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Product categories

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  • 01.01.045  Polyamid-Copolymer PA 66-06

Polyamid-Copolymer PA 66-06

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.049  Polyamide PA 06
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.050  Polyamide PA 610

Polyamide PA 610

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
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Polyamide PA 612

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.053  Polyamide PA 66
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.054  Polyamids PA 06-06-T

Polyamids PA 06-06-T

Our products

Product category: Polyamids PA 06-06-T

Radilon® Aestus T

Radilon® Aestus T: A new polyphthalamide (PPA) family designed with special attention to end-product functional requirements.

Below are listed some of the key characteristics of the Radilon® Aestus T product range:

1- High melting temperature (>300°C)
2- High glass transition temperature (from 90°C to 125°C)
3- High heat resistance to ageing in air, oil and other fluids
4- High hydrolysis resistance
5- Ease of moulding compared to other products of the same family

The initial Radilon® Aestus T product offering targets the needs of the following markets/ applications:

1- Electrical/Electronics (E/E)
Glass-fibre-filled flame-retardant halogen-free material, UL-V0 flammability rating also for thin thicknesses, high heat deflection temperature (HDT), which allows the material to be used with lead-free soldering (LFS) of electronic components.

2- Beverage dispensing equipment / water and plumbing
Specialty material developed with the following characteristics: glass-fibre filled, resistant to prolonged water and steam exposure, high mechanical properties at the intended operating temperatures, compliant with regulations for use in contact with drinking water and foods.

3- Automotive
Material for the fuel system, suitable for the manufacture of connectors; formulation designed to ensure high resistance to prolonged exposure to cooling system fluids.

The launch of the new Radilon® Aestus T semi-aromatic polyamide range represents a further technical leap for RadiciGroup and a new addition to the current product portfolio, which includes the PA6.6 high-temperature product range (Radilon® HHR family) and specialty polyamides resistant to continuous exposure to air at temperatures of up to 230°C (Radilon® XTreme family).

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Product category: Polyamide PA 06, Polyamide PA 66


Polyamide engineering thermoplastics (PA6, PA6.6, copolymers, PA6.10, PA6.12, speciality PAs for high temperature applications) for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.

The Radilon® brand comprises a wide range of polyamide engineering thermoplastics used in a great variety of automotive, electrical/electronics, industrial and consumer goods applications.

Traditional and speciality polyamides
Radilon® polyamides include both traditional products and highly innovative specialities, such as materials suitable for continuous service at high temperatures, grades specifically designed for metal replacement, and others with superior resistance to chemical agents.
The Radilon® families of speciality engineering plastics feature products with enhanced heat resistance and high service temperatures (Radilon® A HHR and Radilon XTreme), fibre-reinforced grades for metal replacement (high-fluidity Radilon® A RW and Radilon® S URV) and long-chain polyamides (PA6.10 Radilon® D, partly made with renewable source materials, and PA6.12 Radilon® DT).

Radilon® product characteristics
Radilon® offers one of the largest selections of polyamides on the market, encompassing thermoplastics based on PA6,PA6.6, copolymers, PA6.10 and PA6.12, as well as high-temperature speciality PAs. Radilon® polyamides are available in various grades: unreinforced, reinforced with glass fibre or mineral fillers, impact modified or specially formulated for specific uses.
Radilon® products combine the exceptional properties inherent in polyamides – high stiffness, mechanical resistance, impact strength (particularly in the conditioned state), excellent flowability, wear resistance, good electrical insulation properties and high chemical resistance – with ease of processing when using the most widespread technologies.

The versatility of polyamides provides the potential to expand their properties and adapt them to a broad range of needs by designing and developing new speciality formulations and, in some cases, tailor-made products to meet application specifications.

Radilon® plastics processing

The Radilon® product range includes materials suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding for the manufacture of components for the electrical, electronics, industrial, construction and automotive industries.

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Product category: Polyamide PA 06, Polyamide PA 66


Thermoplastic compounds based on post-industrial PA6 and PA6.6.

Heramid® plastic compounds are made with raw materials selected from production rejects. They ensure excellent performance and low environmental impact.

Eco-sustainable plastics resulting from RadiciGroup synergies
The synergies among the various RadiciGroup business areas have made it possible to develop the Heramid range of post-industrial PA6 and PA6.6 polymers made with raw materials selected from production rejects coming from RadiciGroup polymerization, spinning and compounding plants. RadiciGroup Plastics, like the RadiciGroup Chemicals and FibresBusiness Areas, has always focused on the sustainability aspects of its products, and the Heramid range proves that care for the environment can go hand in hand with the manufacture of PA6 and PA6.6 polyamide plastic compounds.
Eco-friendly plastic compounds for injection moulding and extrusion
Each Heramid product has special properties that make it suitable for the manufacture of plastic components used in specific industrial applications from electronics to automotive.
Heramid plastic compounds lend themselves to processes such injection moulding and extrusion, two of the fabrication methods used to manufacture plastic parts for automotive, electrical and technical/industrial applications.

