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16 Oct 2019

Braskem introduces MedcolTM: The new healthcare portfolio in Europe

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – Braskem is proud to announce the launching of MedcolTM: a new portfolio of PP grades, dedicated to serving the healthcare industry in Europe. Braskem’s MedcolTM  grades are designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the European healthcare sector, including medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. The grades were co-created with Braskem’s customers to fulfill the specific needs and requirements of each market they serve.

Developed by and for customers
MedcolTM is derived from “medical” and “collaboration”, and symbolizes the commitment that Braskem made to develop the new portfolio in collaboration with its customers.

MedcolTM is a new brand in an established market, where innovation has been somewhat stagnant. As a new entrant, Braskem had the opportunity to work with our customers to improve the current compositions and develop cleaner grades with optimized properties. One great example is the V4020 grade made for the Blow-Fill-Seal process, which has higher softness and better processing than the existing grades serving that application.

A new player in the sector
MedcolTM grades are produced with a phthalate-free catalyst technology and were tested according to European and US Pharmacopeia standards, adhering to Braskem’s global healthcare protocol and service concepts. Braskem has committed to its customers that there will be no change in the formulation of the grades without a two-year notification period..

“We aim for the high quality standards that are required in this industry, but we also want to be the cost leader in the segment,” states Tim Wagler, Commercial Director of Renewable Chemicals, Europe & Asia. “Because we are new, we can be customer-oriented and more flexible. This helps us to build trust from our customers and reduce their risks. We got very positive feedback from our customers for the new portfolio, so we are very excited to enter this sector and become a leader.”

“This is just the start”
Braskem will present MedcolTM at K Fair, the world’s largest event for the plastics and rubbers industry, from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“The healthcare sector is a key strategic segment for Braskem, so the grades that will be presented at the fair are just the start. We plan to expand our portfolio in the next years and become the partner of choice to companies in the healthcare industry.  We are here to stay,” says Isabelle Rothe, Segment Leader Healthcare at Braskem.

MedcolTM is a brand registered in North America.

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem strengthens its position as a global player in the caps and closures segment at K Fair

With a unified portfolio, the petrochemical leader aims to tap into the segment’s growth potential

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas and the market leader in the Caps & Closures segment is proud to showcase its comprehensive portfolio at K Fair, the world’s largest event for the plastics and rubbers industry.

Eight percent growth potential
Braskem has unified its products in the Caps & Closures segment to better serve its clients worldwide with solutions in Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Renewables and Post-Consumer Resins (PCR).  This market segment has grown four percent annually for the last ten years and has the potential to an additional eight percent annually in the future.  To showcase the diversity and potential of its portfolio, Braskem is showcasing several cap solutions for carbonated beverages, water, food and home & personal care to K Fair.

“We have the most comprehensive portfolio in the market, with solutions in PE, PP, PCR and Renewables, serving the beverage, H&PC, food and industrial applications”, says Pier Pesce, responsible for the caps and closures segment in South America.  

A portfolio with a positive impact
In 2018, Braskem undertook a public commitment to advance and contribute to the Circular Economy. In line with this commitment, the company’s Caps and Closures segment is helping to reduce food waste by using resins that increase product shelf life, in addition to producing lighter-weight and recyclable caps and closures.

New technical solutions
“The products in our Caps and Closures portfolio meet all of the segment’s technical requirements, such as lightweight, processability, product safety, taste and odor control” adds Lukasz Golebiowski, responsible for Caps and Closures segment in Europe. For the beverage market, Braskem offers solutions for carbonated beverages that can be molded through injection or compression processes by using polyethylene and polypropylene resins. In the mineral water market, Braskem rigorously controls the resin’s organoleptic properties to ensure the beverage’s properties related to odor, flavor and color remain unchanged.

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem increases proximity to customers through new partnerships, locations and initiatives

The world's leading biopolymer producer presents new partnerships and showcases its solutions for additive manufacturing at K Fair 2019.

