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Antiblocking agents

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Bisstearamide high slip resistance, high melting point synthetic wax. At room temperature is almost insoluble in common solvents. But it can be dispersed state, a gel state or solid state as an additive resin, etc., but also for masterbatch, inks, paints, coatings and other additives. In this article, or a temperature above the melting point, it can be dissolved in a mixed xylene, terpenes, paint, naphtha, butanol, methyl solvents and high boiling point solvents. But insoluble in water, ethanol, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, boiling point solvent such as glycerol. It has a high temperature and low temperature lubrication release, significantly improved product surface smoothness and other characteristics.

Product Usage

Mainly used as ABS, PE masterbatch. Molded rigid and transparent PVC, PS, PA, POM, PC, etc., polishing, injection molding lubricant, generally added 0.3-5% without affecting the thermal stability of plastics, surface appearance, color, film transparency, etc., but also for highly filled PP lubricant, graced as a surface agent in the ink, paints, coatings, anti-blocking agent and a leveling agent; in metalworking and metallurgy industry as a drawing lubricant; ABS dispersants and lubricants, lubricants, plastic sheets, paper industry, such as defoamers function modified masterbatch and PE masterbatch.

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