Clax Italia S.r.l. of Pomezia at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Clax Italia S.r.l.

Via Trieste 4, 00040 Pomezia
Telephone +39 06 9120652
Fax +39 06 9120655

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 6): stand E21

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.003  Acrylic glass (s. PMMA)

Acrylic glass (s. PMMA)

Our products

Product category: Acrylic glass (s. PMMA)


Perclax® is the name of the cast methacrylate produced by Clax Italia. It is entirely composed of PMMA, a thermoplastic polymer obtained by bulk-monomer polymerization by casting processes.

Based on the most innovative and advanced technologies, Clax Italia’s Perclax® stands out for its outstanding optical properties, extreme purity, transparency, lightness, toughness and excellent light, aging, weathering and chemical reagent resistance, as well as for the rigorous

checks systematically performed on thickness tolerances.

It can be opaque or transparent, colourless or coloured.

Clax Italia’s standard production line mainly includes: Plates and flat and/or curved Blocks(thin and large monolithic blocks), Bars and Pipes.

They can be employed in a variety of uses, including roofing and building construction, finishing

and furnishing, objects, noise barriers and in many other fields such as the food, energetic, scientific, military and medical ones.

AQuariA® Aquarium glasses represent one of the most interesting applications of the above-mentioned blocks.

According to a wide array of artistic, hand-crafted and industrial production processes, PMMA plates can be processed or thermoformed.

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Building, Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Consumer Goods, Furniture, Functional Parts

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Complex Geometry, Transparent, Shiny, Solid

Product category: Acrylic glass (s. PMMA)


Among the most interesting applications of Perclax® methacrylate blocks are AQuariA® Aquarium windows, high technologies pure cast acrylic blocks, specifically produced, certified (PVHO-1) and guaranteed, for underwater use.

Over the past several years, this innovative material has been used for the new, large private and public aquarium generation.

AQuariA® pure cast acrylics, stands out for its extreme purity and transparency, brightness, lightness and ageing resistance, as well as for the standard production of large acrylic blocks, with thicknesses up to 750 mm and sizes up to 9980×3050 mm.

The great mechanical properties of our AQuariA® methacrylate, in addition with the great ductility of the material, allowed Clax to produce and design aquarium tanks, within the biggest in the world.

In addition, AQuariA® acrylic can be bent by thermoforming process in order to obtain large cylinders and tunnels keeping the same unchanged and excellent optical, physical and transparency properties.

Hold up the pressure of tons of water.

The production of thick pure cast acrylic blocks of high molecular weight, specifically produced, certified and guaranteed for underwater use, is a prerogative of Clax Italia AQuarium Division, and are identified and marked with the AQuariA® brand, which is guarantee of:

1. Calibrated and calculated thicknesses, by Clax Italia engineering dept. in accordance with international building codes;

2. Physical/chemical properties which consider a constant and static thrust due to water loading on one of the two surfaces;

3. High technologies pure cast polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) blocks, subjected to annealing process;

4. Complete polymerization that guarantee less internal material tensions;

5. 30 years guarantee against yellowing;

6. Surfaces with a minimum of total transmitted light equal or higher than 92%;

BONDING and INSTALLATIONS techniques and technologies for large PMMA components are another important element through which Clax Italia AQuarium Division team can use its know-how.

Especially for blocks of big thickness, bonding and installation technologies should be performed without compromising purity and transparency, keeping high mechanical properties. Based on rigorous and meticulous researches, Clax Italia has developed his own chemical adhesives (acrylic resins generally known as “glues”) produced “ad hoc” for this specific field, and not available, as a separate product, on the market.

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Consumer Goods

Target Products
Film/Sheet, Transparent, Shiny, Solid

About us

Company details

For over 40 years the creativity and technological know-how offered by Clax Italy and its technical staff have overstepped the boundaries of production and scientific innovation in acrylic production.

The constant evolution of its know-how has enabled Clax Italia to develop special products obtained through casting processes involving specific integrated moulds, large, thick monolithic blocks, standard and special sheets for food, military, medical and scientific use, as well as chemical resins, better known as “glue”, specific for acrylic underwater use.

The company’s advanced chemical PMMA plants, fully in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental specifications, fully suits the quality certification that apart from extreme transparency and durability, a strict production quality control system aimed at assuring backward traceability of any single plate and/or block.

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