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, has set up new partnerships and global initiatives to further reach out to its clients in more than 100 countries. The company will officially announce these developments at K Fair 2019, the world’s largest event in the plastics and rubbers industry, to be held from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

According to Fernando Musa, global CEO of Braskem, the company has prioritized investments in innovation and technology in partnership with clients: “Our strategy of growth and international expansion is focused on proximity to clients. We have already achieved positive results through our offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia, which helped us to understand the real needs of our customers,” explained Musa.

New PP plant in La Porte, Texas
One important initiative is the construction of Braskem’s sixth polypropylene (PP) plant in United States located in the city of La Porte, Texas, which is planned to start up in the first half of 2020. The unit is being built to meet the demand growth for PP in the U.S. market, which grew by 3.1 percent in 2018. The company has already invested around US$ 675 million in the new unit.

Braskem Idesa Petrochemical Complex in Veracruz
Operating for a little more than 3 years, Braskem Idesa is already the leader of the Mexican polyethylene (PE) market and will have manufactured 3 million tons of PE at its Petrochemical Complex in the state of Veracruz by the end of 2019. Braskem Idesa has differentiated itself by providing excellent products and important technical support for the development of solutions for its customers, located mainly in North and Central America, in addition to exporting to more than 40 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

 “In our three years of operation, almost three million tons of PE have been produced, and we keep expanding and improving this production process to meet the demands of our clients and society. For example, we will be launching this quarter our first Mexican PCR product (Post Consumption Recycled High Density PE) in line with our commitment to sustainability and meeting the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development,” explained Musa.

Braskem’s Mexican unit will also present at K Fair two solutions for the construction sector. One of them is the HDG0739 resin, a high-density PE developed to provide higher resistance in the production of geomembrane, and the other is HDP3049LS resin, another high-density PE, which focuses on superior chemical resistance and has the right mechanical properties for pipes that can be used in the distribution of natural gas, potable water, as well as mining or chemical processes.

3D printing, from space to earth
At the same time, Braskem has invested in 3D printing for the past two years. According to Fabio Lamon, Innovation and Technology leader for Additive Manufacturing at Braskem, the company will introduce its solutions for 3D printing at K Fair.  “Braskem has pioneered the development of renewable polyolefin, and now is expanding the adoption of polyolefins and PVC in additive manufacturing offering a portfolio of ready-to-print materials for filament and powder bed fusion. Previously, polyolefins were a challenge for 3D printing, but I’m proud to announce that Braskem’s solutions will soon be available for our clients."

In 2016, Braskem collaborated with Made In Space, a leading U.S. manufacturer of 3D printers and a supplier to NASA, to supply Braskem’s sugarcane-based Green Plastic to produce objects in space.  “We developed a Green PE based solution for printing in the space that was a success, and now we are bringing to our clients something even more innovative to enable 3D printing from prototyping to mass production," concluded Lamon.

At its additive manufacturing laboratories in Triunfo and Pittsburgh, the company has invested in 3D printing capabilities, which includes a pilot plant for filaments, 3D printers for material extrusion, and a selective laser sintering 3D printer of EOS.  

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem reinforces its commitment to a Circular Economy and digital transformation at K Fair

  • Products and Solutions will be showcased at K Fair 2019,  including a new solution for healthcare—Braskem  Medcol—and new resins that will positively impact circularity
  • A digital center has been created to enhance the digital transformation of the company and to improve our costumers’ businesses  
Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic polyolefins in the Americas and the world's leading producer of biopolymers, will showcase solutions, technologies and new partnerships focusing on Circular Economy and will reinforce the advances of its Digital Center at K Fair 2019, the world’s largest event for the plastics and rubbers industry.

The fair is a great opportunity for Braskem, a CDP Climate A, CDP Water A and CDP Supply A listed company, to showcase its commitments to the Circular Economy and invite clients and visitors to get involved in our quest for using renewable resources, recycling and re-usage of plastic. The company is a pioneer in the production of bio-based Polyethylene and EVA, resins made from sugarcane, and set an ambitious Circular Economy target in 2018: all plastic packaging manufactured with Braskem product is to be re-used, recycled or recovered by 2040. Braskem is committed to creating a sustainable production cycle, from raw materials to disposal. 

