Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 2-1, Fong-Chang St., Da-Pi Township, 631 Yun-Lin County
Telephone +886 5 5916970
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.011  Bag and sack making equipment

Our products

Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

Valve Forming Line VS-20

This line is designed to process product from #GS-2002, finishing with feeding valve forming and mouth fold & sew, sectional elements including:
- Feeding table with optical position control.
- "L" shape cold cutting unit.
- Automatic "feeding valve" forming unit.
- Mouth fold & sewn unit.
- Automatic count stacker unit.

Major Specification of VS-20
- Processing Bag Width : 320-480 mm Applicable
- Processing Bag Length : 680-1180 mm Applicable
- Printing Range : 17-19 bags / minute

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

Gusset-Cutting-Sewing Line GS-2002

Gusset-Cutting-Sewing Line
This Gusset-Cutting-Sewing Line is design to flawlessly form side Gusset with bottom fold & sewn, sectional element including:
Un-winding unit equipped with EPC
Micro-Perforation unit.
Gusset Forming unit (equipped Infrared Rays for forming quality).
Mark sensor for printed fabric roll.
Cutting unit equipped both cold cutter and hear cutter.
Bottom fold & sewing unit.
Finished bag automatic count stacker delivery unit.
Printing Output : 32-48 bags / minute

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Product category: Bag and sack making equipment

Reel To Reel Gusset Line TRG-700

- Reel to Reel line designed, easy for operation.
- Equipped twist device for turn printing position to the central of gusset area.

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About us

Company details

Botheven has more than 2 decades of experience, in design/manufacturing the Industrial Machineries for the production of Woven PP/HDPE Bags and/or Related Products. All its machineries were created with Easy-Operation, Compact-Space, Minimal-Attendance and Simple-Maintenance oriented; having High-Output and Stable-Quality Productions, also with Sturdy-Structural-Construction that built to serve for extended period!

Company Name: Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Product Category:
PP Woven Bag Whole Plant Equipments
‧PP Flat Yarn Extrusion Lines
‧Circular Loom Series
‧PP Woven Bag Conversion Line Series
Fully Automatic Cutting/Sewing Line
Fully Automatic Cutting/Sewing/Printing Lines
Feeding Valve Forming Lines
‧Printing Machine Series; In-Line Front/Rear Processed
Fully Automatic Reel-to-Reel Printing Lines; up to 12 Colors
Manual Printing Press (Piece by Piece); up to 6 Colors
‧Fabrics Processing Series
Laminated/Coated Fabric Tubing Machine
Reel-to-Reel Gusset Forming Line
‧Related Industrial Machineries
Hydraulic Baling Press
Recycling Machine
Printing Plate Making Machine

Nature of Business: Machine Design & Manufacture
Target Market: Global
Percentage Exports: 90%
Minimum Order: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C; T/T and/or Bank Draft
Staff: 60
Factory Area: 4500 square meters
Major Customers: Importers, Manufacturers

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