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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Services for the plastics and rubber industrie
  • 04.06  Science and consulting

Our products

Product category: Science and consulting


Do you have an idea or existing product that requires analysis in terms of its lightweight potential? We will identify how much weight can be saved, the cost of the materials and equipment involved, the time consumed by the manufacturing process and the level of economic and technological risk you need to factor-in.

Our service portfolio
-Development of solutions to technical challenges in the field of lightweight engineering
-Estimation of product weight
-Preliminary selection of suitable manufacturing processes
-Preliminary selection of suitable materials
-Estimation of material input and process costs
-Assessments of economic and technological risk

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Product category: Science and consulting

Conceptualization / Design

The optimization of a lightweight system is dependent on the identification of an appropriate material combination and structure. Our philosophy is therefore “The right material in the right place at the right price”. Long before the design phase has begun, our systematic conceptualization methods facilitate the assessment of a broad spectrum of multi-material approaches with a minimum of effort. This enables us to ensure from the outset that a design does not veer off in the wrong direction.

Design is an interdisciplinary task which bundles material development, simulation and manufacturing data in order to transfer it into high-performance components. Networking naturally plays a key role when tackling with complex development tasks, and our close ties with TU Dresden enable us to implement novel, material-specific approaches in a targeted manner. This work is founded on our comprehensive understanding of both components and materials, which feeds into the design of each new component developed in partnership with our customers. Our primary objective is always to identify the best solution to meet your needs without premature limitation of considered materials and processes.

Our service portfolio
-Component and product analysis, identification of potential lightweight concepts
-Definition of precise project specifications in close cooperation with the customer
-Methodical development of potential multi-material solutions
-Preliminary design and feasibility analysis
-Material selection according to a multi-material approach
-Component-specific manufacturing process chains and cost modelling
-High-resolution development of the preferred option

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Product category: Science and consulting


Structural simulation is at the heart of modern lightweight engineering. Our component design philosophy is characterized by the tailoring of materials to component loading scenarios, the optimum exploitation of specific material properties and full consideration of economic and manufacturing-related aspects.

Component development is generally an iterative process and necessitates a comprehensive understanding of not only the load-bearing capacity and failure behaviour of the materials used, but also extensive know-how in the various disciplines of structural mechanics.

 In the case of modern composite materials used in structures exposed to complex loading scenarios in particular, it is only with the aid of simulation that a sufficient understanding of structural behaviour can be gained and used as a basis for the development of an effective, efficient design strategy.

On the one hand, the application of the multi-scale modelling concept developed at TU Dresden enables LZS to minimize the computational effort invested in the design process by only drilling down to the level of detail actually required in order to solve the problem at hand. On the other, it makes it possible to increase the amount of simulation-generated material loading data by analyzing the material architecture at a higher resolution.

Our areas of expertise

Structural calculations
-Component development with the aid of simulative preliminary or detailed designs
-Comparisons between various options
-Parameter optimization

Material modelling
-Determination of material properties using virtual testing
-Material card calibration
-Development of user-defined material models

Strength assessments
-Development / refinement of verification concepts
-Verification management in accordance with valid norms

Method development
-Development of analytical and design-related tools for specific classes of problems

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Product category: Science and consulting


The unique range of machines and equipment at its disposal enables LZS to manufacture prototypes under production-realistic conditions using almost all conventional industrial manufacturing processes. This facilitates the testing of manufacturing and assembly concepts as well as the validation of simulation results.
Working jointly with you the customer, we continuously refine existing manufacturing technologies and combine them to form entirely new process chains. Our contribution will not only enable you to produce composite components faster and more cost-efficiently than your competitors, but also provide you with the building blocks for the creation of a commercially feasible foundation for specific fibre composite components.
Our blend of comprehensive experience across a broad spectrum of technologies and excellent access to various commercial and industrial sectors puts us in a position to identify market trends and select the right manufacturing process for your products.
LZS has also developed a number of novel process technologies in cooperation with the ILK, the most notable examples being braiding pultrusion with thermoplastic tapes, resin powder moulding (RPM) and thermoset sheet forming (TSF).

Our service portfolio
-Development and optimization of manufacturing process chains based on customer-specific constraints
-Process chain implementation
-Manufacturing of production-oriented prototypes
-Expertise across a broad spectrum of manufacturing techniques, for example:High-temperature autoclaves (prepregs, DP-RTM)
  -Filament winding
  -Injection moulding
  -Pressing (thermosetting and thermoplastic materials)
  -Long-fibre injection (LFI) in combination with thermosetting matrices
  -Long-fibre injection (LFT) in combination with thermoplastic matrices
  -Resin Powder Moulding (RPM)
  -Thermoset Sheet Forming (TSF)
-Development of novel process technologies

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Product category: Science and consulting

Test Centre

Our Test Centre offers a wide range of services.  Through application of the latest measurement technology and compliance to the current state of science, our competent staff succeeds to maintain reliable test results according to national and international standards. The close cooperation with the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) of the TU Dresden provides access to the latest scientific findings as well as to manufacturing and testing technologies.

In addition to a variety of standard tests, we offer development and application of new test methods for materials, components and systems.  Selected test methods can be performed in our accredited laboratory (according to DIN EN ISO 17025). On request, we may also gain accreditation for further standard or proprietary test methods. Non-destructive testing of materials and components for your quality control or failure detection complete our service portfolio.

This comprehensive expertise makes us the ideal partner for your testing projects.

Our service portfolio
-Accredited test procedures
-Standardised test procedures
-Innovative test procedures
-Material testing
-Component and system testing
-Non-destructive testing
-Specimen manufacturing

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About us

Company details

Innovative diversity is our strength
Founded in 2003 as part of the TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft group (TUDAG), Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH (LZS) is now one of Germany’s leading development partners in the field of integrated lightweight engineering. The company’s success is attributable to the bundling of the unique pool of expertise available in Dresden and the surrounding region. An interdisciplinary development team of engineers and technicians combines outstanding knowledge and skills in the fields of aeronautics, automobile and vehicle manufacturing, machine building and plant engineering. The portfolio of services provided by the company ranges from design, material characterization and structural and process simulation to prototype manufacturing, process development and structural testing.

Strategic partners
As a spin-off, we remain closely linked to the Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) of Technische Universität Dresden in terms of both our location and areas of focus. Close cooperation with the ILK ensures that our development activities are always at the cutting edge of research and technology, and in turn enables our customers to benefit from the institute’s outstanding research in the fields of material, methodological and process development. Access to the technological advances achieved at the ILK allows us to transfer those innovations to market-ready products in cooperation with our customers. Our neutrality is guaranteed by our strict focus on the development side of this process. During the industrialization and series production phases we are supported by another strategic partner in the shape of Leichtbau-Systemtechnologien Korropol GmbH (LSK). The fact that we also actively and unreservedly support the transfer of technology to other industrialization partners meets with particular approval amongst our customers.

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