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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.001  Thermoforming machines
  •  Thermoforming machines for sheets

Thermoforming machines for sheets

Our products

Product category: Thermoforming machines for sheets

PF1 Series

5th Generation VACUUM FORMING MACHINE 2018, the Polymer Forming 1 (PF1®) Series is Machinecraft’s proprietary design of thermoforming machine for processing large sheets of thermoplastic materials. The 5th generation machine design, launched in 2018 has evolved since 1998.

The machine includes features that reduce overall cycle time & increase the machine efficiency:
sheet loading: manual, roll fed or servo driven automatic sheet loading unit
bottom frame system: individual or universal servo driven motorized bottom frame adjustment system
top frame system: individual or servo driven motorized top frame adjustment system
table one T1: pneumatic driven or servo driven with pneumatic clamping & cooling base plate
table two T2 for plug assist : pneumatic driven or servo driven with motorized height adjustment
sandwich (dual) heater banks: pneumatic driven or electric driven using telescopic rail design
heater control using IR, quartz or halogen elements
preblow, sag, IR sheet temperature probes, proportional vacuum, and other such features.

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Product category: Thermoforming machines for sheets

AM Series

The AM Series is a starter range vacuum forming machine. The machine is a standalone vacuum forming only machine with a separate hydro-pneumatic press which cuts the parts in a separate station. These machines are low cost and work well for products with low volumes.

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Product category: Thermoforming machines for sheets

SAM Series

The SAM Series has been designed to form thick sheet products using vacuum forming technology
Machinecraft’s SAM Series is fully automatic vacuum forming machine except sheet loading and unloading. The machine features single sided heating system, optionally sandwich heating systems. The heaters are composed of infrared ceramic elements or calrod type heating elements. Plug assist and preblow version is optional. The machine comes with a fully functional control pane with digital timers. Also optionally available is PLC control for sequence and heating control. Single and twin station machines. The machines are suitable for industrial components, bathroom cabinets, automotive parts, display trays, etc. 

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Product category: Thermoforming machines for sheets

TFM Series

The TFM Series has been designed to form thin sheet products using pressure forming technology
The automatic pressure forming machine type TFM uses roll feed material and are best suited for large scale production of disposable containers and packaging items. The machines can handle combined forming and punching moulds. 

Sheet Transport:
Guided spiked chains carry the sheet material through the machine. The chain rails are placed in a water cooled jacket thoughout the heating zone. The chain indexing is by servo motor and drive. 

Forming Station:
The forming station is of robust construction guided in bushes and driven by servo motor. The forming station is designed to accommodate tools with combined forming and punching with water cooling. It has a plug assist drive on the top and ejector at the bottom of the table. The forming station is designed for easy tool changing.

Heating System:
The heater elements are of ceramic infrared type and mounted on special reflectors. The heater temperature control is through PLC. 

Trim Winder:
The trim of sheet after the forming station moves to the scrap winder, where it is wound neatly to facilitate easy removal of trim. 

Control Panel:
Entire sequence of machine operation is controlled by PLC. The values set can be stores in the PLC and can be recalled when needed. Pressure for forming & ejection can be individually adjusted as required. Heater elements are divided into zones controlled by PLC. 

Tooling is combined forming and punching mould. Multi row moulds can be used on the machine. Same mould can be used for different article depth by changing ejectors. Complete tooling is made on CNC machines. 

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About us

Company details


Machinecraft was started in 1980 by Mr Bhanuchandra Doshi, polymer chemist from UDCT, Mumbai. The company had it's humble beginnings in the 80s when vacuum forming machines were introduced in India. The company grew at large and started using modern control systems and techniques with the advent of the second generation in the family company. Machinecraft has continually innovated and introduced forming machinery in India and have participated in global fairs like the K fair, Plastindia and Plastivision. 

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