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Product category: Computer software services

Manufacturing Software

Looking for a complete manufacturing software solution that will prevent unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins?

In manufacturing, your money is made on the shop floor. That is why real-time availability of every detail involved in the entire manufacturing operation is crucial to the continued growth, success, and profitability of your manufacturing business. This focus on shop floor control is the foundation upon which IQMS' manufacturing software is developed. The IQMS manufacturing operations and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software modules within EnterpriseIQ will allow manufacturers to:
•Eliminate non-value added processes
•Eliminate unplanned downtime
•Operate with near 100% machine utilization
•Optimize scheduling and resource allocation regardless of the plant location
•Have complete unimpaired visibility and tracking of the entire manufacturing process from raw material through customer delivery
•Comply with quality standards

EnterpriseIQ's manufacturing software and MES solution includes modules to plan, schedule, monitor, manage, analyze and report on the manufacturing process from end-to-end, giving you real-time visibility and control over your entire manufacturing supply chain.

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Product category: Computer software services

Manufacturing Scheduling and Planning Software

MRP, APS, CTP, Forecasting, MPS, and more

The EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Scheduling and Planning software modules go beyond just production scheduling. The powerful and flexible system is updated in real time from events occurring throughout the supply chain as well as within the Manufacturing software and ERP software system. It incorporates all requirements and objectives defined in the plan together with transactions entered externally through the Internet and internally through any of the integrated EnterpriseIQ ERP software modules. This information is analyzed to determine the optimal schedule that meets your customer demands as well as your lean business objectives. Bringing your organization:

•Demand driven, on-time delivery
•Accurate and timely planning
•Optimized use of available resources
•Reduced cycle times
•Minimized inventory costs
•Maximized plant floor throughput

Powerful Manufacturing Scheduling and Planning Software Modules

Capable to Promise -- A powerful "what if" capability encompasses the entire production process to determine availability of required raw materials, purchased parts, manufacturing time and more required to complete the required order.

Forecasting and Planning -- Real-time integration with order entry and sales modules allows for collaborative forecasting based on real-time data from throughout the enterprise.

Material Requirements and Resource Planning (MRP) -- The EnterpriseIQ MRP engine accurately and effectively manages all resources necessary to meet manufacturing demand, while maintaining lean inventory levels. It includes items manufactured internally and through third party vendors, as well as sub-assemblies.

Master Production Schedule (MPS) -- Defines all resources and costs required to meet the manufacturing demand (forecast, sales order, and dependent), current work orders (firm, generated, manual) and projected on hand balances (availability), converting the data to a production plan.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling System -- The flexible scheduling module executes the plans and allows real-time adjustments to allow for unplanned events while ensuring optimal throughput through the enterprise.

With IQMS' Manufacturing Production Planning and Scheduling software modules, you can now easily maintain customer satisfaction while ensuring conformance to plans and profitability across the enterprise.

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Product category: Computer software services

Bill of Materials Software (BOM)

The IQMS Manufacturing Software Bill of Materials (BOM) is not just any BOM. The EnterpriseIQ Bill of Materials is defined by the manufacturing operation or process and includes; work centers, labor, tools, dies, inserts, fixtures, raw materials, packaging, scrap rates, setup times, yield, efficiency, multipliers, auxiliary equipment, etc. The graphical representation displays part numbers and the relationships between packaging, inserted components and secondary operations, tooling requirements, process notes and instructions.

If you are a manufacturer of products using bills of materials or formulas and are looking for a complete A-Z ERP solution, IQMS' manufacturing ERP is your answer.

BOM Software Features
• Supports multiple manufacturing type definitions. Each definition contains unique elements that complement the manufacturing method.
• Expandable to allow building of an unlimited number of Multi-level bills for component pieces as well as alternate and substitute BOM routings.
• Blend technology built in to handle recipes.
• Supports the management and scheduling of "pre-operations" such as blending or pre-processing.
• The Bill of Material automatically feeds the work order which can be scheduled on a work center. As a result, material, assembly and schedule             requirements are generated with extreme accuracy.
• Each manufacturing configuration can consume any kind of operation —internal or external.
• Define as many operations as needed including outside vendors and additional manufacturing standards.
• Outsourcing BOM is linked to the supplier to easily track external operations.
• Operations can consume additional labor, overhead and unlimited materials.
• Job Travelers support both internal and external documents and instructions.
• Flexible Units of Measure automatically convert material between grams, pounds or ounces.
•Family tools are supported and the system is designed to understand multiple part numbers within the same physical tool.

