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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.077  Polyethylene PE-HD
  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.01  Processing technologies
  • 02.01.002  Products made by extrusion

Products made by extrusion

Our products

Product category: Polyethylene PE-HD


Product Description
Our hand rolls are specially manufactured using precision quality materials to adhere to the ever competitive market. Our cast stretch film is of high quality and it is only achievable with the help of our state of the art machinery.

Product Specification

Universal Grade [HU]
Universal Grade Hand Roll is a general purpose stretch film that can be applied to almost any load type. HU comes with 18um - 23um in 500mm width.

High Performance Grade [HH]
High Performance Grade Hand Roll is stronger for users who demands high retention and abusive application purpose. HH comes with 12um - 23um in 500mm width.

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Product category: Polyethylene PE-HD


Raptor's SuperStiff Hand Wrap is Respack's newest advancement in product innovation. It embodies greater toughen performance and requires minimal stretch level for it to deliver optimum load retention and total package integrity.

Product Specification

SuperStiff Xtreme
Our SuperStiff Xtreme films are design to best used for standard application and any industrial wrapping.

SuperStiff Xtend
Our SuperStiff Xtend films are purpose built for demanding applications with a much heavier load to hold.

SuperStiff Xcel
SuperStiff Xcel films deliver performance to match abusive applications especially with heavy & uneven pallets.

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Product category: Polyethylene PE-HD

nRich™ Black Colour Masterbatch

Product Description

nRich™ Black Color Masterbatch series are manufactured using the highest quality Carbon Black raw material and enhanced with performance improvement additives. It is designed to provide the most superior tint strength, opacity and optimum optical properties. It has excellent dispersion and blend easily with polymer in wide processing conditions.

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Product category: Polyethylene PE-HD

nHance™ White Color Masterbatch

nHance™ Series White Color Masterbatch is formulated with cost and performance in mind. We understand the intensity of market competition in quality, cost and consistency that our customers are facing today. Each of the grade is designed with these factors in mind. nHance™ range is produced using advanced Twin Screw Production Technology from Germany and utilize raw material from reputable suppliers around the world.

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Product category: Polyethylene PE-HD

nBatch™ Colour Masterbatch

Our collection of colour masterbatches is available in different varieties to meet different industrial requirements. We use international quality pigments with superior functions such as high thermal stability, colour consistency in every lot and excellent light fastness. Our colour masterbatches are highly suitable in varied industrial applications including manufacturing of mono/multi layer film, woven sacks, injection molding, rotomolding, blow molding, HDPE pipe, wires and cables industries. Our state-of-the-art technology also enables us to reproduce the same masterbatches at anytime in the future without any deviation in colour shades or other properties.

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