Braskem CEO Fernando Musa highlights the importance of the company’s new strategy that reinforces its commitment to sustainability while still growing and entering new markets. “We are presenting in Germany our newest breakthrough developments and establishing our circular portfolio, showing that we can deliver the best and most sustainable solutions to our clients”.

Walmir Soller, Braskem’s Vice-President of Olefins and Polyolefins for Europe and Asia, commented on the event’s importance to the global industry. “K Fair is the world’s largest event for plastics. Participating and launching new products, partnerships, projects, solutions, while also underscoring the importance of the Circular Economy, confirms Braskem’s global footprint and capacity to serve clients around the world,” he said.

Reducing our CO2 footprint together with Kautex Maschinenbau
Recognizing the growing importance of Climate Change, Braskem is a solutions provider for CO2 reduction and climate change adaptation. Braskem, a CDP Climate A, CDP Water A and CDP Supply A listed company, has already reduced its intensity of greenhouse gases emissions by 21% since 2008. To strengthen its contribution even further, Braskem will officially announce its partnership with Kautex Maschinenbau at K Fair. Braskem will begin supplying this new partner with a resin that is a blend of bio-based Plastic, made from sugarcane and a post-consumer resin (PCR), for the groundbreaking production of bottles made from three layers of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), including one consisting of foam. This new bottle product will offer a complete circular solution that also reduces the CO2 footprint of finished products. Both companies have been working in partnership with EREMA, a machine manufacturer for plastic recycling, who will collect the bottles produced during K Fair and send them for recycling. There will be a session where the new bottle product will be recycled live at EREMA Circonomic Centre on Saturday, October 19th from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Moreover, selected products from Braskem’s resin portfolio will be showcased in the booth of leading machine suppliers at K Fair. For example, Braskem Flexus 3600 and PP RF70 will be run on SML’s machines; a new stretch film solution made of bio-based content shrink film will be run by Carnevalli; Braskem Prisma 6810 will be run by Gabler; I’m greenTM bio-based resins will be run by Euro Machinery; and Maxio® PG480 will be run on Windmöller&Hölscher’s machines.

Edison Terra, Braskem’s Vice-President of Olefins and Polyolefins Unit for South America, adds: “The entire chain should pursue circular thinking: integrating production, use, disposal and recycling. We believe that K Fair is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on our circular economy approach. We believe this will lead to new partnerships with other committed companies, that incorporate circularity into new products, increasing efficiency and facilitating the recycling and reuse of plastic products.”

Introducing a Digital Transformation
At the fair, Braskem will also showcase its Digital transformation strategy, a journey lead by its newly created Digital Center. This center is the catalyst of change for transforming Braskem’s core – through initiatives that use technologies such as drones, sensors and machine learning to capture operating efficiency gains and better cost-benefit overviews.  The Digital Center is also incubating new business models through a series of new Ventures. Braskem’s Digital strategy will help improve key processes, from product development to sales fulfillment, including Smart Factory (industry 4.0) and Advanced Planning.

One of the Digital Center’s goal is to create a digital workplace in which employees can use and leverage cutting-edge technologies to promote new innovations. Braskem´s CEO Fernando Musa said that this digital transformation marks a major milestone in the company’s history. “From advanced analysis to automation, artificial intelligence, and applications in Internet of Things, Braskem is taking advantage of the latest digital technologies and agile methodologies to significantly enhance its performance and eventually transform how we do business. That gives us a major competitive advantage, enabling us to generate new margin opportunities and to continue offering top quality service to our clients,” said Musa.

Always seeking opportunities to grow globally
Braskem is proud to be highlighting at K Fair once again another key project for its growth. In 2017, the company announced an investment of US$ 675 million to construct its sixth polypropylene (PP) industrial unit in the United States. The project, called Delta, is being built in La Porte, Texas, and will be the largest and most energy efficient PP unit in North America, with a production capacity of 450,000 kilotons per year. The new plant reached nearly 2/3 of its construction progress at the end of the second quarter in 2019 and will start production during the first half of 2020.

