TechnoCoat International Co., Ltd. of Shizuoka at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair

TechnoCoat International Co., Ltd.

1458-3 Kariyado, Fuieda, 4260001 Shizuoka
Telephone +81 54 6461724
Fax +81 54 6461720

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand A49

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 11

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.05  Welding machines
  • 03.05.008  Laser beam welding machines

Our products

Product category: Laser beam welding machines

Smart Laser TL-150LD/300LD

Compact, Lightweight, Portable, and Maintenance-Free
It is movable to the work, and able to repair impossible disassembly and
transportation huge size work and equipments at on-site.
No required Chiller by simple structure, Less Replacement Parts, and Maintenance-Free

Corresponding to variety work
Laser head with a combination of peripheral equipment is able to accommodate a variety of work from large to small and precision.

Beam Quality Improvement
Comparing to YAG Laser, Beam Quality is improved (M2=1.1), and optimum to finer and precision welding.

Wavefoam Controll Possible
Equipped Wavefoam Controll Function, a variety of materials, a wide range welding conditions are possible to support.
Crack prevention effect of high hardness material Overlay, and improve weldability of Al and Cu alloys.

Pulse / Continuous Wave Available
Possible to switch to Pulse (QCW) or Continuous Wave (CW) depending on application.

Lower Running Cost
Comparing to YAG Laser, higher energy conversion efficiency, and possible to reduce electric power comsumption drastically. (about 1/6)

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Product category: Laser beam welding machines

YAG Laser Welder TL-100/150/200

  • Advanced skills no required. Anyone can execute Precision Overlay / Welding by a short time training.
  • By Pulse Spot irradiation, only Overlay material instantly Melt, and Alloying to Material = Depositing to Material by very low heat input, therefore, it is possible to provide High Quality Overlay / Welding without adverse effects of heat (Distortion, Under-Cut etc.).
  • Overlay Material is alloyed and diffused to the work surface as strong bonding without removal occurred.
  • Argon Gas shields to avoid oxidation at Overlay area to provide better quality Overlay is possible.
  • Reducing and suppressing to occurr failures like Pin-Holes and Porosity etc.
  • Finishing time and cost are able to reduce drastically to controll Overlay amount min.
  • Pre-Heating and Post-Heating are no required.
  • Narrow Groove, Bottom Face of Hole, Side Face, Inner Face, and Inside Corner Fillet etc.are executed possibly.
  • Surface Treatment is possibleSurface Treatment is possible
  • Possible to Overlay / Welding for most of steels, Al, Ti, Cu alloy, SUS, Au, andbetween Dissimilar Metalstoo.

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About us

Company details

We must reduce consumption of energy and materials in order to hand down an ample supply to future generation since natural resources in the world are diminishing continuously. This principle should also be applied to the repair and maintenance of industrial machines. The use of high performance coatings on machine components improves their performance as well as increases their service lives. Application of coatings that resist wear, corrosion, heat, etc., using low heat input coating techniques reduce energy consumption and save materials. The use of high performance reduces not only downtime but also stockpiling of spare parts, and leads to improved productivity.

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