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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recycling plants
  •  Recycling plants for sorted waste

Our products

Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

EPS recycling machine

EPS Recycling Machine has many useful properties. It can be used as an insulator against heat and the cold. It is good at absorbing shocks and protecting delicate items æ for example your head when used as part of a cycle crash helmet.
EPS Recycling Machine is also named as Expanded Polystyrene Equipment. It has the following functions:

1. Grinding: grind the foamed plastic into pieces
2. Melting: extrude and hot melt the grinded materials
3. Reduction: 1:90, reduce the size of the foamed materials
4. Cutting and cooling: hydraulic cut the melted materials and cool them with a water tank for easy transport, storage and reuse
Accoding to your needs, pellet forming extrusion apparatus and auxiliary equipment can be added in the EPS recycle line. We also supply PET bottle washing line, plastic recycling machines, pp film granulating line, pe film recycling line and also plastic extrusion lines.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

PE/PP Washing Line

It is widely used in recycling plastic films like agriculture film, bags, PP woven bags and so on. With complete crushing and washing line, clients can make dry, clean film scraps from wasted material. The whole washing line could be "L" or "U" shape according clients' workshop.

The working flow of this film washing line is: belt conveyer → crusher → friction washer → float washer→dewatering/film squeezer/film densifier → dryer → silo. If the film is very dirty, some clients may add steam/hot washer for this washing line.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

PE/PP Granulating Line

PP Granulating line , PE recycling system consist of :

Also see PP Granulating &Recycling process--Viedo Display
1. Agglomerator: press the materials for down steam feeding into extruder
2. Screw feeder: tansport the pressed materials to the extruder
3. Force feeder: will feed the materials into the extruder continously
4. Extruder: equipped with pre-heaters, filtrating screen and venting hole, driven by frequency conversion system, it could extrude good quality melt with high capacity
5. Water-ring pelletizer: flat mould, the knIves close to mould face, stable pelletzing can be realized
6. Dewatering machine: screen out the water with a high speed centrifigue
7. Blowing system: dry the pellets as well as convey the pellets to the cyclone silo
8. Cyclone silo: for separation of dust from fine material to achieve a better quality final products.
We also supply other plastic recycling machines: PET bottle washing line, double rank recycling system, plastic shredders, eps melting machines.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Plastic crusher

Plastic Crusher Manufacturer supply force plastic crushers and large rigid plastic crushers
We can also supply the complet waste plastic recycling line and other plastic recycling equipment: PET bottle washing line, PE flim washing line, plastic shredders , plastic extrusion line products: pvc pipe extrusion line
Force crushers:
The body of this series crusher made of heavy welded steel and “clam-shell” structure, easy to clean, to change knives and to repair. Different rollers are applied to different materials.

According to your demands, blowing and collecting system and noise-proof device can be equipped.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Twin Screw Extruder

This series of extruders are applied to PVC pipe extrusion line, PVC profile extrusion line, PVC modification pelletizing line, wood plastic composite product extrusion line.
Screw is nitriding processed and nitriding thickness: 0.5-0.6mm, HV: 800-900, surface roughness Ra≤ 0.8µ M Barrel nitriding thickness: 0.5-0.7mm, HV: 950, inner surface roughness Ra≤ 1.6µ M
Gear box: Gears made of 20CrMoAl, nitriding and polisshing processed. Gear in distribution box is made of 38CrMoAl, nitriding processed, shaft is made of 40Cr.
Barrel adopts air cooling method; Heating rings are made of cast aluminum Frequency conversion timing adopts FUJI inverter, allowable voltage range is ± 15%. Japanese OMRON thermometer, error is ± 1 centi grade. And thermometric unit consists of thermocouples.
The main contactor adopts Siemens product. Wire lines are arranged in order, colors clearly demarcated and labeled accurately.
Water ring exhausting device, vacuum extent: 0~0.075Mpa
We can supply you a whole line for you, such as PVC pipe production line and PVC profile extrusion line.

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