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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recycling plants
  •  Recycling plants for sorted waste

Our products

Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste


This machine has been released through years of research and development. Low horsepower, low speed, it can save 50% power at least. Low noise. Special blade design, whose shredder blade life is 3 times longer than the general shredder in the market.
Electricity cost : save more than USD 7,200 / year.
Blade cost : save more than USD 11,000 / year.
KOWIn shredder has made multi-country patent, counterfeits will be prosecuted. Welcome to
KOWIn for test run. International OEM required is welcome too.

Technology & Feature
1.PET bottle breaking : Able to do shredding & label removing. To reduce the big space requirement due to batch process by large trommel, and reduce more than 50 % powder produced.
2.Pallet breaking : Directly shredding & crushing. Reduce the cost of crushing process.
3.Large drum breaking : Directly shredding & crushing. Reduce the cost of crushing process.
4.Wood breaking : Blade life is 3 times longer than general shredder.
5.Tire breaking : Blade life is 3 times longer than a general shredder.
6.Various kind of electronic products breaking : With slowly speed crushing, it reduces blade wear and unnecessary powders. Because there are too many small metals attached with electronic products ; With blades of precision alignment and angle arrangement, it reduces the problem on metal damaging the blades.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste


Heavy-duty construction-noise level be minimized. Power-saving.
Material of crusher blade is made in Germany ; long blade life.
Tangential Feed-the large cutting chamber with the powerful scissor rotor cutter, assures the smoothly operation and efficiency throughout.
Feeding hopper remove by hydraulic-safety easy for clean and maintenance.

Technology & Feature
1.The crushing shaft is with high level, carefully, serious & precious treatment ; so that it protects the shaft and prolongs its life. Preciseness without tolerance. It makes sure high-efficiency crushing and power-saving.
2.After the welding amount the blade holders, the blade holder is put into the shaft. Long service life. It solves the general problem of breakage due to the blade holder to be directly welded on the shaft in the market.
3.Safety-oriented design with limit switch for protecting the operator. Machine can be operated only when the feeding hopper is closed.
4.Three layers dust guard device for shaft ; it extends shaft life.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Turn-key washing line

KOWIn dedicates to research and develop various types of washing machine of the turn-key plant.
Plan required machines as per customer's recycle material. Supply module, full line package and also customized planning.
Different from the general washing machines in the market, KOWIn washing machine enhances
the application rate of recycled material by completely washing and removing the dirt, such as oil, sand and others from the material.

Advantages :

Water-saving, power-saving, low manpower, human-based operation. Cleanness of washed plastic material by KOWIn washing machine is 20% ~ 30% more than the ones by general washing machine.
Without detergent, it still gets high cleanness and completely separates different plastic materials and contaminants by specific gravity. Moisture content of material after washing machine & de-watering machine will be less than 3%.

Technology & Feature
1.Patented washing machine. Save much water during washing, get the highest cleanness and reduce the times of screen changing during extrusion-pelletizing.
2.Patented squeezing-drying machine. For after-wash film and bag material. Moisture content after squeezing-drying machine will be less than 3 %. Reduce the unstableness during extrusion-pelletizing and increase the compactness of the pellets.
3.Patented centrifuge with openable design. For after-wash flakes of rigid material. Moisture content after centrifuge will be less than 3 %. Increase the compactness of the pellets during extrusion-pelletizing.
4.Special design of sinking & floating separation tank. Completely separate different plastic materials by specific gravity. Non-disturb design; achieve fast and stable separation.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste

Die face cutting extrusion – pelletizing machine

Patent force feeding system. The powerful compounding & force feeding system is controlled by inverter. Inverter also can control the force-feeding sweeping speed, and the speed adjustment is decided by the frequency of force-feeding sweeping direction (run clockwise & change being turn reverse automatic as per the frequency change).
No bridging situation. It absolutely 100% solves the problem in using the machines of other suppliers.
Heavy duty construction design, no vibrating in machine while production.
Low temperature pelletizing.
Very low ampere when in full production. Energy-saving.

Technology & Feature

Patented force feeding system : 1.Back side feeding design, capacity 20 % more than old design. The feeding chamber is with powerful plate to pre-compound and force feed the material into extruder very quickly and smoothly.
2.Auto reverse design.
3.Automatically quantity control.
4.Cast steel construction. With water circulating and cooling design.

Main extruder : 1.Single screw design.
2.Gear box :Gear fitness JIS 3 grade. Profile teeth. With lubrication oil cooling circulating system. 4 transmission axles. High torque. Low noise. Steady working. Long life.
3.Barrel:Single type with vent.
4.Special screw design:Special melting function, the pitch and screw design “ double wave ”. Special designed for plastic waste recycling. The inside air and moisture of material can be removed to get impact pellet.

