DragonPower Electric Co., Ltd. of Yancheng, Jiangsu at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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DragonPower Electric Co., Ltd.

No. 6 Zhenxing Road, Yifeng Yandu District, 224022 Yancheng, Jiangsu
Telephone +86 21 65871152
Fax +86 21 65871252
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Christina Jin

International Sales

DragonPower Industrial Park, No 6, Zhenxing Rd, Yifeng
224022 Yancheng, China




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Hall 13 / D56

17 Oct 2019



Showing Energy-saving Heating Technology - Nano infrared heaters, induction heaters & insulation jackets

We can recommend you following energy-saving technologies to suit for different parts on your machines, e.g. barrel, die head, die mold, dryer, flanges, heater exchangers, etc.
1. Nano infrared heaters can save 30-70% energy.
2. Induction heater can save 30-80% energy.
3. Insulation jackets can save 25-45% energy.

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Our products

Product category: Heating elements

DragonPower Customizes All Types of Heaters, Insulation Jackets and Heated Blankets

DragonPower supply various types of heaters, heating tubes,  insulation jackets, air blowers and thermocouples.  Energy-saving products include nano infared heaters, insulation jackets and induction heaters. All can be customized and are certifed by CE and RoHS.

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Product category: Heating elements

Nano Infrared Heating Technology - Save 30-70% Electricity & Cool Down Workshops

Nano infrared heater generates high heat by high-resistance wires which is reflected by quartz halogen heating tubes. It has high thermal efficiency, excellent energy-saving effect and quite low heater surface temperature.
Product Features:
1. Improve electro thermal conversion rate  over 99.8% (nano carbon silicon material) .
2. Improve heat transmission efficiency (zero medium heat radiation, specific wave length infrared radiation).
3. Reduce heat loss (thick nano insulation layer).
4. Energy-saving rate: 30%-70%.
5. Surface temperature is around 50℃- significantly improves workshop environment.
6. Simple installation  just like installing normal resistance heaters.
7. SUS cover which is stable and long usage life.

Injection machine, blow filming machine, extrusion machine, wire drawing machine, granulating machine, etc.

Welcome to send us inquiries! Our WhatsApp and Wechat is 008618066197087,skype:christinaj00.

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Product category: Heating elements

Induction Heater Technology-save 30-80% Electricity & Cool Down Workshops

Q: Where can it be applied?

A: It is mainly applied to plastic (rubber) injection molding machine, extrusion machine, film blowing machine, wire drawing machine, granulating machine, the trigger and so on. It can be used for heating the barrel, flange, die head, screw and other parts of the machine.

How does it work?

Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, where eddy currents are generated within the metal and resistance leads to Joule heating of the metal. The induction coil itself does not get heated. The heat generating object is the heated object itself. 
Which parts does it constitute?

It is composed of induction board, induction coil, control box and heater cover. The key elements are imported high-precision components. The structures and software are designed according to military standards. We have acquired 13 patents.

Control board
Induction coil
Control box
Heater cover
How much energy can it save?

30%-80%. It can also save the energy for cooling down the ambient temperature.

What is the surface temperature?

The temperature of the surface can be as low as 40℃, and so safe for hand touch.

How can it be installed?

Buckles on the cover make the installation much easier and quicker.

How long can it be used?

It can be used for more than 2 years under proper maintenance and operation.

Induction coil does not need to be replaced often because it is working continuously under 100℃. Several new protection measures, e.g. short circuit and overload protections can further extend the life the whole machine.

What impact does it have on productivity?

Warm-up time is reduced by 1/3. The productivity is increased as the heated objects can now be heated up more quickly.

What impact does it have on plastic products?

The quality of plastic particles is improved with more precise temperature control and more even heating of the surface. If with air blowers for cooling, the results would be even better.

How long can you recover the cost?

With 30% energy-saving rate, it will take 8 to 10 months to recover the cost. The higher the rate is, the less time it takes.

What information is needed for quotation request?

1. Internal diameter (outer diameter for interior heaters) and width

2. Type, length and location of the lead if applicable

3. The location and size of the thermocouple hole or incision

4. Voltage and power

5. Whether heater cover is needed

6. Order quantity and the desired date for delivery

* Drawings and pictures of the heaters are highly desired for accuracy.

How is the after-sale service?

