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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.001  Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Our products

Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Rotogravure Printing Machine

In pursuit of efficient high quality printing machinery, Worldly develops machines featuring user friendly automatic operation and high stability of mechanical equipment made by specialized technology and deliberate design. Throughout the use of a central control system, including PLC control, human-machine touch screen interface and automatic alarm systems, technical operators can easily and accurately monitor the required printing quality. The splicing design is a collaboration of vertical and horizontal movement splicers, combined with tracking pressure rollers this design insures accurate and stable splicing. An Eco- Friendly Exhaust Heat Recycling system is specially built into the design, reducing high amounts of energy costs and also helps save the environmental at the same time.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Rotogravure Printing Machine WPR-MV Series

Worldly company has good experience and technology development in new rotogravure machine over the years. The printing press equipment with powerful combination of central control system, and ease for operation. Simply and easily function and control parameter display on the human-machine interface touch screen, synchronized with PLC control system, also automatic alarm system provide the most efficient printing management for operators and leads to reduced default rates and less waste. Otherwise the exhaust recycle system can recycle the air up to 75% energy,The design leads to high productivity, lowers production costs, and provides a competitive advantage.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Rotogravure Printing Machine WPR-AS Series

In order to apply to various printing demands and output, Worldly develops a series of WRP-AS rotogravure printing machine with deliberate design. Because of the connecting with central control system, also the uncomplicated human-machine interface setting and accurate color register device, the machine can bring the beneficial result of high quality and certain output. Moreover the automatic orientating splicing device can decrease the waste material effectively to decrease the loss.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Rotogravure Printing Machine WDP-H Series

This model consist of five color printing units and one coating unit which is suitable for water base ink printing and apply to wide paper such as wallpaper and furniture leather and so on. Consider about cost, WORLDLY use special thermoduct with heat recycling system to promote its efficiency. In addition the blower use with infrared heating device which imported from Italy to accomplish complete drying for paper with water base ink printing. Moreover the machine drive with Japan-SUMITOMO sectional drive system. The machine approve by CE certification and produce in East Eruope.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Rotogravure Printing Machine WAP Series

In order to meet the special requirement of aluminum foil printing, the quality and R&D oriented manufacturer-- Worldly Industrial Co., Ltd., has developed the best solution for this special printing accordingly-WAP series. Considering the diverse needs of product printing, Worldly has designed the six-color printing station in printing structure, and combined a coating machine in the terminal. This coating machine has the outstanding capacity to lacquer over aluminum foil after printing to Improve printing effect, and it is also equipped with spine glue function for many different printing requirements. Also, adopts special reverse structure for aluminum foil between each color printing station, and sets up doctor blade units on both sides to enable reverse printing in any color. Easily fulfills various requirements in printing. Besides of that, adopts "Sumimoto" sectional motor system in every printing station; therefore, saving operation time and improve effect/respond time of color register during printing cylinder replacement.

This machine also equips a drying tunnel system on the top of it. It is a four-sectional drying tunnel which makes drying more efficiently. Unwinding and Rewinding units are splicing materials in double shaft automatically turret type. And it is non- stop the machine when changing materials, very simple and convenient. All machine is link-controlled by High-efficiency PLC logic controller and HMI touch interface, so the controlling effect is very precise and high efficient. In addition to that, this machine also equips with automatic color register function which makes printing quality beyond perfection. As for Q.C, Worldly selects VIDEO monitoring system to achieve real-time Q.C inspection. It effectively assists printing work and improves quality Even if in high speed printing operation.

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About us

Company details

Founded with the enterprise motto:『Best Quality, Active Service, Advanced Technology, Constant Innovation』, WORLDLY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has gone through 40 years experience in the printing professional field and become a famous brand in Taiwan printing industry. In order to provide the best solution to the progressive market, Worldly has transformed the brand position from a professional manufacturer for rotogravure printing machines, coating machines and laminating machines, to a versatile manufacturer for soft package machines at present. Until now, the entire successful outcome is result in the trust and supports from clients. Clients are the most important and supportive power to Worldly.

From the stable high-speed rotogravure printing machines, laminating machines, special coating machines, extrusion laminating machines for different materials and applicable hot melt coating machines, to various film sanding machines, high speed slitting machines and reversible rewinding inspection machines, Worldly is capable of providing a complete production line as the best solution to meet diversified requirements of clients. Also, client satisfaction is always the top mission for Worldly. For fulfilling the ideal service to all clients, Worldly has been constantly researching and developing with continual production machinery expansions. Except for the devotion on equipment development, Worldly also pays much efforts on client service as the exclusive customized service. At present, this customer-oriented business mode has earned business success and solid trust from clients in 23 countries, and has lead Worldly to be the best profit consultant and good partner in printing field worldly.

Moreover, Worldly fully focuses on the printing manufacture expertise with humble attitude. Except for adopting strict Q.C. procedure on production and active personnel education for technology and knowledge, Worldly also listens to clients' opinions and takes their market situation seriously. In order to enhance the global marketing, Worldly provides an active client service. Until now, Worldly is still striving to become a leading brand in soft package printing machinery. With the excellent know-how, teamwork, creative machine design and superior production ability, Worldly will keep inventing and providing newer, safer, better converting equipments and machines for the clients around the world!

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