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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.02  Follow on treatment of plastics products
  • 02.02.002  Galvanization
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.003  Rolls

Our products

Product category: Galvanization

Abrasion / corrosion protection

Hard chrome coats are often used when there is a heavy abrasive load. Due to the high surface hardnesses (up to 1000 HV) this coating leads to a reduction in abrasion and as such to an increase in the lifetimes of heavily loaded components. Furthermore, a hard chrome coat improves the corrosion performance. Anti-adhesive performance, a lower friction coefficient, higher resistance to temperature and tarnishing, a good response to polishing, and outstanding resistance to a variety of aggressive substances are additional benefits of this type of coating.

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Product category: Galvanization

Chemical nickel

In case of chemical nickel this is a precipitation of a nickel-phosphorus alloy which is autocatalytic and free of external current. If required, chemical nickel coats can also be de-plated without affecting the base material.

Dimensional accuracy of the nickel coat
Precipitation takes place plane-parallel even on edges, in drilled holes, in cavities and even in the case of strongly structured surfaces.

The dimensional accuracy of the coat thicknesses at a micro level (+/- 2 µm) is guaranteed to be perfect through the way the process is carried out. A chemical nickel coat does not require any dimensional correction through mechanical reworking. Depending on the technical requirement coat thicknesses from 2 – 100 µm are possible.

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Product category: Galvanization

Selectron Procedure® "Mobile galvanisation"

-Repair of damages to already installed components possible as long as the flawed areas are easily accessible.
-Cost saving, as no dismantling and reassembly or transport is necessary.
-No limit to the dimensions of the component to be processed.
-No mechanical reworking of the repaired areas on expensive tooling machines necessary.
-Almost no limit to the coating thickness. Total coat thicknesses of up to several mm possible.
-Precipitation of a variety of metals onto different base materials.
-The Selectron Procedure is carried out within our group of companies by the company Anke in Essen.

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Product category: Rolls

Cylindrical grinding

Our processing options for cylindrical grinding:

15 different polishing and cylindrical grinding machines are available for processing your components. We can stone grind, belt grind and polish in line with your requirements. We achieve a true running accuracy of 5 μm and a roughness depth of Ra 0.04 μm.

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Product category: Galvanization, Rolls


Repairs to piston rods, guide shafts, drums and also internal chrome plating in case of cylinders are tried and tested procedures. Here we not only recondition old chrome coats, but can also correct bearing zones, etc. which have been mechanically processed wrongly and get them into a condition which corresponds to the original plan drawing.

Through a thick coating with hard chrome even more heavily damaged components can be reconditioned. A high performance grinding works coupled with extensive hard chrome plating capacities means short delivery times.

The lifetimes of repaired components are extended considerably compared with new parts with a thin chrome coat. This leads to a noticeable cost reduction.

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About us

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Welcome to the company profile of

Strötzel Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The specialists to contact if you wish to talk about hard chrome plating or chemical nickel plating of metallic surfaces, cylindrical grinding, precision honing or repairing chrome plating.

On the following pages we give you an insight into the variety of services we offer, and present you with an overview of the varied scope of application for our coatings.

We are delighted to support you with our many years of experience and to develop new approaches and methods of implementation together with you. We look forward to taking on your challenge…

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