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Mould and die cleaning equipment

Our products

Product category: Mould and die cleaning equipment

Die-Sep a division of CLM Marketing, Inc.

Die-Sep mold separators and tippers use magnets to instantly hold or “mount” a mold once it is placed into the open work bay of the Die-Sep. Hydraulics are then used to open and tip the mold half or an entire mold.

Molds up to 3,000 pounds can be opened, both halves tipped up, then tipped down and closed in one hundred seconds, Molds up to 15,000 pounds, tipping up to 8,000 pounds can be handled in three minutes. Larger molds up to 50,000 pounds being separated complete the cycle in five minutes.

Many tool rooms report that the ease with which Die-Sep opens, tips and closes molds allows tool rooms to catch up on maintenance tasks. Die-Seps make the tool rooms safer and allow tool room personnel to prolong their careers due to the fact that Die-Sep virtually eliminates cumulative injuries normally associated with years of work in tool rooms while handling heavy metal molds.

Die-Seps can be made to handle two part, three plate, stack and quick change molds. Tasks such as pulling plates, working cores, high spot bluing after repairs and timing are also made simple using the Die-Sep.

The portable Mold Water Leak Tester is a separate unit for checking for leaks in a mold’s water cooling circuits as well as recording each circuit’s flows.  Any degradation in flow indicates  the need to de-scale or clean the water circuit.

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About us

Company details

Die-Sep is a custom builder of mold and die separators, tippers as well as a portable Mold Water Leak Tester. The company is an innovator in providing models of the separators for opening large and small molds including two part, three plate, stack and quick change molds.

Quotes for molds include a Return On Investment analysis (ROI) which can be adjusted by the customer to fit the actual tool room experience of the customer.

The separators are great time savers allowing tool rooms to become more efficient and many tool rooms report being able to catch up on their preventative maintenance (PM) programs for the first time since the PM programs were implemented.

During its 20 years in business the Die-Sep has evolved from a mold separator to a virtual work cell with some models having tippers for flipping mold halves or entire molds, a core pull accessory for pulling and setting cores hydraulically, an adjustable floor for handling molds with legs or quick change plates and the push housing cabinet can be fitted with a table top with capacities up to 20,000 pounds.

Die-Seps can be certified and meet CE Standards

Die-Seps are made in Wisconsin, USA and are sold worldwide from a sales office in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and through various sales representative groups.

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