Rowasol GmbH of Pinneberg at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Rowasol GmbH

Siemensstr. 1-5, 25421 Pinneberg

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Udo Wilkens

Managing Director



Holger Weise

Technical Customer Support



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.004  Additive concentrates

Additive concentrates

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.047  Color Masterbatches
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.054  Liquid dyes
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.007  Material handling
  •  Dosing and metering equipment
  •  Volumetric dosing and metering equipment
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.007  Material handling
  •  Dosing and metering equipment
  •  Gravimetric dosing and metering equipment

Our products

Product category: Color Masterbatches, Liquid dyes


Composition of our Liquid Colors
For our liquid colors we use common pigments or dyestuffs, like they're used in ordinary masterbatches. Special wetting agents and rheology additives provide an optimal distribution of the pigments and stability of the dispersion. Thus a maximum color strength is achieved and a sedimentation of the pigments is avoided for a long-term period. The carrier itself is a non-volatile, high molecular system, which distributes perfect in the plastic melt and due to its good compatibility it won't migrate from the end product.

Manufacturing Process
Our liquid colors are produced batchwise via high effective mixing. The pigments are dispersed as long as it needs for an optimal distribution within the carrier system. An optional post-processing and a filtration of the colors guarantee a grain size down to 1 µm.

Color Matching
Whether RAL, NCS or Pantone, opaque or transparent, fluorescent or effect pigment - we fulfill almost every wish! As a member of the COLOR COMPETENCE CENTER we are optimally networked with the know-how and resources of the ROWA GROUP and find the optimal solution even for difficult questions. Of course we also provide single pigment concentrates for self-coloring.

Injection Molding - Advantages
  • Thick-walled parts ⇒ possible saving on coloring costs, homogeneous colorization
  • Thin-walled transparent parts ⇒ lower dosage, no specks, no flowmarks
  • Hot runners ⇒ faster color changes (30 - 50 % less purging cycles)
  • Engineering plastics (TPU, PBT, PA, ABS and the like) ⇒ lower raw material costs
  • Commodities (PE, PP, PS) ⇒ reduced quantity of colorant
  • Examples: PP pen tubes, TPU shoe soles, PE and PP caps, PC and ABS container, PS cutlery and many more

Extrusion - Advantages
  • Films ⇒ no flowmarks and specks
  • Compounds ⇒ efficient self coloring
  • Profiles and fibers ⇒  Reduction of coloring costs
  • Color injection downstream ⇒ time and material savings during color changes
  • Examples: ABS edge bandings, engineering compounds, PP films, PVC flooring, PP fibers, HD-PE plates, filaments for 3D prints, PVC window profiles and many more
Miscellaneous Advantages
  • LSR ⇒ Silicone oil as carrier, with approval for food contact if desired
  • PVC ⇒ Softener can be used as carrier for liquid colors, thus 100 % compatibility
  • Reactive resins and foams ⇒ liquid colors can be pre-mixed in one of the components
  • Examples: Silicone components, PVC flooring, acrylic plates, window profiles, exercise balls, integral foam, flexible foam, PU shoe soles, adhesives, sealings, boat fender, buoys and many more

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Target Products
Complex Geometry, Colored

Product category: Additive concentrates


By default we provide the following additves for a large numbers of polymers:
  • Light stabilizers
  • Antistatic agents
  • Lubricants
  • Laser active substances
  • Antioxidants
We also realize custom-tailored solutions - feel free to contact us!

Individually according to your requirements we combine function and color, so that only one dosing unit for liquids is needed to finish your products.

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Target Products
Complex Geometry, Colored

Product category: Volumetric dosing and metering equipment, Gravimetric dosing and metering equipment


  • THE standard device for all applications!
  • Displacement pump, hose is compressed
  • Fast color changes as no cleaning of the pump head needed (hose is changed)
  • Gravimetric (preferred) or volumetric operating mode
  • With three or - for micro dosing - six rollers
  • Easy synchronizsation with injection molding cycle, self-excitation with dosing period
  • As color packaging we recommend our returnable container COLOR CUBE

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Target Products
Complex Geometry, Colored

Product category: Volumetric dosing and metering equipment


  • Dosing Principle: volumetric
  • Application: extrusion
  • Dosing Position above main hopper or in polymer melt
  • Dosing Range from 1.5 g/min
  • Color Change with purge pump head
  • Key Benefit: color injection downstream with up to 300 bar
  • Field of Use: continuous processes, few color changes

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Target Products
Complex Geometry, Colored

Product category: Volumetric dosing and metering equipment, Gravimetric dosing and metering equipment


  • Dosing Principle: volumetric or gravimetric
  • Application: injection molding/extrusion
  • Dosing Position above main hopper
  • Dosing Range min from 0.1 g/min
  • Color Change: switch or purge pump head
  • Key Benefit: pulsation free also at low dosages
  • Field of Use: few color changes, limited color diversity

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Target Products
Film/Sheet, Profile, Rod, Complex Geometry, Colored

Product category: Volumetric dosing and metering equipment, Gravimetric dosing and metering equipment


Our resource-saving reusable container!

