobile – passion unites

Plasmatool at Roding Automobile – passion unites
Adhesive users are increasingly confronted with the need to realize mixed bonding of plas-tics and metals. A typical example is the bonding of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) with aluminum or titanium materials in the automotive industry. However, adhesion prob-lems frequently occur on the surface of the CFRP material, which manifest themselves in adhesive failure under load.

The Plasmatool from Relyon Plasma GmbH, based in Regensburg, is a highly efficient plasma hand tool for flexible and simple surface treatment. The range of applications extends from prototype construction to series production. The Roding Automobile GmbH offers a good exa-mple for the application possibilities.

The Plasmatool in use at Roding Automobile
Roding Automobile GmbH is an internationally active technology company in the field of light-weight construction and electromobility. As a technology company specializing in the develo-pment and production of lightweight CFRP structures for the automotive and aviation indust-ries, it is particularly important for Roding Automobile to deal with the latest manufacturing processes. A core competence of Roding Automobile GmbH is the use of modern composite materials such as CFRP. Surface tension and the associated wettability of the material play an important role, especially in the areas of bonding and laminating.
Using the Plasmatool, a highly efficient plasma hand tool for surface treatment, these para-meters can be optimized quickly and easily. An atmospheric pressure plasma is applied to the workpiece so that the surface is freed of fine impurities and chemically modified. This ensures optimum preparation for subsequent processes such as gluing or laminating.

After plasma treatment, inserts made of various materials, like aluminium or titanium, with significantly improved mechanical properties can be incorporated into the laminate. Thermo-plastics that would have been impossible to bond before due to their low surface energy can also be processed.

The effect of plasma on CFRP surfaces
With the high-performance plasma system, metal surfaces can be freed from organic and oxidic impurities and thus optimally prepared for bonding. The CFRP surface is saturated with oxygen groups, which leads to tensile shear strengths of more than 20 MPa after bonding. The poor bondability of CFRP is also reflected in the low surface energy of the material, typically less than 45 mN/m. By plasma treatment this value can be increased to 72 mN/m (complete wettability with water).

The Plasmatool impresses with its flexibility, versatility and simple handling. Similarly good results in surface activation can also be achieved with the handy Piezobrush PZ2 in combina-tion with the Nearfield nozzle on CFRP surfaces, an ideal alternative for small series and pro-totypes.

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About us

Company portrait

Relyon Plasma GmbH in Regensburg is a relatively young and innovative company in the field of plasma technology. Relyon Plasma was founded in 2002 as a 100% subsidiary of the internationally renowned Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, which was launched on the market under the name Reinhausen Plasma in 2004. In the course of a management buy-out, Reinhausen Plasma GmbH was renamed Relyon Plasma in 2014. In 2018, Reylon Plasma expanded its market presence with the new shareholder TDK subsidiary EPCOS AG. The aim of this alliance is to develop and market innovative cold-plasma technologies.

Thanks to many years of professional industry experience, Relyon Plasma now offers a broad spectrum of specialized plasma components for manual applications and inline processes. Atmospheric pressure plasmas generated by electrical discharges in air or other gases have a remarkable combination of properties that make a unique surface treatment possible. Such plasmas produce large quantities of highly reactive but short-lived chemical species. These species can disinfect, clean, modify and functionalize a wide range of surfaces and prepare them for bonding, painting and printing.

Plasma pretreatment significantly improves the quality of the results. Furthermore, Relyon Plasma's plasma technology is used for sterilisation, tissue stimulation and odour neutralisation in laboratory and medical applications. As a modern technology-oriented company with a lean structure, the Regensburg-based company realises reliable plasma solutions "Made in Germany". Here the technologies for the products are developed with joy and innovation. Function, efficiency and reliability for satisfied customers is the decisive goal.

In addition to flexibly usable own products, Relyon Plasma develops customer-specific OEM components up to series maturity in order to optimize surface properties rationally and environmentally friendly and to contribute to product and patient safety in the hygienic area. All OEM products developed in-house or customer-specifically can be easily integrated into new or existing production and control systems and complement or modernize automation processes.

Two different technologies have been implemented in Relyon Plasma's product portfolio to meet the different requirements. Piezoelectric Direct Discharge Technology (PDD technology) is used whenever sensitive processes require cold active plasma. Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology (PAA technology), on the other hand, is used when highest performance and fast processes are required.

Relyon Plasma's plasma products have already been successfully integrated into the following applications:

· Cleaning of metals, glass and plastics
· Surface activation and functionalization to increase wettability
· Coating for new surface properties
· Plasma assisted laminating processes
· Plasma-assisted adhesive joints
· Waterproofing
· Plasma-induced reduction of metal surfaces
· Bleaching of textiles without the use of chemicals
· Plasma sterilization of tissues
· Food treatment for quality and longer shelf life
· Sterilization of heat-sensitive plastics
· multi-component injection moulding

A wide range of materials will be treated with the plasma applications of Relyon Plasma, among others:

· Metals, metal alloys
· Plastics and composites
· glass, ceramics, inorganic composites, natural stone
· natural leather, imitation leather
· natural fibre, wood, paper

Company data

Number of employees 11 - 30
Foundation 2002
Area of business Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
Target groups
  • Machinery construction
  • Vehicle construction / aerospace
  • Medical technology / precision engineering / optics
  • Other industries
  • Universities, technical colleges
  • Craft

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