Promised as one of the biggest deliveries at K Fair 2016, Braskem completed the construction of Braskem’s Idesa Petrochemical Complex in Veracruz, Mexico.  The US$ 5,2 billion project has increased the company’s resins production by 1.05 million tons, reaching a total of 8.7 million tons of global production capacity.

These two big projects reinforce Braskem’s ability to grow and to deliver its construction projects on time.   

Fernando Musa, Braskem’s CEO, states: “In 2007 we presented here that we were developing Green Polyethylene, which we brought in 2010. In 2013 we said that we were building the Mexico complex, the most modern petrochemical plant in the Americas, and in 2016 that became a reality. And now I am announcing our new PP production line named Delta, will be completed and fully operational in 2020”.

The latest products at K Fair
Braskem selected several new products to be showcased at K Fair 2019.

  1. A tubular low-density polyethylene grade, developed to support the extrusion coating segment. It offers superior stability and resistance for coating of several substrates including paper, cartonboard, aluminium and other polymers; aseptic, non-ascetical and raffia packaging applications.
  2. Braskem’s latest brand for healthcare products, Medcol, will be introduced. Medcol, is a new Braskem medical products portfolio that builds enduring and reliable bonds in the healthcare industry, co-creating unique, customized solutions to improve people’s lives.
  3. A new PP grade called DP213A, the newest grade in the Maxio family, which features a low melt flow rate and anti-UV additive. The resin was developed especially to meet the demands of clients for raffia tapes and higher productivity in the extrusion phase. Its use enables companies in the big bag segment (used to transport grains, fertilizers, ore and chemicals) to increase production by 30% without any increase in energy consumption.
  4. In the Caps and Closures segment, Braskem offers the most complete portfolio of solutions in PE, PP, Renewables and PCR to support market needs and move forward together with our customers. Braskem will display caps for carbonated soft drinks, still water, food and personal & home care applications.
  5. Braskem will also showcase its solutions for the agribusiness, civil construction, automotive, footwear and other industries, which include already well-known solutions such as Braskem Evance, Braskem Proxess and Braskem Rigeo Lumios.

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem launches new stretch film solution to reinforce the Circular Economy in the commercial freight industry

Braskem Flexus 3600 and Polypropylene RF70 are presented during K Fair on SML machines

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – To develop ever more sustainable solutions, Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, will launch its new stretch film solution at K Fair. The sustainable solution, which will be presented at the world’s largest event for the plastics and rubber industry, held from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany, is aligned with the company’s commitment to promote the Circular Economy.

Improving productivity, reducing waste
The launches of Braskem Flexus 3600 and PP RF70 are the result of the company’s efforts to develop new solutions in multi-layer stretch films. With superior processability and high yields during application, the solutions have major advantage in terms of sustainability, since it reduces the amount of raw material needed for their production. In addition to productivity gains, the stretch film also reduces waste during transport, offering benefits in all links of the company’s value chain.

The combination of different products distributed in layers results in higher puncture strength, lower propagation of tear and increased capacity to compact unitized cargo,” said Américo Bartilotti, head of Braskem’s Packaging & Consumer Goods Business. “We are improving safety during the transport, storage and distribution of cargo, while reducing product waste due to faults in the palletization process, and using less stretch film. This result in an excellent cost-benefit tradeoff,” he said.

Partnership with SML
The new solution will be introduced in partnership with SML during K Fair, where visitors will have an opportunity to see firsthand how the new stretch film performs on the PowerCast XL stretch film line of the Austria-based equipment maker.

The solution reinforces Braskem’s efforts to promote the Circular Economy and to promote the conscientious consumption of materials. In 2018, the company undertook a public commitment and defined a series of initiatives to promote the topic throughout the entire plastic converters production chain.