The ROWASOL self-developed COLOR CUBE is a rotomolded, robust container made of HD-PE with a capacity of around 22 liters. The outlet is mounted at the bottom and equipped with a self-sealing coupling on which the paint hose is simply plugged. The ROWAMETRIC container holder has an inclined carrier for optimal emptying. Due to the special design of the COLOR CUBE it can be stacked and thus enables space-saving storage and easy shipping with up to 18 containers in a practical transport box in pallet format. After use, the customer (who should produce in Germany or closer foreign countries) returns the emptied CUBEs in the transport box to ROWASOL. The technically caused residual quantity is weighed back and the CUBE is refilled with the same color. Of course, only the filled-up quantity will be invoiced - you only pay for what you expend!

Concept and advantages at a glance
  • Unique reusable container in shuttle traffic
  • Perfectly tailored to ROWAMETRIC dosing systems
  • Also compatible with other pump systems
  • Integrated valve for air exchange
  • Self-sealing coupling at outlet
  • 22 liter capacity
  • Transport box for up to 18 cubes
+ No contact to the color
+ No residual amounts
+ No waste
+ Wide range of colors

By default, the COLOR CUBE is made in anthracite gray. In order to accommodate the corperate design of our customers, you can also choose from over a dozen other standard colors.

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Target Products
Film/Sheet, Profile, Rod, Tube/Hose, Complex Geometry, Colored

Company news




Oct 1, 2019

Super-fast color changes in compounding - cooperation with KraussMaffei Extrusion, OPM Mechatronic and ColVisTec at K 2019

Liquid colors for plastic coloring need not be molten before processing and can therefore be injected further downstream in the process, bringing great advantages with respect to color change time and material consumption.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 02th, 2019 - At booth C24-27 of KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH, Hannover, at this year’s K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, they will showcase this capability with an inline colorant system from OPM Mechatronic GmbH, Hörstel-Riesenbeck, together with the liquid colors from ROWASOL.

As part of KraussMaffei's "Circular Economy" project, PP buckets are initially produced on a GX 1100 injection molding machine and shredded externally. Afterwards the milled material will be talcum-reinforced, colored and re-granulated on a ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder.

The color is added by an eccentric-screw dosing system to inject three liquid colors directly and simultaneously into the plastic melt. The colorant is homogeneously mixed with the plastic directly by the compounding extruder's specially configured twin screw. The master and the two slave modules are controlled and the formulation managed by KraussMaffei's central extruder control system.

The liquid colors are supplied in re-usable ROWASOL COLOR CUBE containers for clean handling.
This innovative principle makes it possible to adjust the color whilst the process is running and change to production of a completely different color in a matter of seconds. The three colors on exhibition red, yellow and blue cover a wide spectrum of colors according to the RGB principle.

To complete the process, an inline color measurement directly in the polymer melt with an UV-VIS spectrophotometer from ColVisTec AG, Berlin, follows shortly after the color addition near the extrusion die. This enables real-time monitoring of the color change and continuous quality assurance.

After the compounding the re-granulate is processed on a PX 320 injection molding machine from KraussMaffei into an A-pillar support for automotive applications. This entire process illustrates in a tangible way how the "Circular Economy" can be perfected using modern methods.

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Sep 26, 2019

Color Competence Center - The Magazine

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About us

Company details

We are a German producer and supplier of liquid pigment and additive dispersions for the use in the plastics processing industry, as well as a supplier of corresponding dosing systems for fluid conveying.

The company's head office and the administration are located in Pinneberg near Hamburg, at the headquarter of the ROWA GROUP. The production and the development laboratory are located in Karstädt in Brandenburg.

Our Liquid Colors
Our dispersions consist of a non-volatile carrier system and dispersed pigments or dyes. They are used via full body coloring of the plastic, so that the color is homogeneously mixed with the plastic melt on the processing machine and remains in the end part. Our core competence lies in the coloration of thermoplastic materials, which are processed by injection molding or extrusion.
The use of liquid colors allows savings in coloring costs as well as improved product quality.

Our Dosing Systems
For the dosing of our liquid colors and additive concentrates, we source state-of-the-art dosing technology from a leading manufacturer and convert them into our ROWAMETRIC dosing systems. Progressive cavity or peristaltic pumps are used, which are selected for the respective application. Furthermore, we cooperate with Oerlikon Barmag in the field of gear pumps for high-pressure conveying.

To conserve resources and the environment, we have developed the ROWASOL COLOR CUBE - our reusable container for the prevention of residual colors and packaging waste.

One of the main application fields for liquid colors is the self-coloring via single pigment dispersions (SPDs). By the formulation with 10 to 12 SPDs in the in-house coloristics already a very large color spectrum can be covered. The small-scale procurement and storage of many masterbatches, as well as long color development cycles are thus eliminated. By using computer-controlled dispensers, the own mixed colors can be produced automatically and consequently reproducibly and economically.

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Company data

Area of business

Raw materials, auxiliaries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Chemical industry

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