BCH Brühl - Chemikalien Handel GmbH

Postfach 1248, 50302 Brühl
Immendorfer Str. 8, 50321 Brühl
Telephone +49 2232 933070
Fax +49 2232 933079


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K 2016 hall map (Hall 7, level 1): stand E08

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K 2016 fairground map: Hall 7, level 1

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.13  Starting materials, intermediate, polymerisation auxiliaries
  • 01.13.040  Raw materials

Raw materials

Our products

Product category: Raw materials

Product information

Radical Photoinitiators: 184, 1173, 2959, 369, 379, 4-Hydroxy benzophenone, 4-Methyl benzophenone, 4-Phenyl benzophenone, BDK, Benzophenone & Derivatives, BMS, CPTX, DETX, EDB, EHA, ITX, TPO, TPO-L, OMBB

Cationic Photoinitiators
Polymeric Photoinitiators
Low Migration Photoinitiators for Food Packaging: LoMiCure 450 (Hybrid Polymer)

Acrylate Monomers: 2-EHA, DPHA, DPGDA, HDDA, IBOA, TMPTA, TPGDA,
Methacrylate Monomers: IBOMA, TMPTMA
Biogenic Acrylates: Isobutyl acrylate & Isobutyl methacrylate (55-60% Bio Contents)

Amine modified Polyether acrylate: Synthocure 2021

Antioxidants: 405, 4-Methoxy phenol, 626, 1010, BHT, Phenothiazine, THBQ

Light Stabilisers/HALS: 70, 101, 123, 292, 1130, 4-Hydroxy benzophenone, Benzophenone & Derivatives

Bio-Solvents as substitutes for almost all conventional solvents on petrochemical basis

Other raw materials: Adipic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Dimethyl terephthalate, Dicyandiamide, Fumaric acid, GBL, HHPA, Maleic anhydride, Nitrobenzene, Phthalic anhydride, PEG (all grades), Sodium hydroxide, Stearic acid (diverse variants)

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About us

Company details

For almost 25 years, we at BCH Brühl – Chemikalien Handel GmbH, a family-run company, have relied on a customer-oriented approach, our expert advice and exclusive service.

We commit our experience to our customers’ needs while offering more than any traditional wholesaler does, among sourcing until toll manufacturing.

Next to warehousing we also take part in project as well as developments and implement innovative products.

This is our development to the present day into…
… An important link between global suppliers and customers

… A strong and reliable partner for companies in various manufacturing industries such as Paints and Coatings or Rubber and Plastics.

… An exclusive distributor for Bio-Solvent in the German market and overseas

…a future oriented pioneer for on the field of “UV-Low Migration”

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