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Product category: Rolls



The selectron method is a partial plating process in which only specifically selected areas of a work piece are processed. It is therefore particularly well-suited for repairing damage to installed components. Since it does not require any disassembly and reassembly, or transportation and subsequent mechanical processing of the work pieces, this plating method is very flexible and cost-effective.

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Product category: Rolls


Hard chrome and nickel plating
The combination of hard chrome and electroless nickel includes the advantages of both methods and is characterized by a particularly high degree of protection against wear and corrosion. A combination layer is the ideal solution for components exposed to great mechanical stress as well as to corrosive media (e.g. in the offshore sector).

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Product category: Rolls

Electroless Nickel

Unlike electrolytic nickel plating, electroless nickel plating has the advantage of absolute dimensional integrity and accurate contour deposition. Whether the work piece has raised points, angles, drill holes or surface depressions, the coating occurs completely evenly, even in the case of complex structures or internal surfaces.

Depending on the type of application, the possible layer thicknesses vary between 2 and 100 µm. Due to the crack-free, amorphous deposition, an extremely high degree of corrosion resistance is achieved. With heat treatment, the hardness can be increased from 500 HV up to 950 HV, and wear resistance can be greatly improved. Especially in the field of mechanical engineering electroless nickel plating, with its advantages, offers an alternative to other coating methods.

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Product category: Rolls


When it comes to the crunch, hard chrome is the right choice. Through electrolysis this allows layers of chrome to be applied directly to the base material, with possible thicknesses ranging between 0.5 µm and 1 mm. Due to the high hardness of up to 1,000 HV that can be achieved, hard chrome plated surfaces are particularly hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to the use of multilayer processes, corrosion resistance can be further increased. Another advantage of this type of coating is the very low friction coefficient. Hard chrome layers also exhibit a strong anti-adhesive behaviour and are highly resistant against a large variety of aggressive materials.

Since hard chrome baths are only operated at about 55° C, distortion or structural change in the base material due to the coating does not occur; the work piece remains unchanged in its microstructure. To achieve the best possible chromium deposition and an even distribution of the layers, often technically sophisticated, precision customised jigs are required, which we are able to produce in-house.

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Product category: Rolls


Grinding and polishing processes serve to prepare for optimal plating as well as for the final superfinishing of dimensions and surfaces. If specified by the quality criteria, or requested by the customer, work pieces and components are polished, belt ground or stone ground by us; whereby we achieve a concentric accuracy of 0.01 mm and a surface roughness of Ra 0.015 µm.

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About us

Company details

As a specialist in hard chrome plating and electroless nickel plating, we offer many years of experience and maximum expertise when it comes to protecting your products against wear and corrosion.

Our coatings reduce wear and extend the life expectancy of the most diverse work pieces and components. In addition, hard chrome plating is also used to repair cylindrical parts.

That is how you save time and money on maintenance, refitting and expensive new investments. We have comprehensive technical facilities at our disposal with which we can process the most varied parts.

With our 11 chrome plating lines (total electrolyte volume 124,000 litres) and a 3-rowed automatic nickel plating plant (total electrolyte volume 16,000 litres) we are able to process the largest dimensions anywhere in Austria.

Our in-house mould production with specially manufactured equipment ensures that even parts with complicated geometry can be coated to the highest precision.

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