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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.011  Bag and sack making equipment

Our products

Product category: Bag and sack making equipment


Bag Filler for interfolded tissue towels and facial tissue

Maximum flexibility for Multipack
Bagging machine model AMOTEK IS220-FT for the multiple bagging of clips of interfolded tissue towels and facial tissue, coming on the feeding belt in flat position. According to the presentation needed, a side round belt can turn the single packs of 90° so to have them on the edge, one beside the other. After this stage, a pusher transfers the obtained formation to the machine flight bar conveyor.

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment


Bag filler for toilet and kitchen paper rolls

Amotek Model PB182 is the top level fully automatic bagging machine for tissue rolls. It came as the result of the profound know-how and long experience gained in direct contact with the end-users as witnessed by the number of machines already successfully working world-wide.

PB182 is the trustful response to the current users demand of high performance together with maximum versatility.

Suffix PB means Pre-Made bag that is the Packaging Material for which the machine is designed for. Positioned at the end of the converting line its feeder module receive Tissue Rolls coming from 4, 5 or 6 infeed lanes. Rolls can be then turned upside down or left as they come from the log saw.

PB182 can run in Single or Double Lane according to the requirements. Switch between single and double lane is tool-free.

The PB182 Bag filling machine is available in different versions to meet customers’ needs:
PB182 up to 6 lanes
PB182-LS 5 lanes
PB182-LS 4 lanes

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment


Bag filler for toilet and kitchen paper rolls

Automatic machine for the multiple b­agging of toilet rolls and household t­owel rolls into polyethylene premade bags.

Manufactured to automatically run at the end of the production lines, connected by special feeding systems, the PB169 EV may carry out bags with rolls in multiple configurations that have e­ither a h­orizontal or vertical core, in single or double layer

The tissue rolls arriving from the p­roduction line in horizontal core o­rientation, are a­utomatically trans­ported into the feeding
s­ystem which, after the f­ormation of the r­equested m­ultiple configuration, moves them until the filling station.

The PE bag is opened by suction arms while the spreader plates keep the bag open. A pusher introduces first the p­roducts inside the bag and then t­ransfers the o­btained package to the sealing station.

While the bag is kept locked, its bottom is then g­ussetted and sealed. The waste is trimmed from the p­ackage and removed via suction. The package is then driven out of the machine.

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

AMOTEK RB277 - PB277

Bag Filler for Toilet Rolls

Simple Solution for Standard Presentations

Automatic machines for the multiple bagging of toilet rolls into polyethylene bags from premade bags. The rolls can also be individually packed.
Designed for automatically running at the end of the production lines, the RB277 / PB277 machine may carry out bags filled with rolls in multiple configurations having vertical core, in single layer only. The products arriving from the upstream line on two lanes, positioned onto vertical core, are counted and automatically transported to the filling station. No change-over size parts is necessary. Sturdy modular design, with welded self supported tubular steel frame. Safety guards properly hinged to allow for easy access to the machine. CE Marking according to European safety and Health Specifications.

The machine is available in the two versions RB277 and PB277 according to the customers need. RB277 is using a Premade Magazine storage where bags are loaded from the handle side. The PB277 is using a standard wicket conveyor where the wicket of premade bags is placed on some pins.

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About us

Company details

History of AMOTEK
In 1977 Giuliano Anidriti and Gian Alberto Minelli, both of whom graduated from the Aldini-Valeriani, strengthened by their own enthusiasm, started a business designing and building automatic packaging machines. The Company was called A.M. snc.
After the first three years of growth on the home market, their interest turned to the international market. With this objective in mind, they merged with OLTREMARE group to form AMOTEK which was at that point the leader in that particular sector.
Continuous investing in research, development and innovation during the Company's twenty years of existence, has allowed AMOTEK to propose a vast range of highly versatile and technologically advanced automatic machinery for packaging toilet paper, sanitary towels, babies nappies and incontinence towels, freezer bag rools etc.

AMOTEK whose headquarters are in Bologna, is present in all the major countries in the world with its own sales and support network to guarantee rapid and qualified assistance from specialist technicians.

Since January 1999, Amotek is part of the worldwide operating German company OPTIMA packaging group GmbH.

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