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Via Longo, 5, 42021 Bibbiano
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.005  Machinery for foam and reactive resins
  •  Preexpanders, foaming machinery for parts and blocks (for EPS, EPP, EPE)

Preexpanders, foaming machinery for parts and blocks (for EPS, EPP, EPE)

Our products

Product category: Preexpanders, foaming machinery for parts and blocks (for EPS, EPP, EPE)


Purpose of the batch Pre-expander is to expand a prefixed quantity of raw material to obtain beads of expanded EPS having the programmed average density.

The machine is composed by:
Raw material loading hopper.
Batching system equipped with balance to weigh the right quantity of raw material to put into the expansion chamber.
Expansion chamber raw material fast loading system made by screw.
Expansion chamber made in stainless steel, AISI 304 type, with cylindrical shape on the upper side and frustum of cone shape on the bottom side. This special peculiarity allows to realize a more progressive bead expansion and to achieve a better density uniformity.
Agitator shaft, stainless steel made, AISI 304 type, driven by an electronic speed control system to have the possibility to optimize the rotation speed depending on the phase of cycle, on the type of raw material and on the expansion’s conditions inside the chamber.
An automatic density check device monitors every single expansion cycle to have perfect repeatability.
Fluidized bed dryer stainless steel made, to dry the expanded material outgoing from the expansion room. The bed is complete of  steam-air heat exchanger to avoid the beads thermal shock.Fan with rotary valve to send the material to the seasoning silos.
Second expansion system
Computerized electronic control board.
The machine is controlled by a Siemens PLC; the man-machine interface is realized by a Touch panel where is possible to select and store all the working parameters.

The air and steam inlets are automatically adjusted in quantity and temperature during all the expansion phases.

The machine has been designed to do an easy maintenance and to have the possibility to replace easily any component.

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Product category: Preexpanders, foaming machinery for parts and blocks (for EPS, EPP, EPE)

Block Mould

The DDL vertical block moulds represent the best and easy to use machines that the market can offer today. They are based on a strong mechanical technology that guarantee the steam seal and they are equipped with the most modern electronic technologies. All this assures a very high quality of the material produced and low energy consumptions.

They are produced according to the security standards with certified materials and homologated welding systems according to the “European Directive 97/23/CE-P.E.D.”

With the automatic operation, the block sintering is realized as follows:
Automatic preheating of the machine, if the machine is not at the working temperature.
Automatic filling of pre-expanded material.
Differential steaming phases with memorized working program, which is automatically recalled for every kind of material.
Block stabilization with vacuum.
Block ejection.
The inside walls are made of plates with cutting slots that allow the best distribution of steam and it is extremely easy to clean them.

The wide range includes models with fixed  measures, or adjustable in height or depth or both of them. The contraction features assure high production and a low cost of maintenance.

The block moulds can be equipped with accessories such as:
 Water Vacuum system
 Dry Vacuum system
 Modular proportional throttle valve to control the steam
 Pre-loading Silos
 Mixing unit
 Density automatic control
 Ink jet printer
 Thermal adhesive label printer
 Unloading chains  
 Automatic storage for blocks 

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Product category: Preexpanders, foaming machinery for parts and blocks (for EPS, EPP, EPE)

Cutting lines

The DDL cutting lines are strong and precise and suitable to cut the EPS blocks into sheets. All the machine adjustments are digital and automatically recalled according to the recipe.

Main features:
Block dimensions up to 8000x2000x2000 mm
High cutting speed up to 4 m /min.
Minimum sheets thickness 10 mm
Height precision and quality or the cut surfaces
Very low noise

Each cutting line is produced to satisfy the customer’s needs and can be equipped with several accessories:
Automatic storage for the block loading
Block centering system
Oscillating wires up to 1200 freq/min
Automatic wire positioning
Automatic control  of the cutting speed
Automatic scrap recovery, grinding and sending to the silo
Destacking unit to make the packs ready for packing

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About us

Company details

A Few Words About Us
A group of skilled people

DDL SRL started its operations in 2001 by serving both the Italian and export markets. The main activity of the Company was to design and to manufacture EPS machines. As time passed new technologies were added to the basic ones, like the automatic wires positioning, oscillating wires and double regulation block mould. In a short time DDL acquired the characteristics of being able to offer a very large production range of machines.Today the production range has improved with the introduction of  robots and paletizing system for EPS and XPS. The Company has got now an experienced technical department who is able to provide a continuous technical growth of products and to assure the study of individual requests of the customers.

Our Advantages
Great experience in the production of machines for EPS
Great experience in Industrial Automation.
Ability to follow the customer in the development of new applications.
Answers and solutions in a short time.
We are in an industrial district that enable us to have sophisticated machines for metalworking and plastics.

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