Temperature control system : 1.Ceramic, cast aluminum and stainless steel heater composed with each other.
2.Temperature difference within 3 %.

Die face cutting with water ring cooling system : 1.Cutting design by fast die-face cutter. Die face cutting set is adjusted by hydraulic unit, easy to forward & backward for position adjustment.
2.Automatically and continuously cutting.
3.Accuracy cutter adjustment by spring function.
4.Easy operation and maintenance.
5.Movable by pneumatic control.

Pressure gauge : 1.Brand “ DYNISCO ”, made in USA.

Centrifuge and water filtering and circulating system : 1.Centrifuge - Patented openable design, easy cleaning and maintenance.
2.Dynamic centrifuge design.
3.Firm construction all made of stainless steel.
4.Individual rotary impellers.
5.With filtration function.
6.With temperature detector.
7.With water level sensor.
8.Automatic water adding and circulating.

Control box : 1.Power saving design. With inverter, energy saving 40 %.
2.With air condition system.
3.Temperature controller :PID (Proportional-integral-derivative).
5.Standard electric distribution. PLC is optional.
6.Main control panel separately.

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Product category: Recycling plants for sorted waste


Very low ampere when in full production. Energy-saving.
This system is researched and developed through several years ; it solves the biggest difficulty of material feeding for extruder. This system is world-wide patented, from Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany and other countries.
Patented by several countries ; counterfeit will be prosecuted.
Welcome to KOWIn for test-run ; international OEM requirement is welcome, too.

Three advantages :
1.Vacuum feeding system solves the problem of moisture in the plastic material.
2.Reduce the problem of IV value decrease for PET extrusion-pelletizing by 10 % more.
3.Reduce the problem of the material not feeding.

Technology & Feature

PET Recycling Extrusion Equipment
Manufactures the dominant PET Plastic Recycling and Extrusion Equipment in the industry. We fully understand and apply all the necessary processes for successful plastic recycling. Moisture removal, material compaction, and prevention of hydrolytic decomposition stabilize and increase intrinsic viscosity ( IV ) values of PET materials. The result - high efficiency manufacturing. The following describes some key features of our technology.

High Stability IV Values 1.Twin Hot Air Pre-Dryers : Continuous batch pre-drying. Numerous small batches increase efficiency, timer controlled.
2.Drying Drum : Synchronized dehumidifying and feeding, pre-crystallization, and crystallization increases PET IV value by 4 – 10 %.
3.First in, First Out Material Feeding : Avoids material flow stoppages.
4.KOWIn - DA Series Dryer : Honeycomb rotor simultaneously removes moisture, revives, cools ; efficiently gets dry air at dew point - 40 ° C.
5.Cast Aluminum Thermo-Regulator Jacket : Extruder thermostat displays air flow, increases area and speed of conduction, accurate temperature control within 3 - 5 ° C
6.Vacuum Extractor : Melt goes through vacuum extractor to have air and moisture removed, prevents bubbles and fish eyes in finished product.
7.High Speed Water Removal : After extrusion and cooling, product goes through a set of 4 high power blowers to immediately remove water and prevent residual surface moisture.
8.Crystallizing System : Directly after water is removed, flake enters pre-dryer and is crystallized for excellent pellet quality.

High Output Extruder 1.Gear Drive : 4 set gear drive for low noise and high torsion.
2.Forced Material Feed : Patented design, lateral pressure feed ; stable speed.
3.Hydraulic Screen Change System : Hydraulically controlled screen changes, designed to self check pressure to avoid leaks.
4.Sheet Extruder Die : Sheet level T-die and channel design.
5.Single Screw Design : Stable, rarely breaks down.
6.Frequency Conversion pelletizer : Uses production status frequency conversion to adjust speed, low material leakage.

Automated Control for Convenient, Easy Operation 1.Human Machine Interface : Direct operation, easy to learn. Interface is very clear and user friendly, data is safe and easy to store, very high fault tolerance.
2.Discharge Device : Turntable design discharges fixed amounts of material, includes inspection window.
3.Packaging Equipment : Vibrator automatically sets time control and continuous packaging.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving : A Green Approach to Plastic Production 1.Revolving Honeycomb Dehumidifier / Dryer : Simultaneous dehumidifying and drying. regeneration and cooling. Regeneration temperature of 180 °C consumes 40 % less energy compared to conventional temperature of 230 °C.
2.Full Line Frequency Converter : System reduces load loss, rational voltage output saves at least 10 % - 15 % in electricity.
3.Packaging Equipment : Save wasted packaging space, increase packaging efficiency at least 5 % - 10 %.

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