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Our products

Product category: Additives, other


Italmatch Chemicals manufactures a wide range of reactive chemical intermediates. Our chemical intermediates are mainly coming from the wide experience and deep knowledge in the phosphorus based chemistry, being phosphorus based reactive chemicals or intermediated produced using our phosphorus technology. Main families are below reported.


Phosphorus Chlorides

PCl3 – Phosphorus Trichloride – is an important industrial chemical, used to manufacture organophosphorus compounds for a wide variety of applications, including herbicides, insecticides, plasticizers, oil additives, and flame retardants. Also used directly as a reagent in organic synthesis to convert carboxylic acids into acyl chlorides.

POCl3 – Phosphorus Oxychloride is an important industrial chemical, used to manufacture organophosphorus compounds for a wide variety of applications, including herbicides, insecticides, plasticizers, oil additives, and flame retardants. Also used directly as a reagent in organic synthesis. It is also used in chlorination reactions in the pharma industry.

PCl5 – Phosphorus Pentachloride, used as a chlorinating reagent in the manufacturing of antibiotics and also for the production of lithium ion battery electrolytes.


Phosphorus Pentasulphide

By far its main use is in the production of lubricant additives: phosphorus pentasulphide is the key raw material in the production of the very important class of lubricant additives, zinc-dithio-phosphates (ZDDP).

Mining flotation agents: sodium, potassium, calcium or ammonium salts of dialkyldithiophosphoric acids are widely used as flotation promoters and collectors in mineral recovery processes.

Insecticides and Fungicides: A complete family of products synthesized from phosphorus pentasulphide is used as agricultural pest control agents. This family includes relatively non-toxic products, such as Malathion, and others, for example Parathion, of non-persistent, albeit high toxicity.


Acid Chlorides

Arese manufacturing unit is one of the world’s largest producers of acid chlorides using the Phosphorus trichloride technology. A wide product range of distilled acid chlorides of both natural and synthetic origin is regularly available for use in industrial applications, personal care and pharma.

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Product category: Additives, other


Water is one of nature’s most valuable resources, and there is an ever-increasing demand for good quality water for both industrial and domestic use.

The Dequest Business is offering unique specialty additives to meet the needs of these industries that deal with water management or deal with processes or applications where water plays a crucial role.

More than 40 years ago, Dequest pioneered the development of phosphonate based antiscalants. Dequest phosphonates have been the product of choice for antiscalants / dispersants / corrosion inhibitors / chelants in various applications for many years. Today Dequest offers a broad range of water management additives including Dequest phosphonates, Dequest P acrylic / maleic based (co-) polymers, Dequest PB biological polymers and tailor made products for specific applications.

Dequest phosphonates and polymers are used worldwide in a broad spectrum of markets and applications, including industrial water treatment, household & industrial detergents, industrial cleaners, enhanced oil recovery operations and various industrial processes such as desalination, pulp production & bleaching of paper as well as textiles.

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Product category: Additives, other


Italmatch chemicals Spa is a leading specialty chemical company in the high end additives for special lubricant applications. Our most widely known tradename,Ketjenlube® refers to a range of polymeric esters that provides excellent lubricating performance as well as low viscosity base fluid compatibility, enhancing product stabilities and performance when considering for use in high performance applications.

Italmatch Chemicals portfolio extends beyond the Ketjenlube® polymeric esters in to a range of complex and conventional esters, oleoesters (Dapralube® range), amide friction modifiers (Dapramid® range), succinic derivatives (Dapral®: ASA, PIBSA etc.) and a range of phosphorus derivatives both phosphite, phosphonate and phosphate esters (Dapraphos® range).

There are different product groups that find wide use in difficult applications and provide the formulator with several choices when developing the optimum product. Main application areas are: gear oil, where they enhance significantly the pitting and micro-pitting performance, MWF, greases, hydraulic oil applications and last but not least engine oils (2T as well as 4T).

Italmatch Chemicals is the main European manufacturer of Phosphorus Pentasulphide (Pentasit®), a key raw material for the production of the widely used antiwear and antioxidant additives (ZDDP) in lubrication.

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About us

Company details

Today Italmatch is a Global Specialty Chemical Group, with leadership in Lubricant, Water & Oil, Detergents, Plastics Additives, Markets and Technology leadership in Phosphorus Derivatives (both Organic and Inorganic), Polymers, Esters and Chlorides, from Synthetic to fully natural products.

Six manufacturing plants are located in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany and UK) and four in Asia Pacific (China and Japan)

The Company has a global coverage with own subsidiaries in Belgium, Poland, USA, Japan, Singapore and China.

Italmatch has a long term view and approach in relation to both Customers and Suppliers, and has its strength in commitment and capability to deliver the most demanding technical or logistic tasks, often in conjunction with its major Partners.

Italmatch key Customers are global multinationals, leader in Lubricants, Detergents, Oil & Gas, Engineering Thermoplastics and Agrochemicals.

Careful environmental concern stands to witness the Company long term commitment to the market, as the technologically advanced systems adopted in its plants stand to prove, with particular respect to the optimisation of environmental impact and increased safety. For these reasons all Company sites have ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification, and are operating according to both an Environmental Management System as well as a Safety Management System, both subject to periodical revisions and audits.

While ITALMATCH CHEMICALS regards the EU as its domestic market, the Company has a long and established tradition of exporting world wide. Thanks to its network Subsidiaries, supported by local, experienced agents or distributors based in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, North and South America, C.I.S., South Africa and most Far East countries, over 85% of ITALMATCH CHEMICALS turnover is generated by export.

The wide market sectors already encompassed by Italmatch Chemicals are destined to expand even more thanks to its ambition of growth. The ability to combine the reliability of tradition with the opportunities offered by sustainable technology, implemented by an expert and dynamic management, results in Italmatch Chemical’s unparalleled creativity, competence and Customers satisfaction. By focusing on today’s dynamic world of specialty chemicals and its expanding horizons, Italmatch Chemicals offers advanced and effective solutions.

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