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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Products made by extrusion

garbage bags

Thong Guan has been exporting garbage bags to Japan, our largest market, since the 1980s. With production capacity of over 40,000 Tons per annum, we are able to meet stringent Japanese standards and requirements in garbage bag production such as strict hygienic requirements and individual folded bags with various printings. Over the years, our export market for garbage bags has grown to cover countries in the Asia Pacific.Even as environmental concerns for the disposable of traditional plastic garbage bags grow, Thong Guan addresses these concerns with eco-friendly solutions with 100% bio-degradable bags.

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Product category: Products made by extrusion

flexible packing

Thong Guan’s Flexible Packaging division is reputable for serving various industries including the food and beverage industries, industrial segments, agriculture, medical, building and construction segments along with packaging for retail and domestic use.All our flexible packaging products can be printed up to 8 colours, and be made 100% degradable, with other add-ons in fulfilling different customers’ requirements.

In expanding our product range and meeting increasing demands, Thong Guan has acquired plastic bags manufacturer Shuang Heng Plastic Industries in 2011, now known as TGSH Plastic, which specializes in bags on roll with core, recycle garbage bags, shopper bags and biodegradable bags. With production capacity of over 500 ton per month and ready export markets in Asia Pacific and Europe, TGSH Plastic also has a focused recycling plant which recycles and reuses in-house wastes towards a sustainable environmental management. This new venture will also see new investments in TGSH to produce 500tons of garbage bags per month for supermarkets

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Product category: Products made by extrusion

Calcium Carbonate / White Masterbatch

Calcium Carbonate
Thong Guan’s Calcium Carbonate (CC) is designed to improve the performance of polyethylene film, sheet, and injection and blow moulding applications. Our CC contains 75% of natural, fine and surface treated CaCo3 combined with LLDPE resins and additive to improve dispersion and melt flow. With our CC, customers save more on raw material costs with increased productivity and improved performance as below:

Productivity Gains
Increased thermal conductivity of the extruder which results in faster heating and cooling of polymer.
Enhanced process ability and extrusion output.
Lower melt pressure and motor load.
Increased line speeds and faster converting times.
Physical Property Improvements
Improves impact strength of both LLDPE and HDPE film, sheet and blow moulding applications.
Increases seal strength of film.
Improves printability.
Enhances tear strength and stiffness of film and sheet.
Reduces White Masterbatch usage.
Reduces antiblock, because CaCo3 is a natural antiblock.
Calcium Carbonate range:
Toughlene FE12575 ==> 75% filled CaCo3 in LLDPE carrier.
Toughlene FE12080 ==> 80% filled CaCo3 in LLDPE carrier.

White Masterbatch
Thong Guan’s White Masterbatch is specifically formulated with high quality Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) with special organic and inorganic surface coating, delivering superior gloss, opacity, dispersion and optical properties to improve productivity, performance and profitability.

Our white masterbatch provides excellent dispersion of all active ingredients and hence opacity besides imparting smoothness on the surface and inducing good anti-blocking effect. It is also in compliance with FDA CFR 177.1520 for food contact application

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Product category: Products made by extrusion

PVC Food Wrap

Thong Guan proudly presents our own food grade film – Purewrap, a promise for food freshness.Purewrap is a food grade, self-cling, stretchable and hygienic freshness film for domestic as well as institutional applications which is listed on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and certified by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore.

It has anti-fogging and excellent oxygen permeability while enabling food to be kept fresh at a longer period. It also comes with excellent cling effect and has superior clinging properties, greater tensile strength and anti-sagging properties.

Purewrap is suitable for all kinds of food, fruits, vegetables, fishes, meat and poultries. It is also an excellent wrap to be used in the food factories, packaging mills, household, grocery shops and supermarkets. Purewrap ensures lock tight freshness.

The production of Purewrap is a joint venture with Korean company Power Wrap Inc which was initiated in 2010

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Product category: Films

Stretch Film

Cast LLDPE stretch film is TGP’s specialty with an annual production capacity of over 75,000 metric tons.Thong Guan is a specialist in the manufacturing of Cast LLDPE stretch film with annual production capacity of over 60,000 metric tons. We are the first company in the Asia Pacific (2008) to produce thin gauge cast hand wrap (CHW).

In this ever competitive market, reduction of packaging materials is practiced in the name of sustainability. The reduction in primary packaging has put greater demands on thinner but stronger film. With in-depth market knowledge and technical expertise, Thong Guan works collaboratively with resin producers to provide solutions to end users of various industries to ensure pallet integrity at the lowest cost.

While packaging sustainability is focused on reducing packaging material and increasing utilization, the end-of-line stretch wrapping process is critical to achieving optimum product delivery and reducing waste. Advancements in resin, equipment and technology are making it easier to reach sustainability goals while minimizing costs.

Thong Guan offers a wide range of solutions to minimize ï¬lm usage, optimize load containment and improve efficiency while at the same time improving sustainability impact. Our thin-gauge MaxStretch (put the registered logo) film is the most effective way to reduce ï¬lm consumption without compromising the integrity of the load.

True optimization and savings comes from looking at the stretch-wrap operation in its entirety – ï¬lm, equipment and service. Thus, choosing an experienced supplier and ï¬nding out what upgrades are available is an essential component to improving sustainability.

Contact us today for your best stretch wrap solution.

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About us

Company details

Thong Guan Industries Berhad is one of Asia Pacific’s largest plastic packaging companies with over 30 years of experience and distinguished track records. We are listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and are growing at an average of 10% per year with an annual turnover of over USD 180 million.

As the leader in the manufacturing of plastic packaging in Malaysia, our wholly-owned subsidiary Thong Guan Plastic (TGP) offers customers the highest quality in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, and partnerships built on service, reliability and excellence.

We are one of the largest producers of cast pallet stretch film and garbage bags in this region with an annual combined production output in excess of 100,000 metric tons. Our core manufacturing operations are situated in northern Malaysia, Kedah that covers an area of over 20 acres, with established manufacturing operations in China and Thailand.

Thong Guan is recognized for our reputation built on confidence and trust -uncompromised ethical standards, our genuine respect for the community and a commitment to meet our corporate social responsibilities. We ensure outstanding customer service and personal attention to your needs. We are a quality driven company with policies and procedures that are designed to achieve total customer satisfaction, believing that innovation is the foundation of continuous growth.

We invite you to tour our website, trusting that it will offer useful insights into our company, our goals, our values and our focus on manufacturing the highest quality of plastics and in serving you better

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