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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.002  Injection moulding machines
  •  Injection moulding machines, multi-component

Injection moulding machines, multi-component

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.001  Process control technique
  •  Machine vision systems

Our products

Product category: Injection moulding machines, multi-component, Machine vision systems

Injection Molding Machine Control System

To provide the performance you need Since the establishment, the targets of Techmation have been to improve the technology and quality of products for injection molding machines. The control system of modular design is suitable for all kinds of plastic machinery, regardless of redesigned or modified machinery. Techmation's slot control system and monolithic control system are applied to large ,smalland medium- sized machinery respectively. The formeris flexible in diversified and multi-functional planning; the latter provides a compact, low-cost design. constant innovative research and development achieves continuously progress and upgrading of productsThis allows the features of the product to be more diverse, flexible, and convenient. Techmation will always focus on the development of control systems To meet the customized needs and best choices for buyers
Advantages includes: more than 29 kinds of languages built-in; high-capacity storage process parameters, alarm records, operating conditions; intuitive performance information curves; SPC monitoring functions; user right management; customized design operation; dual operating system design ease for any combination of the man-machine interface and control of the host; at any time replacing HMI software to achieve network networking features and meet diverse needs.

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Product category: Machine vision systems

Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving System

To provide the performance you need Techmation’s energy-saving servo system is under the pilot series of Techmation’s control system. It is equipped with powerful full-digital-controlled sport card, European branded gerotor, permanent-magnified motor and complete PID-circulated control system that is integrated with high-performance drivers. This system allows multi-axis synchronization and various controlling proposal to be applied. This further satisfied the requirement of diversification, increased the working efficiency of the machinery, decreases the wear and tear of machinery, as well as increasing the accuracy and stability of the machinery. Simultaneously, this benefits the user’s flexible adjustment and maintenance of the machine due to each individual’s specific needs. This clearly shows the application of the products is highly efficient, accurate and energy-saving.

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Product category: Machine vision systems

Software Products and Service System

Techmation focus on research of plastic machinery automation system solutions and its software is the core solutions. In addition to providing a variety of flexible feature selection control system and servo energy saving system supporting software, Techmation seriously researches and develops management tool software applicable to plastic product manufacturing plants, in order to increase the use management of plastic machinery, achieve science and technology, unmanned, networked, and efficient support for end plants, and gradually realize the upgrade of the plastic processing industry.

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Product category: Machine vision systems

Servo Energy-Saving System For Oil-Electric Hybrid And All-Electro Dynamic Machine

Techmation seizes the industry's most cutting-edge injection molding machine technology and uses the new generation of distributed control systems SANDAL to integrate industrial communication technology. According to customer needs, Techmation creates a high-energy, high response, high-clean, and high-precision system solutions as a perfect system solution according to customer’s need. In which takes the lead in the development of the industry.

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About us

Company details

Products and technology at Techmation was established in Taiwan in 1984. With the advantages of technology and industry in Taiwan, strong technical background and industrial experience are accumulated to shape Techmation into a leading company in China. It also leads in the field of China's plastic machinery controller. Techmation is devoted to be the general supplier of automated system of plastic machinery and automated system for industrialization.

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