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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.001  Surface pretreatment equipment

Surface pretreatment equipment

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.004  Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems

Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.010  Electrostatic systems

Our products

Product category: Electrostatic systems


Designed for applications on almost everymaterial: paper; carton; plastic film; tissue; nonwoven;plastic materials.
DC-Pulsed 24V Technology.
Electronic assembly integrated within the body’s bar.
24Vdc feeding.
LED indication for working status.
Ionizing range: BB Iondual up to 500mm; BB Iondual Plus up to 1.000 mm.
Standard, UL and Atex versions.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Electrostatic Edge Pinning electrode type EP3

ACE’s Edge Pinning electrostatic charging bars type ACE EP/3 have been designed to meet the most challenging situation during production
of film on “cast” extrusion machines. In fact, its powerful action fixes the film edges onto the chill-roll at maximum operating speed in order to
prevent the film neck-in (shrinking) during manufacturing process.
All ACE Edge Pinning bars are equipped with special interchangeable heads which, thanks to their technical features, ensure the highest
performance, offering 100% efficiency and safety to the cast line.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems


When ink cannot completely be transferred to the substrate by rotogravure printing, we face the  “Missing Dots” problem.

Two are the models of ESA Printing Assist designed by ACE: Top Loading and Direct Charge.

ACE ESA systems are today the most advanced and complete solution to solve the missing dot problems, for 100% ink transfer from the engraved cells to the substrate, thus providing the highest printing quality of the product.

The ESA Systems by ACE are provided with the New 24 Volt technology. This outfit grants to ACE ESA Systems unique and unmatchable efficiency  and safety levels. No more high voltage cables inside the printing unit, so no more risk of dangerous sparks in case of cable break.

The ACE ASC 44/T Remote Control Unit is able of presetting the system as regards the substrate to be printed and to monitor the real condition of the pressure roller's sleeve (Sleeve Control Technology) that means the ACE system will guarantee the highest efficiency and safety condition ever.

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems

ACE AR series Contact Cleaners

The ACE “contact” cleaners series AR have been specifically designed to remove contaminating particles  present on the surface of sheets and webs made of plastics, paper and any other substrate.
The use of the ACE contact cleaners guarantees finished products without impurities.
- One or two-sided cleaning
- 24 Volt technology antistatic barat unit inlet and outlet
- Interchangeable adhesive rollers
- Fine pressure adjustment of the contact rollers
- Available size: from 250mm up to 2.000 mm

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Product category: Dust and fume extraction systems / Dedusting systems

ACE DM series Non-Contact Cleaners

The ACE non-contact cleaner, DM series, is used for narrow and wide webs. Thanks to the special designed profile of the air knife, in combination with suction , even the smallest dust particles can be eliminated.
The main advantages in using ACE non-contact cleaners are: removal of the smallest particles down to less than 1 micron, increase of printing quality, reduction of downtimes for cleaning up printing cylinders, anilox rollers and cliché, lifetime increase of embossing cylinders. The ACE non-contact cleaners can also be equipped with automatic filter cleaning system for applications, like in the tissue paper industry, where a huge quantity of dust is to be removed.
All ACE cleaners are equipped with antistatic devices to discharge the substrate and facilitate dust detachment from web’s or sheet’s surface.

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About us

Company details

ACE Electrostatics and Web Cleaning
ACE is a market leader in the design and construction of electrostatic systems, web and sheet cleaners, dust extractors, vertical washing machines for the corrugated industry.
For many years ACE has been synonymous with electrostatic systems designed for a multitude of industrial sectors, capable of solving serious problems in different phases of production and increasing line productivity. Thanks to a growing synergy with the major producers of printing and converting machines, over the course of time, ACE has developed, together with the companies, electrostatic systems and a series of products for cleaning materials (web cleaners). This range of products is constantly evolving from the technical point of view and now includes a series of highly sophisticated systems for the tissue paper and the cardboard industry.
At present, ACE is the only company offering a complete range of products, including solutions for cleaning and electrostatic charging/discharging of materials in various manufacturing sectors. The company has also recently started to design machines that wash large format cliché. ACE is a dynamic company that pays considerable attention to its customers’ needs and boasts an international network of sales agents and technical professionals providing assistance worldwide. Environmental protection and respect are important issues for ACE, a leader in the design and development of systems and units that are increasingly eco-compatible.
Electrostatic systems:
Antistatic devices for the elimination of electrostatic charge from plastic film, paper and non-woven fabric. They are generally installed on all types of printing, converting, extrusion and packaging machinery.
Clear Tube antistatic systems for trim suction systems.
BB Iondual long range antistatic bars for the rapid elimination of electrostatic charge based on the new DC-Pulse 24V technology.
ESA Rotostatic Systems providing Electrostatic Assistance to rotogravure printing operations, aimed at the total transfer of ink from the printing cylinder’s cells. These systems guarantee the perfect printing of half-tones on both paper and plastic films and they completely eliminate the “missing dots” problem. They are available either in the Top Loading version (with static charge bar positioned above the pressure roller) or in the Direct Charging version (static charge inside the pressure roller). New: ESA 24Vdc technology for safer and higher efficiency results.
WG50/WG70 Systems for the winding of film, thin paper and non-woven fabric on new cores without the use of glue or adhesive tape.
Web cleaning systems:
Contact (AR series) and Contactless (DM series) cleaning systems for printing, converting, packaging, labels, tissue paper, paperboard, non-woven fabric and special applications. Widths from 200 to 8,000 mm.
• Dust extractors for tissue paper (napkins, printing and converting machines).
• Web and Sheet cleaning units for corrugated cardboard (corrugators and flexo presses).
Vertical washing machines:
• Vertical machines for washing large format flexo plates for the corrugated cardboard industry.

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