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem demonstrates its pioneering efforts in the Circular Economy at K Fair

The Brazilian petrochemical leader will highlight its solutions to the most important opportunity facing the industry

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – During this year’s K Fair, Braskem is highlighting its efforts to develop a Circular Economy in plastics and chemicals.

Braskem engaged in the Circular Economy long before the concept was popularized. Since 2002, Braskem has committed to the principles of sustainable development, dramatically improving its own ecoefficiency and working with its suppliers, clients and others stakeholders to strengthen the value chain’s contribution to sustainable development. In 2009, Braskem issued a public commitment to seek innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions. The Bio-based plastic produced by Braskem is part of the pioneerism towards the low carbon and circular economies that Braskem has lead. Some 17 years after its foundation, Braskem has an annual capacity of 200kt of bio-based polyethylene and it is the global leader in biopolymers production.

“Sustainability has always been in Braskem’s DNA. From the very start, we looked at how we can make a positive contribution to our environment, both on the social and the environmental side,” said Marco Jansen, Director of Circular Economy at Braskem in Europe and Asia. “Way before the circular economy started to become a hot topic in the sector, we were already focusing on recycling, waste reduction, and investing in bio-based resins.”

In 2018, Braskem made a public announcement which embeds the circular economy into its core business strategy. The company has committed that it will work to develop partnerships to expand and facilitate recycling and the reuse of plastic; increase its investments in the use and research of renewable feedstocks, such as bio-based EVA made from sugarcane; engage consumers through education programs that promote conscious consumerism; support initiatives that aim to prevent ocean debris; and finally, support new business models, new technologies , and waste reduction initiatives such as material collection, sorting, mechanical and chemical recycling, and recovery systems.

New Products, Future Possibilities and Consumer Engagment
Braskem is always focused on developing new technologies and products that align with the objectives of the Circular Economy. In addition to its suite of bio-based products, Braskem will showcase at K Fair  new recycled plastics solutions, including its mixed bio-based and recycled resins products and its new recycled hexane solvent that it is developing in South America, North America, and Europe. Furthermore, Braskem is conducting trials at its commercial plant of converting feedstock derived from Chemical Recycling of waste plastics, back into chemicals and plastics. The trials may be complete until the end of 2019. The company will still boost its investment and trials in the field of chemical recycling, as well as the development of new recycled resins,  renewable polypropylene, and the proposed expansion of its bio-based plastic capacity in Triunfo - RS, Brazil, where the resins derived from sugarcane ethanol are made.

Braskem has been actively engaging with consumers to promote a mindset change around plastic products with actions in South and North America, focused on developing new technologies, business models and systems for improving the recycling chain and recovering the material, with examples including:

  • SER+, a program that aims to increase the recycling of post-consumer waste in Brazil in a collaborative manner and improving the lives and working conditions of more than 8,700 waste pickers;
  • Plastianguis, a partnership with ANIQ – Asociación Nacional de la Industria Química, in Mexico, to increase awareness in the local population of Nanchital, Veracruz, of the value of post-consumer plastic. The program has already involved more than 4,000 people from the local community and collected and recovered more than 61 tons of plastic waste;
  • Since 2013, Braskem is part of Edukatu, the Akatu Institute’s online learning platform. Through the tool, over five years, more than 43,000 teachers and students of primary education in Brazil were given access to vital information in how to exercise conscious consumption on a daily basis; 
  • In the U.S., Braskem has a multi-year partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles, the American Football team and 2018 Super Bowl champions, to collect and recycle plastic bottle caps and other plastic materials used at Lincoln Financial Field and at the team’s training center in Pennsylvania. It also includes an educational project aimed at regional public schools to promote career opportunities in STEM. During this first-year partnership, more than 550,000 bottle caps were recycled and 3,000 students participated in the project.
The petrochemical company also undestands that the Circular Economy challenge can’t be overcome alone. This is why Braskem supports many business organizations like the Alliance to End Plastics Waste and the Operation Clean Sweep, to enhance the joint effort for developing innovative and sustainable solutions based on plastic. Braskem integrates the alliance, which is a non-profit organization that encompasses the entire plastics value chain: companies that produce, use, sell, process, collect and recycle plastics. Operation Clean Sweep is an international initiative of the plastics industry to reduce the quantity of plastic pellets lost in the environment. By joining the program, Braskem committed to adhere to best practices for pellet control in all regions that the company has operation.

