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Product category: Fire protection agents


WT-E1160 is a reactive transparent flame retardant. It can achieve the effect of instant distinguishing without fire
by adding a small amount of PE, and moreover can keep good transparency of products. This product totally complies
with several environmental protection standards such as ROHS, REACH and PAHs.

2.Product features:

- This flame retardant has high thermal stability, no precipitation , water resistance, light fastness and anti-ageing, and nontoxic;
- Masterbatch have good compatibility and transparency in a processing course, capable of injection molding,
   particle drawing and membrane blow, etc;
- The density of flame retarding products is low, so they are suitable for the production of film products

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Glowing filament flame retardants FR-850

FR-850 is dedicated for PBT ,and designed for passing “750℃ glowing filaments (30s no firing standards) ” and V0;
this product has good compatibility with materials, no precipitation substances, easy to be processed, less addition
amount, high flame retarding efficiency, good and stable performance.

2.Glowing filament 750℃ test :No burning within 30 seconds
Flame retarding level :UL94-V0

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Synergistic flame retardants FR-33A

FR-33A is a model of functional flame retardants, with outstanding charcoal forming effects ,and improve oxygen index(OI), capable of substituting for antimony oxide and to minimizing flame retarding costs.

2.Application functions and features:

- Greatly improve oxygen index (LOI);
- High charcoal rate;
- Substitute for antimony oxide to reduce costs.

3.Application examples

The following is the table of substitutes for antimony oxide, without display of data on oxygen index (OI).

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Non-halogen flame retardant masterbatch WT-NPA

WT-NPA is the environmental Non-halogen flame retardant masterbatch, it has high thermal stability, excellent flame retardant. Suitable for PA6,PA66 or others materials to extrusion, injection molding, drawing, blown film, etc.

2.Product feature

- Good thermal stability, excellent dispersibility, have a good compatibility and without precipitation;
- High flame retardant efficiency, left the fire can be extinguished;
- Compliance with EU RoHS, REACHE and other requirements.

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Melamine masterbatch WT-MCA

MCA powder itself is comparatively smooth,light and easily dusty and easy to bridging and leading to the difficulty in unloading materials. Choosing WT-MC masterbatch can totally solve the problems with powder and dust .

2.Features of WT-MC masterbatch

- Composition of masterbatch: applying top imported materials, with the MCA content as high as 90%;
- Process of masterbatch: applying internationally unique granulating technology, with good and sound performance, so they are exceptionally suitable to the   application of modified plastics.
- Problems solved by masterbatch: to resolve the problems such as powder and dust pollution, difficulty in feed of materials, difficulty in processing and             existence of white spots, etc.

3.Scope of application:

WT-MC can be used in PA6, PA66, PBT, TPE, TPU, PU, TPR, etc .
Added quantity :10%~15 %
Flame retarding: UL94-V0

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About us

Company details

Guangzhou Qiyuan New Material Co, Ltd. have been specialized in research, production and saels of flame retardants since its inception. We located at Guangzhou Science City where is named “the Silicon Valley of Guangdong”.We owned high-end automated production base and advanced equipments, with an annual capacity of 5000mts flame retardants.We built R&D centers for phosphorus& nitrogen systemand flame retardant masterbatch;We have a professional,excellent research team, built long term cooperation with several famous universities in domestic and abroad.
Until now, we have successfully developed non-halogen flame retardant, special function carbonization flame retardant and flame retardant masterbatch…etc 3 major products, which have more than 10 grades.
We put market demand and innovative development as concept to lead the direction of flame retardant industry development.

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