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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.007  Metallizing plant (vacuum deposition)

Our products

Product category: Metallizing plant (vacuum deposition)

IDM · In-line Decoration module

IDM - Design objectives

IDM was created to:
Enable PST Line owners to offer decoration services
Offer a unique profit point, with a valuable service at zero cost
Increase the value of the metalized items
Offer the possibility of serialize any single item processed with the PST Line

IDM - Size specification
IDM can process parts measuring up to 100mm in diameter x 110mm height. It is completely automated and the parts are not touched from beginning to end.

IDM - Substrate materials
IDM can decorate the complete range of materials used in modern manufacturing, from plastic to metal.

IDM - Job Change
Production can be set-up directly from the touch screen interface, simple by selecting a title, the next jobs to run can be entered at any time and should the priority change during the day, modification is just a click away.

IDM - User friendly
All operation prior, during and after decoration are kept to a minimum, just a few basic controls allows you to start and stop decoration. The more sophisticated setting that maybe required from time to time are all selected via the touch screen monitor.

IDM - Eco friendly 
IDM is a zero sum system. No material is added to the parts and no waste is produced, so it will enable your company to show off top environmental credentials.

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Product category: Metallizing plant (vacuum deposition)

PST Line I · In-line 3D Sputtering Coating System

PST Line I is a completely self-contained system for applying a stable, high-quality varnish and metal coating to packaging items in-house with only one operator. Its robotic spray works accurately on-demand, using less varnish and producing far fewer rejects, making it extremely economical and eco-friendly.

3 in 1: Three processes in one sealed automated production line
PST Line I applies a UV base-coat, 3D metallisation and a UV top-coat together in one processing system. The line consists of several modules depending upon the configuration.

Modules include:
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Cleaning and pre-treatment
  • Primer
  • UV Base coating
  • Sputtering deposition
  • Decoration
  • UV top coating
The economical and environmental benefits of an automated line

Fewer materials
High solid UV curable lacquer is the new industry standard, but it is very expensive. Traditional always-on spraying techniques use up to 80% more varnish. With the PST Line I, each 3D item can be varnished individually in as little as 150 milliseconds with minimum wastage.

Less rejects
Consistent controlled processes ensure consistent results with less errors and consistent quality control. Built-in ionization and Class 100 HEPA filtration ensures that no contamination enters the process area; therefore ensuring guaranteed quality in the production process.

One operator
The PST Line I loading and offloading are linked by a fully automated handling system, with precision servomotors controlling all functions. The process control is monitored and adjusted using a user-friendly, touch screen interface. Even quality control is carried out automatically via a HD camera and identification software.

PST Line 1 is extremely efficient, with much lower energy consumption than traditional lines and much less varnish. There is no toxic wastewater to process after spraying or other unnecessary waste products. No toxic chrome derivatives are used in the metallisation process.
Customers who have already installed the PST Line I are now being recognised with Eco Awards around the world. With the use of high solid UV varnish, emissions are minimised. It eliminates the toxic emissions associated with the galvanic process used in chrome.
Furthermore thanks to the innovative spraying technology the VOC emission are drastically reduced compared to traditional spray varnishing systems.

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About us

Company details

Tapematic made its name in the 1980s as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loaders – machines for automatically inserting tape into audio and VHS cassettes. Before pioneering the optical disc revolution manufacturing equipment for replicating and digital ink-jet printing CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs. Today we are revolutionizing the world of packaging, with hyper- efficient UV varnishing and metallization equipment dedicated to the worlds of packaging for cosmetics and spirits.

The man behind this manufacturing serial success is Luciano Perego, genius inventor, designer and founder of our company. Backed by a superb technical office, R&D team and state-of-the-art production facility, we have developed over the years to create machinery that meets the needs of the times. We remain an independent, privately-owned company even after over four decades of market-leading manufacturing.

Our latest adventures are in the world of packaging. With the expertise in coatings we’ve gained from 20 years in optical discs, we have designed fully-automated one- line machines for applying 3D metallisation and UV base- and top-coatings. This enables the complete, in-house production of finished packaging items, while dramatically reducing the amount of metals and varnishes used, making it more economical and a much greener manufacturing solution.

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