Gaining recognition in Sustainable Development
With these and more initiatives designed to promote a more sustainable industry, Braskem’s leadership in sustainable development has been acknowledged by multiple third party stakeholders who are experts in the space. Braskem is part of the United Nations Global Compact Lead Companies (2012-2019), a select group of companies leading the application of the United Nations Global Compact universal principles in business. In 2019 Braskem was included on the triple A List of CDP Climate, CDP Water and CDP Supply Chain., making it one of only 16 companies listed in both the Climate and Water indices among 7,000 participants. Braskem is also ranked in the Yearbook RobecoSAM for the 6th consecutive year (2014-2019) as one of the most Sustainable companies in the world and was certified by the Ecovadis Platform (2016-2018), an international supplier monitoring system that evaluates the environmental, social, governance and compliance practices adopted by companies in their operations and supplier management.

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem presents its digital transformation at K Fair 2019

The petrochemical producer will present for the first time its initiatives to create internal opportunities for leveraging its efforts to transform the global chemical industry .

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, will showcase the acceleration of its Digital Transformation at K Fair, the world’s largest event for the plastics and rubbers industry, to be held from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its position in the petrochemical industry, the initiatives will create value for clients, employees and the business by incorporating advanced digital technologies in strategic areas of operations.

To support the effort, Braskem created a Digital Center, which will lead its transformation and integrate all digital activities globally. Today, Braskem has more than 50 initiatives that address key aspects of its value chain from end-to-end using advanced digital technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) big data, data analysis and new ways of working. The company is creating new digital ventures by incubating in-house startups to rethink factors that affect its business and the petrochemical industry in general. That includes opportunities to create value in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and sales, which will improve Braskem’s position as a global leader in its industry.

Braskem CEO Fernando Musa explained that this is a key moment in the company’s history. “We’ve been seeking opportunities in our businesses to adopt digital initiatives that can improve processes and increase productivity in what we already do really well. New digital tools, especially those based on AI and Big Data, are enabling us to compile data and leverage information to optimize our systems and reduce inefficiencies. This is the greatest revolution in the petrochemical industry in decades and will definitely impact our value chain,” concluded the executive.

One of the initiatives in the Digital Center is the Braskem – Client Digital Integration, which uses technologies such as advanced machine learning to integrate processes using high-quality data on Braskem’s products and the performance of clients’ assets.

According to Nicolai Duboc, business development manager at Braskem, “the Braskem-Client Digital Integration project’s biggest challenge is to increase the production efficiency of our customers. This will be done through delivering the best product designs and recommendations for the ideal conversion equipment setup, so the production line can run as optimal as possible. This will be possible only by intensive use of AI to deeply understand the correlations between product design, processing condition and quality indicators from Braskem’s and it’s customer’s database. Once the project is fully implemented, our clients will see relevant improvements in production line output, equipment availability (eg. faster production line setup) and production quality.”

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16 Oct 2019

Braskem expands its I'm greenTM product portfolio through new circular economy solutions with better impact

The brand now includes Post-Consumer-Recycled (PCR) resins, a mixed bio-based plastic, and other PCR solutions

Rotterdam, October 16, 2019 – The largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the world's leading producer of biopolymers has announced the expansion of its I'm greenTM brand used worldwide. The brand will be extended to Braskem’s full circular economy product range as part of the commitment that the company announced last year to help transform the linear economy into a Circular Economy. The official launch is planned for the K Fair, the world’s largest event in the plastics and rubber industry, to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 16 to 23.

