SMI S.p.A. of San Giovanni Bianco (BG) at K 2019 in Düsseldorf -- K Trade Fair
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SMI S.p.A.

Via Carlo Ceresa, 10, 24015 San Giovanni Bianco (BG)
Telephone +39 034 540111
Fax +39 034 540209

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K 2019 hall map (Hall 14): stand B69

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K 2019 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.021  Conveyor belts
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.003  Blow moulding machines
  •  Stretch blow moulding machines (reheat)
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.010  Packaging technology for moulded parts and semifinished products
  •  Shrinking machines
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Process automation
  • 03.07.010  Packaging technology for moulded parts and semifinished products
  •  Equipment for palletizing

Equipment for palletizing

Our products

Product category: Conveyor belts, Stretch blow moulding machines (reheat), Shrinking machines, Equipment for palletizing

Complete bottling and packaging lines

SMI manufactures complete bottling lines and packaging systems for flat and carbonated beverages and liquid products in PET containers up to 10 L, with a production output up to 36,800 bottles/hour (according to machine models and type of container).

SMI plants can be considered as real “smart factories”: all machines are equipped with IoT technology and are able to record, analyse, optimize, automatically change production and operating parameters, exchange data and information with other machines and systems on a bottling and packaging line, run self-diagnostic tests to detect and resolve faults or anomalies and alert an operator about the need for maintenance or repair

Moreover, the design of turn-key systems is carried out by SMI by taking into consideration the most sophisticated and modern parameters in terms of machine size reduction, integration of machines or functions into multi-tasking units, ease of use, energy saving and running and maintenance cost reduction.

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Carbonated, Pharmaceutical/Medical, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Detergents

Target Products
Hollow Articles, Solid, Semisolid

Product category: Stretch blow moulding machines (reheat)

EBS K ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulders

SMI designers have developed a new series of ultra-compact, fully electronic, rotary stretch-blow moulders called ERGON EBS K (the letter K of the name comes from the German word "kompakt"), capable of satisfying production demands up to 9.200 bottles/hour.
The new models are available in 2, 3 and 4-cavity versions, and offer all the advantages of rotary technology in a speed range, traditionally served by linear stretch-blow moulders.
Thanks to high-tech components, minimized maintenance and operational costs and excellent quality/price ratio, the EBS K ERGON series is the ideal solution for the production of plastic containers of different capacities, featuring various shapes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.
Other advantages of this cutting-edge solution are: integration of the preform heating section (tunnel) with the stretch-blow moulding section (carousel) into a single, extremely compact module; slightly rounded safety doors, providing more space inside the machine; motorized stretch rods controlled by electronic drives and thus no need of mechanical cams and Motornet System® for automation and control, ensuring constant maintenance of optimum processing parameters.
Moreover, this solution is extremely versatile since it can be used in several industries: not only beverage, but also FMCG industry sectors, such as detergents, chemical cleaners, cosmetics, pharmaceutical & personal health care products, sauces and condiments. This has been possible thanks to the recent development of preferential heating kit, using a differentiated heating system to heat up preforms, thus allowing the preform to expand in a controlled manner when being blown into asymmetric or non-cylindrical container shapes.
For all these reasons, the EBS K ERGON has been acknowledged as the cutting-edge solution, paving the way to the new age of smart bottling and was chosen in March 2018 to represent Italy in the category “Innovation" of the European Business Awards...
And at K exhibition you will have the chance to view it in operation!

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Product category: Shrinking machines

Packaging machines

SMI designs and manufactures a wide range of fully automatic machines for the secondary packaging of rigid containers such as plastic and glass bottles, jars, cans, cardboard cartons and many others.
SMI machines enable to pack products in multiple pack formats, using the following materials:

• Shrink film with or without corrugated cardboard pad/tray, with production speeds up to 450 packs per minute (working in three lanes);
• Corrugated cardboard wrap-around boxes or trays with or without film, standard and extra-large sizes, with octagonal or rectangular bases and edges of the same height or different heights, with production speeds up to 80 packs per minute;
• Paperboard sleeves, “OTT” or “NT” versions (bottle neck inside or outside the packaging), with production speeds up to 300 packs per minute.
Changeover is simple and fast, as it only involves the editing of the machine working parameters via the operator panel (POSYC) and, only in some cases, the replacement of a few mechanical parts.
SMI shrink wrappers and case packers can also be integrated with a SMI palletizer to form a "Packbloc" compact end-of-line system.

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Outer Packaging

About us

Company details

SMI designs and manufactures a wide range of bottling plants and packaging machines, able to meet production requirements up to 36,800 bottles/hour and used in countless sectors: food products, beverages, household cleaning and personal hygiene products, chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Additional value of the SMI product range is the mark “Made and designed in Italy”.
In fact, all machines are produced in Italy in the town of San Giovanni Bianco, not far away from Bergamo.
95 % of the production is exported to 130 countries, where SMI operates through an extensive network of branches, agents and resellers, providing customers with technical and sales support.
SMI’s target group is extremely wide and varied as ranges from middle-sized bottlers to multinational corporations such as Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Danone, Unilever, AB-Inbev and
many more.
The solutions provided by SMI are designed in compliance with Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) innovative principles. SMI plants can be considered as real “smart factories” thanks to the technological solutions of the latest generation they are equipped with.
The preliminary phase of every project of a new bottling line consists of an accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, coming out of sales and technical meetings between the customer and SMI engineers; subsequently, the processing of a project feasibility study and a customized proposal defining all the details of supply take place. Thanks to this approach, SMI can create turnkey solutions capable of fully meeting the customer’s expectations.
While designing machines and plants, SMI engineers commit themselves to matching customers’ needs through innovative solutions in terms of manufacturing process efficiency, automation of operations, cost reduction and energy saving.
The solutions proposed by SMI are the outcome of a synergistic integration between a 30-year-long expertise in this field and the latest technologies compliant to Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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