Airprotech S.r.l. of Magenta (MI) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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Airprotech S.r.l.

Viale Lombardia 33, 20013 Magenta (MI)
Telephone +39 029790466
Fax +39 0297297483

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand E15

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 4


Andrea Gatti

Sales Manager

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Heating and cooling units

Heating and cooling units

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.09.004  Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems

Our products

Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


Regenerative thermal oxidizers RTO are specifically designed to destroy the pollutants from the process gas through thermal oxidation at high temperature, the chemical energy contained in the pollutants is transformed in thermic energy to sustain the combustion itself.
Design is focused to optimize the gas mix and distribution inside the combustion chamber, to achieve the required residence time for a complete oxidation process.
Regenerative thermal oxidizers exploit the capacity of a mass of inert material to accumulate cyclically and give back the heat generated by the combustion process. The efficacy of the thermal recovery can reach up to 96%, thus drastically reducing the consumption of the support fuel and consequently the plant operating costs.
airprotech supplies regenerative thermal oxidizers with different configuration accordingly to the specific application
• RTO 2 chambers with optional compensation set
• RTO 3-5-7 chambers accordingly to the size and gas volume

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


Recuperative thermal oxidizers are composed by a main combustion chamber for thermal oxidation of pollutants at high temperature with an integrated heat exchanger to recover the heat from hot gases generated in the combustion chamber.
The efficiency of the thermal recovery from the heat recovery can reach 65% reducing the amount of energy required to operate the system.
Auxiliary heat exchanger can be installed on the exhaust gas line to provide additional heat to the main production facility for different services.

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


Based on a catalytic oxidation reaction for the treatment of organic substances, the gas cleaning process is carried out with lower temperature using high-performance base-metal and precious-metal catalysts.

airprotech designs catalytic oxidizers with different configurations

• catalyst material in form of pellets and honeycomb for VOC and CO emissions abatement in
recuperative plants
• catalyst material in form of saddles for catalytic oxidation plants with regenerative thermal recovery

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


airprotech supplies zeolite-based rotor-concentrators that are typically installed in case of low concentration of pollutants and large flow rate.
The organic compounds contained in the laden air flow are concentrated by adsorption in a zeolite-based rotor-concentrator. The cleaned air flow is delivered directly to the exhaust stack. The pollutants concentrated in the rotor-concentrator are desorbed and finally treated by a thermal oxidizer with reduced size.
The application of rotor-concentrators is very interesting to reduce the overall investment costs compared the installation of a large size RTO designed for the entire air flow rate.

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


Activated carbon is an inert solid adsorbent material used to remove contaminants from process gas-phase streams.
Removal of pollutants takes place through adsorption phenomena based on surface interactions between contaminants and carbon surfaces.
The regeneration phase of activated carbon foresees that the volatile organic compounds VOC can be desorbed from the activated carbon:
• the regeneration can occur externally from the system and activated carbon need to be replaced periodically, typically in case of a complex mixture of different compounds
• the activated carbon can be regenerated internally to the plant through a specific cleaning system, the carbon is cleaned with direct steam or with inert gas injection

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems


Mid- and large-sized cold rolling mills utilize lamination oil with lubricant and cooling purpose while processing the metal strip. Large volumes of cold rolling oil are continuously injected: part of the lamination oil is kept by the rolling mill ventilation system in form of vapor or liquid mist and such oil needs to be captured and treated to avoid the emission in the atmosphere.
airprotech system provides a double action in one single plant
• oil mist emission control
• lamination oil recovery
The system combines the treatment of exhaust air loaded with oil mist from aluminum foil rolling mills with the recovery of the lubrication oil itself to be reused in the process with considerable economic return instead of replacing the lamination oil with brand new product.

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About us

Company portrait

airprotech is a leading company in the design, manufacturing and turnkey supply of air protection and environmental technologies for air pollution control, process ventilation and gas cleaning.
Since 1995 airprotech is active globally with a wide range of solutions and products for the control of industrial emissions including VOC volatile organic compounds, VIC volatile inorganic compounds, aerosols, mists, solvents, odors, hydrocarbons and particles.