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Product category: Polyamide PA 06, Polyamide PA 66


Speciality polyamide engineering plastics, including long glass-fibre reinforced grades (LFTs), for injection moulding of items with high structural performance requirements.

Radistrong® products are polyamide engineering plastics reinforced using long-fibre technology (LFT) to enhance their performance for special applications.

PA6 and PA6.6 LFT specialities
The RadiciGroup Plastics product portfolio has been expanded with new LFT products added to the Radistrong® range, among which a number of PA6 and PA6.6 thermoplastic specialities.

Radistrong long-glass-fibre (LGF) materials are produced in the form of pellets typically 7 to 12 mm long, by a special pultrusion process. Moulded parts made with Radistrong® have better glass-fibre distribution, with a length/diameter ratio up to 10 times greater than that of traditional fibre-reinforced materials.

 LFT engineering plastics with enhanced mechanical properties
The structural characteristics of Radistrong® enhance mechanical properties, such as stiffness and tensile strength, noticeably boost finished product performance, particularly at high temperatures, and more than double the impact strength.

In the long term, the excellent mechanical properties of these materials make them the right choice for components that may be subject to fatigue or creep.

Engineering plastics for metal replacement
Radistrong engineering plastics are suitable for exacting structural applications, typically replacing light die-cast alloys (aluminium, zamak and magnesium) or sheet metal shaped by plastic deformation.
Injection moulding of Radistrong products
Radistrong® materials can be processed with the standard injection moulding presses and tools used for the injection moulding of reinforced thermoplastics, with the proviso that process parameters and mould design must be fine-tuned so as to minimize stress on the melt.

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Product category: Polyamide PA 610

Radilon® D

Radilon® D polyamide 6.10 is a semi-crystalline polymer suited to highly technical applications, suitable for injection moulding and extrusion. Among its main characteristics are:

• Greater dimensional stability compared to PA6 and PA66, due to less water and moisture uptake

• Higher chemical resistance compared to PA6 and PA66

• Greater resistance at high temperatures than PA12

 • Excellent hydrolysis resistance

These products, made with 64% renewable source materials, are polymerized from hexamethylenediamine and sebacic acid at RadiciGroup Chemicals plants and then compounded at various RadiciGroup Performance  Plastics production sites located all over the world. Sebacic acid is a substance of biological origin obtained from castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) seeds. The plant is cultivated, mostly in China and India, in arid environments, and for this reason does not compete with agricultural products for human consumption.

Radilon® D has been approved for the following applications:

 • Pneumatic pipes

 • Truck brake air pipes

• Fuel line connectors

 • Moulded components when chemical resistance and dimensional stability are required

Additionally, RadiciGroup Performance Plastics has developed special materials targeted at applications such as in-tank fuel lines, fittings for the thermosanitary sector (thanks to Radilon® D’s excellent glycolysis resistance) and air tubing for high temperature applications, as well as special materials with exceptionally high impact resistance and weather resistance for the sports sector. Discover more from a case study published at “Kunststoffe” going to https://www.kunststoffe.de/en/1533301

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Product category: Polyamide PA 612

Radilon® DT

Radilon® DT polyamide 6.12  is suitable for extrusion of pipes-profiles and cable jackets, for parts requiring improved impact resistance also at low temperatures. It is partially renewably-sourced (60% of base polymer by weight)

Its main application markets are:





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About us

Company details

RadiciGroup Performance Plastics takes its beginning from a foundation of its headquarter Radici Novacips SpA in 1981 in Italy on the cornerstone of RadiciGroup’s polyamide upstream integration.  In 35 years it has grown into a global manufacturer of a complete range of engineering plastics to meet the needs of many industries including automotive, electrical & electronics, furnishing, consumer goods.


This has been our motto for the last 20 years’ growth. Today, with seven plants strategically located in 4 continents and 7 countries, and a worldwide sales network, RadiciGroup Performance Plastics provides high-quality product standards on a global scale, besides offering state-of-the-art support in research & development and processing technologies.

RadiciGroup’s upstream integration in polyamide, coupled with the high flexibility of its polymerization plants has represented the basis for the continuous expansion of our polyamide-based product range, from long chain to high temperature polyamides.

Expansion is a keyword for our future. We keep exploring new horizons, by expanding our product range and global presence, to promote the growth of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics.

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