1. We provide the users with relevant instructive materials for better use and maintenance;

2. We also offer technical guidance to the user based on the customers' needs, and free training for maintenance personnel;

3. We are responsible for the commissioning and performance testing of the equipment as well as the on-site installation assistance;

4. Useful life of major components of the equipment is 2-5 years, the shelf life is 2 years;

5. Our company implements the "three guarantees" for all products sold, namely to allow returning and exchange and offer free maintenance in the period of "three guarantees" package.

6. We adhere to the motto that "customers come first, responsibility brings trust". We would always dedicate to provide you with first class service, so that you could put aside all your worries about the technical problems.

How to do the routine maintenance?

1. Clean up the dust in the control cabinet with compressed air monthly (need to ensure that compressed air is both water-free and oil-free ).

2.Input and output terminals must be tightened to prevent sparking phenomenon when replacing the controller;

3.Enough waterproofing work should be done with the electromagnetic heater, load coils and their connections.

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Product category: Heating elements

Insulation Jackets for Heater, Dryer, Valve, Flange, Mold, Die, Exhaust, Pipe, Turbocharger and Tanks

Jacket Advantages:

•  Save 30%-50% energy in general
•  Surface temperature can be lowered to min 50℃ , and thus safe to touch by hands
•  Less heat loss to environment and make workplace more comfortable
•  Made to order by customer’s requirement to ensure 100% fit
•  Easy to install by buckles
•  Improve the quality of end products due to more even temperature
•  Short return on investment period (5-7 months ROI)
•  Long usage life & can protect the covered objects  for longer usage
•  Water and oil proof , anti corrosion, pollution free
•  Multi-layer protection
•  Easy to clean, easy to bend, and neat out looking

Jacket Applications:

•Barrel heaters on injection machine, blow filming machine, extruder etc.
•Mold temperature controller
•Hoppers and dryers
•Molds and dies
•Flange, Pipe, Valve
•Exhaust Elbow
•Heater exchanger
•Exhaust pipe of engine
•Chemical and food drum & IBC tanks
•Any other applications needed to reduce heat loss

Jacket Materials:
•   Materials: Ceramic fibre/glass fibre/silicon rubber/Teflon coating/…
•   Thermal conductivity (Normal temp): 0.035 W/M•K- 0.045 W/M•K±0.005
•   Temperature tolerance: -50℃~+1100℃ (4 types of material for choice)
     1) Cold insulation type
     2) Low temperature insulation type (below 300℃);
     3) Average type (300 ~ 600℃).
     4) High temp type (above 600 ℃).
•   Inflaming retarding,  non flammable; 
     Fireproof A class,  GB8624-2006, German standard DIN4102,  A1 class
•   Density: 110-220Kg/m
•   Thickness: 10-150MM
•   Moisture absorption rate: <5%
•   SGS Reach certified

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Product category: Heating elements

Heated Blankets for Drums and IBC tote tanks

1)  Integrated type
2)  Custom size and shape, wrap-around blankt design allows you to heat a tank from the outside to avoid contamination inside
3)  Full coverage heating and insulation, high thermal and heating efficiency
4)  Uniform heating, Speed up the flow of products like honey, molasses, lube oil, biofuel, etc. stored in bulk container
5)  Built-in overheat switch to prevent accidental burning of heated body
6)  Large range, high power, fast heating.
7)  High insulation performance of all material
8)  Easy to install and remove, safer and adjustable

■  Fire-retarding polyester jacket, its color: silver grey/ or black for choice
■  Needled polyester insulation (Fire-retarding)
■  Silicone/or Teflon insulated wound resistance wire
■  Dual power circuits for IBC, 1.5 meter power cable
■  Adjustable quick release buckles/or Velcro® fastener
■  Bedded with an infrared absorbing layer for better uniform temperature
■  Digital Thermostat with timer for easy operation

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About us

Company portrait

DragonPower has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience in ceramic heaters, mica heaters, cartridge heaters, tubular heaters, immersion heaters, hot runner heaters, air cooled and water cooled heaters, cast aluminum and brass heaters, thermocouples, temperature controllers, oil heating furnace, etc. All products are customized and certifed by CE and RoHS.

Energy-saving products such as nano infared heaters, heater & dryer insulation jackets and induction heaters attract more and more customers.

We export heaters, insulation jackets, air blowers and thermocouples to over 100 countries and 3000 customers. Welcome to send us inquiries! Our WhatsApp and Wechat is 008618066197087,skype:christinaj00. Our official website is www.dragonpower.com.cn

Company data

Number of employees 101 - 500
Area of business Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
Target groups Machinery construction