Combining PCR and renewable resins
Since its launch in 2010, the company’s sustainable I’m green™ portfolio has grown and includes several bio-plastic solutions made from sugarcane. Now, this sustainable products portfolio is being expanded to include products with a Circular Economy approach, including those containing PCR resins. These type of resins are made from products that already have been recycled and continue to be recyclable. In addition, this year Braskem has set up a partnership with Embalixo, the leading Brazilian producer of trash bags, to produce the first mosquito repellent trash bag called “Embalixo Repelente.” The trash bag is made from a combination of industrial sacks previously used by Braskem to deliver its resins and Green Polyethylene resin to clients. This mixed bio-based and recycled plastic  incorporates a mixture of citronella, mint, lemon and clove that neutralizes waste odor and repels mosquitoes. The material used is non-toxic so there is no harm to insects or humans.

Knowing the growing importance of Climate Change, Braskem is a CDP Climate A, CDP Water A and CDP Supply A listed company, having reduced its intensity of greenhouse gases emissions by 21% since 2008. Braskem has also developed a “Carbon neutral Shrink Film”, made from PCR resins and bio-based resins. Combining these two types of resins is a relatively new technique of combining sustainability and the Circular Economy, towards a view of neutral CO2 emissions balance in the plastic production cycle. It enables CO2 emissions from the recycling process to be offset by the sequestration of CO2 during the entire green polyethylene production cycle.  

According to Marco Jansen, director of Circular Economy in Europe & Asia at Braskem, these initiatives are in line with the company’s many sustainability and circular economy initiatives since its foundation. “K Fair is the most important event in our industry, bringing together key partners and market players. We believe this is the ideal opportunity to announce the expansion of our sustainable portfolio, underscoring our commitment to the Circular Economy and showcasing our initiatives to an important audience,” he said.

Increasing demands for sustainable solutions
Fabiana Quiroga, director of Circular Economy in South America at Braskem, explained that demand for sustainable solutions has been increasing significantly in virtually all sectors of the economy, especially after large brand owners undertook voluntary commitments to use bio-based or recycled raw materials. “We have teamed up with large clients to develop post-consumer plastic waste solutions that close the cycle of existing products, for example by recycling-friendly design, reverse logistics and support for the recycling chain. The expansion of the I’m greenTM portfolio will help our partners to easily identify products that contribute to circular economy and sustainable solutions,” she said.

Nearly ten years of bioplastic development
The I’m greenTM brand was born in 2010 together with the world’s first bioplastic (Green Polyethylene) produced on an industrial scale, using sugarcane as raw material.  The biggest difference of this bio-based plastic is the capture of 3.09 tons of carbon dioxide during its production process that remains sequestrated throughout the lifecycle of the final product, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The product was developed at Braskem’s Technology and Innovation Center located at the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex, where the company invested US$ 290 million to build an industrial unit with production annual capacity of 200 kton.

Since its launch, the company’s sustainable portfolio has grown and now includes other solutions made from sugarcane. One example is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) developed in partnership with Allbirds, a company based in San Francisco, California, and which has been used since last year in the SugarFoam footwear line, combining comfort, design and sustainability. In addition to the footwear industry, the solution can also be used in the automotive and transport sectors, among others.

“The I’m greenTM brand is known worldwide through the more than 150 products that use the logo. Thanks to its high versatility, the resin is used to manufacture packaging for both durable goods such as chairs and vases, as well as for packaging for and food and personal care products. The expanded brand portfolio, which includes bio-based, recycled and combined bio-based and recycled resins that we will launch at K Fair reinforces our strategy of investing in sustainable and innovative products and makes our commitment to the Circular Economy more tangible,” concluded Gustavo Sergi, director of Renewable Chemicals at Braskem.

Braskem’s Circular Economy journey has happened since 2002 when the company was stablished with a public commitment to use sustainable development principles in Braskem´s way of doing business. In 2018, Braskem published a new commitment to Circular Economy.

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Every day, Braskem’s 8,000 team members work to improve people’s lives through sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics and engage with partners throughout the value chain to advance the Circular Economy. With 41 industrial units in Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany and net revenue of R$58 billion (US$15.8 billion), Braskem produces annually over 20 million tons of plastic resins and chemical products and exports to Clients in approximately 100 countries.