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Product category: Computer software services

Document Control Software for Manufacturing Companies

Whether you are looking to create a completely paperless shop floor environment or you struggle with strict industry requirements that necessitate thorough document control, IQMS has the tools to help solve your documentation challenges. The Document Control software module within the EnterpriseIQ ERP and Manufacturing System gives users the ability to manage workflow and external documents, providing complete control and visibility over the entire life cycle of documents. From creation to approval and implementation to obsolescence, document control provides a secure place for documents as well as a means for circulating the current revision, while keeping old revisions on file.

IQMS’ document control software for manufacturers includes:

• The easy establishment of a secure, centralized document repository to control all documents, including standards and customer drawings.
• Database storage of documents that allows for instant and extensive search functionality across terabytes of data, including: ◦Indexed search of           documents
• Fuzzy search capability
• Search images for text
• Thesaurus searching
• Comparison searching to analyze changes or update variance
• Visual document status indicators that make it easy to determine pending, released, checked out, expired or missing documents.
• Ability to link documents to customers, vendors, BOMs, inventory and much more.
• Workflow based routing and approval process sends emails to team members notifying them that a document needs to be reviewed.
• Automatic reminders of pending approvals.
• Secure approval process that ensures the integrity of electronic signatures.
• Establishment of library team members, allowing users to set approver security levels and responsibilities. Members may be internal employees,          customers or suppliers.
• Color-coding features that are used to indicate the status of the approval process, whether approved, rejected or pending.
• Total revision control that provides a complete record of current and past revisions.

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Product category: Computer software services

Manufacturing Inventory Software

Reduce Inventory Costs and Improve Tracking and Traceability from the Manufacturing Floor to the Warehouse

Inventory control may be the single most important factor in improving shop floor efficiency, part and materials accuracy and ultimately, your bottom line. From reducing physical inventory time to improving supplier communication or from tracking outsourced parts to forecasting necessary materials, the Manufacturing Inventory Software modules from IQMS helps you solve every supply chain challenge.

EnterpriseIQ's Inventory Software is built on facilitating lean manufacturing management principles with functions such as:

• Separate inventory master records for each manufacturing individual location (or "EPlant")
• Both eKanban and conventional Kanban control support
• Complete lot number tracking and traceability including supporting documents
• Serialized inventory control

The advanced inventory management tools within the EnterpriseIQ manufacturing ERP software solution provide all the functionality to store, track and fulfill orders based on real-time inventory information from the manufacturing floor, the warehouse, and outsourced and vendor locations. Through the Inventory Software tools below, tracking, managing and controlling inventory and associated costs has never been easier or more efficient:

• The Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for inventory adjustments from anywhere on the plant floor through PDAs or other hand-held,       radio frequency enabled scanning devices.
• Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) capabilities support the ability to manage consignment inventory stored at customer or vendor sites.
• Intercompany Transactions allow multi-plant companies to achieve unified scheduling and distribution across all facilities.
• Outsource Inventory Management has all the tools needed to plan, manage, ship and track the status of products partial or completely produced at o    outsource vendor locations.
• Detailed transaction log provides a complete history/genealogy of transactions against any single item that remains with the item until the file is           purged.
• "Where Used Analysis" quickly finds where an item is utilized by either manufacturing configurations or as a component in a blend.
• Maintain standard costs based on cost elements with complete roll up through work in process and finished goods.
• Supports non-conforming, non-allocate and default inventory locations.
• Maintains historical, current, and future costs.
• Unlimited price breaks let you set volume discounts for finished goods (selling) and raw material (purchased) acquisitions.
• eKanban. The min/max inventory system compliments sales, work orders and scheduling to ensure no item is ever missing or short.
• Mass substitutions as well as immediate or scheduled pricing updates.
• Shelf Life Management tracks expirations and automatically identifies non-conforming inventory with email alert notifications.
• Blend and formula technology allows you to maintain items that are made up of two or more materials or ingredients.
• Class-based inventory (i.e. finished goods, raw material, packaging) provides for "class-specific" information, such as vendor specific information or manufacturing data.
• Unlimited UOMs associated with purchasing, production, sales or stocking for review or automatic conversion.
• Unlimited locations per inventory item.

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