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Our products

Product category: Injection blow moulding machines

Single-Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine - IB Series

The mechanical design is based on the blueprint of the general-purpose injection molding machine. Simply with the fundamental knowledge about injection molding machine, any technician can competently operate and maintain Golfang’s machine.The equipment price is reasonable, which lowers customer’s investment cost on machines and molds while increasing production and marketing competitiveness simultaneously.Horizontal machine makes operation and maintenance ergonomically sound, and provides great human-machine interaction.The mold design adopts the method of common mold base. Simply with the change of mold part, the shape, weight, or even the length of the product can be manipulated. Such mechanical feature saves producers plenty of time on mold alignment and lessens expensive hiring of great expertise on mold changeover. It reduces the mold cost and thus enhances the advantages of competitiveness on orders that meets the present marketing demands for high multiplicity yet low monotony on manufacturing applications.The machine is most suitable for manufacturing high quality and top standard products, such as baby feeding bottles and cosmetic containers which finished products feature smooth-even mouth, great sealing, round and smooth body and bottom, superior quality, and no seam mark.A great variety of resins are applicable for a comprehensive production, which including: PC PP PE PS AS PMMA PET PETG TPR PES PPSU PA K-Resin.

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Product category: Injection blow moulding machines

Single-Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine - ISB Series

GF/ISB series adopts the world's most advanced "single-stage injection stretch blow" molding technology. One single machine is able to achieve high quality and efficient productivity. Compared with two-stage PET machines, GF/ISB possesses several advantages which include:
Energy savings (low power consumption)Facility space savings.Lower risk on the mold development and testing with single-machine purchase.Low mold cost (a viable solution to the market's product-variety demand)Great suitability for small-capacity and fine container production.Competitive advantages over the competition for orders.The machine equips the unique device of Vertical Rotary Disc to transfer the preform from one station to another in an upright position. (Patent) The mold design adopts the method of common mold base. Only by changing a few mold parts, the product's shape, weight, or even the length can be changed. It lowers the cost for new mold development, saves time for mold alignment, eases the technical demand for mold changeover, and particularly suits the trend towards high- variety and low-quantity packaging.The use of interchangeable insert mold parts simplifies the mold changeover and repair, reduces the maintenance cost, and prolongs the lifetime of the mold.The utilization of horizontal lock pins ensures precise positioning of the mold during the molding process. (Patent)The valve-gate hot-runner system is designed with special anti-leak device.The machine is ideal for the manufacture of fine quality cosmetic containers, medicine bottles,intravenous drip bottles, detergent containers, beverage bottles, baby bottles, sauce bottles, etc.,intravenous drip bottles, detergent containers, beverage bottles, baby bottles, sauce bottles, etc.Various resin options include PET, PP, PC and PES.

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Product category: Injection blow moulding machines


Utility mold baser design to save the duplicate invest cost.Mold tools are partible and easy to exchange & repair, low maintenance charge & prolong life.Horizontal lock pin, durable and ensure the precision of parting line, easy clamping open & close. (New Patent No.: 92679)Shot off nozzle of hot runner with special design of anti-leaking device.

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About us

Company details

Our founder Po-Chien Lee, with his practical experiences and expertise in the mechanical design, and with all of our staff's diligent efforts, developed the most precursory machine and established the first injection blow machine manufacturing factory-Golfang Machinery Factory (now called Golfang Mfg. & Development Co., LTD) in Taiwan in 1981.

At the beginning of the factory's establishment, due to the shortage on labors and materials, we had to cautiously utilize our resources. At the same time, we also needed to overcome all of the precision problems in the process of building machine and producing the corresponding mold. We had to break through the problems existed in the injection blow molding machines made by the advanced countries, including the difficulties in machine operation and high expenses for changing mold and machine operation. After all, we had successfully produced and sold the first set of injection blow machine into the market in 1982.

Till now, Golfang is still the leading brand in Taiwan's injection blow molding industry. Its machines are competing with the European's, American's, and Japanese's and have great reputation amount its customers and in the industry.

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